Best Players of Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 (US)


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1 Tom Green - 6th Place Tom Green - 6th Place Michael Thomas "Tom" Green is a Canadian actor, rapper, writer, comedian, producer, director, talk show host, and media personality.

Sure his comedy did fizzle out in the 2000's, but hey what better way to try and redeem yourself than be on Big Brother as the first Canadian to step in a U.S Big Brother. Granted his gameplan was flawed early on by making big mistakes by evicting ''the target'' (Lochte) instead of ''the mouthpiece'' (Tamar). Based off that he would of at least made the top 5 then to just miss to get that close. Consolation prize winning america's vote you go Dr. Tom! - htoutlaws2012

2 Kato Kaelin - 8th Place Kato Kaelin - 8th Place

Well this is probably the closest we get to what reminds me of Chilltown if there ever was Kato and Tom were great to watch, and the main highlights of this season arguably. Kato was like the sidekick who was more of the brains thus they got rid of him first before Tom knowing he was due to win another comp only to be evicted. - htoutlaws2012

3 Tamar Braxton - 1st Place/Winner Tamar Braxton - 1st Place/Winner

I'll be honest I hated her right when the game started annoying in the house a mouthpiece that could of been the second person outta the house if they didn't chance their minds, and eliminate the target so quickly she never got on the block since, and she rolled to the end changing up her gameplan, and not only was america assisting her to go far in the game, but also make history as the first African american to win the game of big brother. - htoutlaws2012

4 Ricky Williams - 2nd Place Ricky Williams - 2nd Place Errick Lynne "Ricky" Williams Jr. is a retired American football running back who played twelve seasons in the National Football League and one season in the Canadian Football League.

He had a great gameplan only for one flaw you took the wrong person to the end why? Ricky you had the chance to win, and be the first African american person to win Big Brother and instead you chose Tamar who you were not aligned with whatsoever. You got swept for making one of the worst moves in a final two I have ever seen. - htoutlaws2012

5 Eva Marie - 7th Place Eva Marie - 7th Place Natalie Marie Coyle, known professionally as Natalie Eva Marie, is an American actress, fitness model, valet, and professional wrestler she left WWE in August 2017.

Let's be honest terrible professional wrestler, but I was surprised she actually knew the game, and didn't do it for publicity. Played a loyal honest game with Lolo eventually Ricky joining in only for the house to realize they didn't want that nice person winning to the end as they got rid of her in favor of the more hated one still in the house. - htoutlaws2012

6 Kandi Burruss - 5th Place Kandi Burruss - 5th Place


Although she never won anything she's a great strategist if anything you want as a teammate. She influence Tom to make sure somebody of those three that betrayed him was leaving by putting down Ricky (who Tom wanted out.) - htoutlaws2012

7 Lolo Jones - 3rd Place Lolo Jones - 3rd Place

Started feuds in the house like nobody else, and was carried to the end like the previous one. Otherwise her hated reception in the house usually meant your going to the final two, but Ricky had other plans. Lolo did do a lot winning comps side by side with Ricky kinda odd not taking her seeing she was most hate din the house. - htoutlaws2012

8 Dina Lohan - 4th Place Dina Lohan - 4th Place

She did absolutely nothing, but float to the end of the game need I say more the ''Victoria'' of the season ladies and gentleman. I bet the actual Lindsay Lohan would of been something especially on this season. - htoutlaws2012

9 Jonathan Bennett - 11th Place Jonathan Bennett - 11th Place

Ugh... look I love the movie, but ugh I'm just in shock with this stunning transformation when he came into the house. While he was the better of the terrible trio Lochte had he was too obvious to work with him as the lackey. Now granted the twist did have him cooked, but that doesn't excuse the amount of tries you had. - htoutlaws2012

10 Ryan Lochte - 10th Place Ryan Lochte - 10th Place

Comp Beast, but terrible strategist set around the worst possible teammates to have. Well the real life liar had absolutely no chance right from the start although that's what would bite the duo of Tom, and Kato not keeping the target for their game to blow up. - htoutlaws2012

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