God of War


It's the best game I have ever seen. It has got a story that is incomparable with any other game. Graphics are awesome and sound effects are excellent. The moves, the combos and the magical powers are just awesomely designed. Hero is given the ultimate capability of being a god. The game is for those who love action more than anything and in my opinion it is the best and the greatest game in all the history of games

One of the best games I ever had a chance to play. Epic story, great combat system and good graphics, are the elements that make this probably the best game for the PS2, only the sequel can be better then this (still haven't played the sequel)

It's one of the best games I have ever played. It should be at the first. Some mad people give it to number 3 because they are goat, evil, coward, ugly and stupid. If they had brains they would give it to number 1. They are a goat

I have completed this game... And I am very happy with its game play and graphics... All the enemies all the gods are superb... The magic that it gets with time like medusa's gaze, army of hades are very awesome...

I like God of War it s best game on earth and I like it not just that I like it I love it and it is my favorite game it never stops being the best game ever it could stop me from playing it

The best game I have ever played!. Good graphics, nice story line and best fights to pick. Thanks Sony entertainment for giving this fortune to me. Hats off!

Simply d best in action category... Guaranteed thrill while playing... Will get you addicted to your console till you finish d entire game...

The best game anyone can play on a PS, awesome story, crazy game play! PERFECT moves, obviously the best game ever made on PS world

I love this game because the hero looks like wrestler goldberg.nothing better than this game.

This is a great game with great characters and realistic graphics and fight which makes this game awesome

this is the best game of all time... no more beat that I think we gave the first place for god of war

God of War gave Sony its Mario, Link, Master Chief, or Sonic, however you want to look at it. - lethaldose

Great epic legendary kratos... Its awesome! The story, effect, and graphic, so much fun huh..!

I hate every body ho play this game there are side effect for ho play it down the 18 year because tell how play it

Awesome game I loved it. My all time favorite PS 2 game Sadly I don't have PS 3 to Play GOD 3.

This is the best game I had ever played in ps2. It should be on number 1. Its Awesome...

God of War and God of War 2 are the best two games I've ever played... EVER.

Superb story with great game play with best Graphics in PS2 Life. Must play.

God of war is a great game I finished this game.. And it is a puzzle game also.

This is the best game I've ever had it has full quality you should try it

God of war game is the best game ever made it brutal and mos t epic movement this game contain

Ya awesome game with very good graphics must be voted as number 1

I admit my frame of reference might be quite narrow compared to most of the avid gamers voting on here, but I would HAVE to go with GOW1. Absolutely everything and more I'd expect from a PS2 game. Highly recommended!

God of war is the... best ps2 games of all time.. god of war. rocks!

Heyy why on 3rd... It should be on top man.. It's a very venturous game with superb graphics and the best sound theme.. And awesome story line great game full and final GOD OF WAR is the BEST!