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1 Akirah Sendoh

He was depicted as not only a leader but also a team player. Unlike, Eiji and Kaede he doesn't have a selfish style in playing. His passes are unpredictable and his shooting skills are also amazing, although he might not be as quick as Eiji, the fact that he not only relies on his shooting skills but instead he relies on passing to his team members as well makes him unpredictable on the court.
Not only this but Sendoh's vibe on the court raises his team's morale even though Uzumi was captain Sendoh is more worthy of it.
Probably the most obvious incident where his true genius was shown was during the match against Kanian. No one on Shohoku's team could do 1v1 with Maki. and even when 3 Shohoku team members trapped Maki he surpassed them. But when against Sendoh, Maki was effectively stopped and Sendoh was considered Maki's equal despite being younger than him. In the match of Ryonan vs Kanian, Sendoh single-handedly ended the game in a tie. (before overtime)
Sadly the only ...more

Aside from being really handsome, he also is one of the best players in Japan. His skills are nearly to par as Maki's, and he has a really fun personality

Sendoh is the strongest player in SD.
Even though he lost against Sawakita in JHS, we can assumed that he gained more experienced in Kanagawa where environment is new. Aside of that, Coach Anzai challenged Rukawa to surpassed him first AND Maki also realized Sendoh is his match despite of Sendoh being 2nd year and Maki as 3rd year.

Sendoh is the best guy you'd wish for your team. He has skill, height, versatility and charisma to fire up and support his conrades in adversity. I like what Inoue sensei did making the best character of Slam Dunk the whole package even not being the best player in any area.

2 Eiji Sawakita

He's a two-way player. Big offensive skills, completly unstoppable to stop, and has incredible deffensive skills. He's stated as the best player in Japan. He can beat anyone 1 on 1 anyday. Although he has a selfish playstyle, I think he's a lot selfish because he knows his teammates could always have his back-up, unlike Sendoh who don't really have reliable teammates.

Eiji was been called as Number 1 High School Player. And Akirah Sendoh Admitted that he can't won againts Sawakita. Eiji was a Defensive and Offensive Player. He has developed extraordinary skills and stamina. No one can Defeat Eiji on 1-on-1.

Whoever is better than sendoh is probably the best in the entire series. Sendoh was regarded as the perfect player even better than rukawa. Sendoh admits himself that he couldn't best eiji

The best small forward

3 Shinichi Maki

Maki is a really strong player. He is a good point guard and has a good build. Against Shohoku no one could beat him in 1v1 and he surpassed their 3 to 1 defence.
the only reason he could be considered better than Sendoh is that he has a complete strong team with more than one offence player. c

He can carry his team and he's clearly unstoppable to stop. Even Shohoku had to put 4 guy on him. He has incredible vision and has good physical ability which allows him to control his body in the air and do an 1-one. He also a pretty good defender, he could block Hanamichi dunk, the same dunk he did to posterize 3 players of Shoyo. He's really underrated.

4 Kaede Rukawa

Rukawa is an offensive threat fr. He's unpretictable, and that's the reason he's in the fouth place. The double clutch dunk on Maki, the poster on Nobe, the floater etc...

He even has the same skill as Akira Sendoh, or even surpass him when he realized he hadn't to be selfish. He must be at least in the second place

He is immensely talented in basketball plus he is still improving. Imagine him in 2yrs. He is my all time favorite.

Except for being really cold, he is a very good player.

5 Kazunari Fukatsu
6 Kenji Fujima

He has the leading skills and he has dashing looks and he has shooting skills.

If he played in the starting quarters. The Shohoku maybe lost their game against shoyo.

7 Hanamichi Sakuragi

The rebound king controls the game. And it wouldn't be too long before he catches up to Rukawa in skills, and after learning skills, with his athleticism, speed, strength, he will have an upper hand versus any other player. And I still believe he will win against Hiroshi Morishige, as, don't you remember what happened between the dual of Dennis Rodman and Shaquille O Neal in the playoffs?

The rebound king, has the highest potential, has brute strength and it's the fastest learner in the series

King of rebounds

8 Hisashi Mitsui

My favorite. He never gives up, and also has the best shooting form which is clean as heck.

Back after 2 years of none training but still bang it!

One of the best three-point shooters in Kanagawa. He is amazing despite having two years wasted

9 Ryota Miyagi

He is speed. He faced Fujima and Maki before, even though he is a bit smaller than the others, he still proves that he has skill

10 Takenori Akagi

He is very important in Shohoku. He has spectacular dunks and leads the team super well

#1 center of Japan...

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11 Mikio Kawata
12 Dai Moroboshi

Aichi star is a Sharpshooter like few other we See in slam dunk.

Dai moroboshi Can put The Ball on The Floor And slash The difence with his quickness.
LiKe maki Can go To The hole or dish tasty assists forse his teammates.
Amazing in transition Can Pull up from Three without passe or screens

One of the best shooters

13 Hiroshi Morishige

The Strongest Slam Dunk Character for me. He Defeated Shohoku in the manga in 3rd round. It means, he can also defeat the teams that shohoku beat which is one of the strongest teams in japan.

Big man. OP. Can't stop him.

14 Atsushi Tsuchiya
15 Soichiro Jin

Perfect shot form, perfect release timing.
Better than Mitsui in my opinion.

16 Masashi Kawata
17 Anzai Sensei

Nice and thick

18 Toru Hanagata

He is a good rebounder and smart player. He also has an almost impossible to block fader

Mid range shooter

19 Kiyota Nobunaga
20 Jun Uozumi
21 Tatsumasa Oda

He's so good he carried his team a long way. If he doesn't have an injury the scores might be close when takezono faced kainan.

22 Kuroko Tetsuya
23 Edmund Tangpos

Greatest player, he can easily beat Sawakita, Sendoh, Maki and Rukawa.

24 Rence Maulion
25 Minoru Matsumoto

He is Competent in all areas and a high scorer. He would probably be the ace of Sannoh if Eiji Sawakita did not play there.

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