Best Players in Men's College Basketball of 2020

After the season was cut abruptly, it’s left to interpretation who would win the championship. Let’s look back over the last season and see who performed the best.

The Top Ten Best Players in Men's College Basketball of 2020

1 Obi Toppin - Dayton

This man came out of NOWHERE to play Dayton into being one of the best teams in the country. He provided the biggest boost to any team in the country, on his way to becoming to only unanimous selection on the first team this season. - jayynormal00

2 Udoka Azubuike - Kansas

Udoka Azubuike, in his senior season, took a huge rebound to becoming one of the best rebounding players in the country, all while improving the rest of his offensive acumen. He is the clear veteran force in the Kansas locker room, and he could’ve aided in a huge run at the tourney if they had been given the chance. - jayynormal00

3 Cassius Winston - Michigan State

It was a rough season for Cassius Winston, with the tragic passing of his brother, and this did display itself early. However, he did not let this hold him back from having an incredible senior season, leading the Spartans back in the right direction. - jayynormal00

4 Luka Garza - Iowa

Luka Garza was the only thing keeping Iowa a contender in a rough big ten. He scored 20+ points in Iowa’s last 16 games, all while averaging nearly 10 rebounds. - jayynormal00

5 Malachi Flynn - San Diego State

A Washington-State transfer, very few people had heard of him as he entered this season for the Aztecs. By the end of it, he had led San Diego State on a 26 game winning streak, and an impressive leadership and talent role. - jayynormal00

6 Markus Howard - Marquette

It’s one thing to lead your team in scoring, or the conference in scoring, but THIS MAN lead the WHOLE LEAGUE in points per game. I have no need to say more. - jayynormal00

7 Devon Dotson - Kansas

Dotson was a spectacular assistant to Azubuike during the season, leading the big twelve in points and steals per game, all while elevating the team to another level - jayynormal00

8 Payton Pritchard - Oregon

As the heart of an Oregon team coming off a disappointing, but still rewarding season, he was able to lead the Ducks to the regular season pac 12 title, along with leading them in assists and points - jayynormal00

9 Yoeli Childs - BYU

This dude remains a BEAST, that many in the country have never heard of. This past season, he averaged 22 and 9 for a strong BYU team making one of its strongest pushes they had made in a long time. - jayynormal00

10 Vernon Carey Jr - Duke

As arguably the best freshman in the country, he provided the young Duke team with substantial effort, on the defensive and offensive ends, leading the perennial duke freshmen machine to a Duke-Standard Season. - jayynormal00

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