Metal Gear Solid 4


This is the franchise that got me into gaming properly, way back on ps1 with the original. And this is the last of that characters life. Anyone who has followed the story of solid snake will no doubt rate this as one of the best games ever developed. A truly cinematic experience that you will never forget, amazing gameplay, challenging if you want but with about 8 difficulty levels, there really is something for everyone. A truly fitting tribute to the legend that is solid snake.

It has one of the best story lines I've ever seen, the gameplay is great, the entire metal gear soundtrack in your in game iPod, challenges you to unlock new titles and it's vast array of weapons you can choose from. I learned all my info of weapons from this game. the fact that the characters know they are in a console game makes it funny and I like how the codec can change according to your situation. Metal Gear Solid 4 definitely deserves it's place in the top 3. my only wish left is for it to be no. 1.

Not only the best of PS3, but of all time! This games is perfect! Everyone should play it.

This is a game, that's good in about anything
Though the graphics where kinda outdated when released, this was to make the game to what it is now
You can't compare this with any other game and it is original, it has a great story,...
Is there anything bad about it?
You must love the long story and the genre and its advised to do a bit of a background check on it to understand everything, but are those really downsides?
I would say not - 13thmistral

The fact that modern warfare three is number one is an insult to the ps3. I could think of at least 30 games better, and more worth your money than any Call of Duty game on the ps3 alone. If I had pen, and paper, I could jot down at least 200 games way better than modern warfare three. This game is among the many, that goes above, and beyond in the department of development, and comes to us with an idea that is actually innovative.

Best game ever, together with mgs twin snakes, but this game's story line, goes way before that, even before mgs 3, during the cold war, that's what makes this game better than all the rest, the storyline, snake's life, if you followed all the games, is just heartbreaking, the most inspiring moving and exciting game I've ever played, you can play it 5 times and you still won't get sick of it, trust me

The epic story, amazing gameplay And the cinematic experience should make this game at number one! The final part of the epic story of metal gear solid was amazing and shocking. It is the best game ever and I really enjoyed it. The wide range of weapons and items made it even more fun. The epic music in this game is amazing as well. Perfect 10/10

Although I'm a Microsoft/360 fan, I have to admit that this game is truly a masterpiece. Storyline was perfect since the first game on PS1, and Snake is arguably one of the greatest characters of all-time. Even if I don't like Playstation 3 that much, saying this isn't perfect would be blasphemy. - CyraxQC

just the perfect balance of stealth and action, with epic fights, epic story, epic gameplay, epic everything, just a masterpiece, NO, "The Master piece", a complete balanco of music, gameplay, cutscenes, and a heavy story, that answers every question on the 21 years of MGS, TAKE OUT COD4

COD4? Really? All these damn little kids. Call of Duty isn't good, it's garbage. When will you learn, idiots. Metal Gear Solid was a brilliant game, minus the cutscenes which weren't that annoying. Great gameplay too. All in all, a phenomenal game that deserves to be number one.

this definitely needs to be first, because I have never played a better game in my life. metal gear solid has always delivered a worthy game, and they succeeded with this, not even succeeded, it exceeded expectations and far beyond that - pauler94

If you look at the picture of MGS4 and the picture of COD4 MGS4 says GREATEST HITS and COD4 has its normal bs. People I think this is saying something MGS4 is one of the best PS3 games ever (along with Grand Theft Auto IV) and Call of Duty is one of the worst. Simples

Clearly the number 1 PS3 game, it's perfect and it just has the best ending to any series of games. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is just the same as any other Call of Duty out, Metal Gear Solid series just got better and better and this is the best ending to the series!

Greatest game of all time. I cannot even sum up my love for this game in such a small comment. Amazing graphics, soundtrack, voicework, great depth in the game play and one of the greatest stories told across any medium. Pure perfection - kevinmurphy

Although, unlike the other metal gear games this game is my favourite one and should dfinetly be number one on this list. its got great gameplay, graphics and story. its an amazing game. - mgsgh109

Metal Gear Solid Has The Biggest History Of All Games And This Game Is Jus Amazing. And With Online Gaming To The Normal Game It Makes It To The Best Game Ever For The PS3. - copkiller

I love this game I want to be the next snake he will kick any games butt this is my favorite game of all time but assasains creed is a draw with metal gear solid snake 4 this is number one

I 'll never forget how it felt when I came back to Shadow Moses... If you have played the game, then you know what I mean... This was not a simple game, this was a new experience

I'd simply say because it METAL GEAR. But all of the sudden BEST BEST BEST game ever of the whole PlayStation 3's Games the story are amazing and graphic are kick ass. Can't wait for Ground Zero.

COD's cool for the fun of it, but that's it. No way in living Hell can it beat MGS4. Takes more skill, throws more tears, and gets more OMFG moments than about any other game. Flawless.

A Masterpiece undeniably, Kojima streamed passion and soul into the making of this incredible title, every detail is refined, acute and crisp. The story is diverse, immerseful and moving. This game redefined what game development was capable of and reflected the greatest peak in gaming history. Worthy of 1st place by all means.

Gameplay and graphics were way ahead of its time. From the physics of different types of ammo, weapons, customization, and detail. Games today are still behind when it comes to this. Truly a masterpiece.

Greatest game I've ever played. The series is astonishing and amazing, the way this game concludes is absolutely perfect. No doubt, should be number 1.

metal gear solid 4 is the best game on ps3 besides resistance 2 and killzone 2 and where are they on this countdown anyway? - denverdez

COD4? Really?... It may have the best online but there is much more to a game than the online! This game is heart warming and it is a true story from begging to end...