Top 10 Players Most Likely to Win the 2019 Heisman Trophy

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The Top Ten

1 Joe Burrow

His out of the blue performance for LSU has been breathtaking to watch so far. Throwing for 300 and 3 TDs almost every game is something almost impossible to beat, and is worthy of a Heisman. - jayynormal00

Right now I’d say he’s the clear favorite - Randomator

2 Tua Tagovailoa

One of the most efficient quarterbacks on the list, Tua has proved he can be an elite QB. - jayynormal00

Thought I saw him get injured against Tennessee. That could be a problem for his Heisman hopes - Randomator

3 Jalen Hurts

After transferring from Alabama, He fit perfectly into Lincoln Riley’s system, putting himself in a situation to be one of the best passing and running quarterbacks in college football. - jayynormal00

4 Jonathan Taylor

The Wisconsin Junior rushes for 100+ with 1+ touchdowns almost every game. He is an unstoppable beast who could become the first running back to win the Heisman since Derrick Henry - jayynormal00

5 Trevor Lawrence

Despite a bit of a sophomore slump, he still is leading a talented team, and if he picks it up, he could put himself in contention for the Heisman. - jayynormal00

6 Justin Fields

Should definitely be a top contender with Burrow - Randomator

This year, Justin Fields has been part of a historically good Ohio State offense. If he can lead them to the playoffs, there’s no doubt he should be in the running. - jayynormal00

7 Travis Etienne

A huge part of the Clemson offense, he is always an integral part of their scoring game. He should definitely be considered for the Heisman. - jayynormal00

8 Chuba Hubbard

If you haven’t heard about this man, LEARN. He has 200 more rushing yards than the next closest player, and 2nd in rushing touchdowns behind only Jonathan Taylor. People need to hear more about him. - jayynormal00

9 Jake Fromm

While he has the talent needed for the Heisman, he slumps at times. However, when he is good, he is definitely in the running - jayynormal00

10 Anthony Gordon

Another Perennial Washington State Quarterback in the Heisman Race, he has emerged from nowhere to another start quarterback, much better than Justin Herbert or Jacob Eason in the Heisman Race - jayynormal00

The Contenders

11 Tyler Huntley
12 Chase Young