Players That Should Be in the Baseball Hall of Fame

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1 Pete Rose

It's sad that all those that used steroids in this decade will go in, and the all time hit king won't. Yes, he gambled. That didn't enhance his performance whatsoever.

Pete did more for baseball, than he did to hurt the game. Best hitter ever - untouchable records. Let him in!

He didn't hurt the game in Any way. He bet for his team cause he was confident! He never bet against his team

Barry Bonds cheated pete rose didn't - olhrocks

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2 Derek Jeter

He has the most hits in baseball history for a shortstop and he has made so many memorable plays in the world series. Also, he's a class act on and off the field. He will make the hall whether you like it or not

You guys are so stupid. He is going to be in the hall of fame.

I'm tired of hearing his name he is the most overrated player in mlb history

3 Ken Griffey Jr.
4 Joe Jackson

He never made one error in the 1919 world series, hit over 300 and had the only homer in the series. He was a White Sox, not a Black Sox - jhunk

He deserves it look at his stats in the world series that's not a player in on the fix

joe jackson did't go in the fix! It says that in all of the books and its true!

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5 Mike Piazza
6 Sammy Sosa
7 Gil Hodges

You can't judge a player from earlier eras only by the numbers. There are still lots of men who played alongside or against Gil - ask them. He was a great one, and deserves to be in.

8 Roger Clemens
9 Albert Pujols
10 Bert Blyleven

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11 Chipper Jones
12 Barry Bonds Barry Bonds

He really should steroids didn't help him that much

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13 Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez
14 Frank Thomas
15 Edgar Martinez

Sure he was a Designated HItter most of his career (thanks to an injury early on that forever affected him), but he was so good that the award for DH of the year is called the Edgar Martinez award. Not to mention he could hit the ball like a demon completely free of steroids.

16 Mark McGwire
17 Fred Lynn

One of the greatest batters of all time - olhrocks

18 Jack Morris

The pitcher in the 80's

19 Keith Hernandez
20 Alan Trammell
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