Top Ten Best Playland Rides

This is a general list of best playland rides nation wide.

The Top Ten

1 Dragon Coaster

It's the main attraction! When someone says playland that is what you think! You can't go to playland and not ride it! It's so fun! - ToptenPizza

2 Superman

OK, I used to be so afraid of this ride, but my friends were going on, so I decided to go on too. It's EPIC! It feels like you are flying. The most fun part is when it goes upside down, I love the rush! I'm glad I went on it! - ToptenPizza

3 Zombie Castle

Very SCARY! It's like a haunted house right in playland, the sounds make you jump out of your seat and the statues are creepy! - ToptenPizza

4 Crazy Mouse

It makes you wanna puke and I kept dropping f-bombs the entire ride, but it is still fun and it's funny hearing the people around you screaming and dropping f-bombs. - ToptenPizza

5 Starship 2000

I've heard it called both. But it is like anti-gravity and you can climb up the wall, it also feels like your being pushed up the wall, and I love how I can climb up without falling. - ToptenPizza

6 Music Express

It's fast and I love music so yeah. - ToptenPizza

7 Double Drop

I sort of forgot the name but I like how it goes up and down and it's fun! - ToptenPizza

8 Hellevator

Super cool and fast

9 Wet'n Wild Flume
10 Wooden Roller Coaster

Super fun and fast, never fails to disappoint me.

Never screamed so hard. - Blight

The Contenders

11 The Beast
12 Swings
13 Pirate Ship
14 Skyflyer
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