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301 NCAA Football 07
302 Madden NFL 11
303 NBA 2K10
304 Tak and the Power of JuJu
305 Sonic Unleashed

Why is this so low, this was an amazing game start to finish.

306 Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
307 Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Wonderful game always better than FIFA

308 Seek and Destroy
309 Maximo: Ghosts to Glory

Toughest of tough. You have to play it for the 5th time to complete it.

THIS GAME rocks... If you think that old retro games werent that difficult and fun this will be a slap in your face... This game is that damn good... Hell yeah

310 Xena: Warrior Princess

Nice, cool, awesome adventure game.

311 Fatal Frame III: The Tormented

One of the best graphics.. Best story to!

312 Devil May Cry 2

Awesome game and very hard game!

313 MotorStorm: Arctic Edge
314 Devil May Cry 4

Devil may cry is a awesome game that's mean LET'S ROCK

315 Yu-gi-oh Duelists of the Roses

Awesome game and awesome series.

316 Vexx V 1 Comment
317 The Spiderwick Chronicles
318 Keroro Gunso: Meromero Battle Royale Z

It is an battle royal style fighting, so,4 character fighting, with many weapons to pick up, and special attacks, like in sonic generations, you can choose between 2d gameplay or 3d, and it has many characters.

319 Sonic Mega Collection +

So many good old sonic games.

320 Rollercoaster World
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