Best PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Weapons

If you have any of these, you're guarantied a chicken dinner.

The Top Ten


Arctic Warefare Magnum

Th AWM is extremely hard to find, but if you get it, you’re basically unstoppable. - Not_A_Weeaboo

2 Pan

Fortnite may have building, traps, launch pads, rifts, etc.
But Pubg has Frying pans. - MrCoolC

It will protect your ass. Literally. - Not_A_Weeaboo


Remember every scar!

My personal favorite gun. - Not_A_Weeaboo

4 Uzi

A very good early weapon. - Not_A_Weeaboo

6 Crossbow


Hard to use, but can be very useful. And it's fun to use. - Not_A_Weeaboo

7 Vector

Has a very fast firing rate, but it has a very low magazine. If you have an extended mag, you're practically a beast. - Not_A_Weeaboo

8 M16A4
9 S12K

Well, best way shotgun for sure

5 bullets. Fast reloading time. Good stability. Best shotgun. - Not_A_Weeaboo

10 M249

The Contenders

11 AKM
12 Heckler & Koch HK416
13 Mini14
14 G36C
15 M416
16 Mk14 EBR
17 M24
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