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21 Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Awesome love the game 1 of the top zombies games ever

This game is very addicting and interactive! Multiplayer is very exciting, too!

How is Call of Duty 4 in the top and this isn't? Seriously, there is something wrong with you people

I like to rub my dick to hentai... 10/10 would rub again.

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22 Killzone 2

Love this game, great online, great story, great killing people, this answers Halo xbox 360

How did this get beat by multi plat tittles this game is awesome can't wait for the ps4 to continue the story

Over rated game with crappy Halo-like online play. I love shooting someone 300 times just to get them to drop.

Is a great game it has good graphics it feels like I'm killing a real man

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23 Portal 2

I don't think this is just the best PS3 game. I think it is the best game of this console generation.

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24 Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time

I have beaten this game 10 times and still never got bored. That's how amazing this game is.

This series needs more attention.

This game has major replay value!

Best Series Ever!

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25 BioShock Infinite

Bioshock infinite has a great story and fun gameplay and beautiful settings and graphics and the idea is interesting, unique and great if you can understand the plot thoroughly

This is one of the few games that made me stay awake until 3:00 AM to get to the end, the story is something that in the start made me think that it wasn't to be important, but I was SO wrong by thinking that. The gameplay of this game was INCREDIBLE, and for me, the vigors mechanic was the best innovative thing I've seen in a FPS game. The graphics were not the best but still Columbia was a city that got my eyes open all the time. Overall, this is easily the best Bioshock game of the three and also, my 3rd favorite FPS game of all time. - PlayerMostacho

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26 Resistance: Fall Of Man

Can you name another game with flamethrowers, mutant humanoids, angels, giant spiders, rocket launchers, tanks, magic grenades and twenty foot long miniguns in it, no, you can't. - MasterThrasher

Resistance is just a perfect game if you have just bought a ps3 it shows of every feature of the console. Graphics, AI and brilliant gameplay. It is a cross beetween Doom and call of duty. It contains the best arsenal of weapons yet to hit ps3, and some of the best looking enimies (if you can call them that)

I own a copy


This game is the best it has laser guns such as the sapper (acid launcher) bullseye, auger etc and human guns such as the carbine. and name one gun that comapares to the hailstorm it's a giant laser death machine its projectiles bounce off walls and it can shoot auto sentries and the games enemies like the chimera look boss and there are so many species in the game of the enemy. it was one of the first games I bought and is my favourite

I am voting for this one because it is just epic. LOVED this game back in the day.

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27 Mortal Kombat (2011)

Just awesome 2D game with 3D graphics. I love it so much. This game should be much higher on this list - Magnolia

Absolutely brilliant game. I spent ages on it, trying to complete the trophies, story mode on the hardest difficulty, the challenge tower and the online is brilliant.

Best game ever! Why so low? Should be in the Top 5!

King of offline/online multiplayer fighting arcade game that anyone can get

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28 Infamous

I can't believe 2 is above this, Infamous 2 is okay, but the original is much better, the second one has a more jumbled plot, this manages to keep a consistent plot based off of the ray sphere and various shock moments such as Trish dying regardless of what you choose, and Kesler turning out to be Cole from the future coming back to warn Cole, I want a third game where it turns out because Kesler did this it created a paradox leading to Cole being alive, I mean yeah the moment where he died in Infamous 2 was monumental it just was one of a few moments that made the game decent, but Infamous 1 really takes the cake for me.

When I looked at this, I couldn't believe this wasn't in the top ten, honestly this should be in the top three. It has legendary graphics, nice storyline between the good and evil path, and tonnes of fun!

The game is amazing it takes an element from Grand Theft Auto as well because you can kill any random civilian but there is no police just annoying reapers on buildings and instead of riding cars you blow them up, oh and it also has the best storyline in gaming so it deserves to be number 2 at least.

One of the best games of all time

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29 Battlefield 4

BATTLEFIELD 4 IS THE BEST GAME EVER WITH FIFA 14, Grand Theft Auto 5 AND Call of Duty 4!
And yes I'm a 14 year old girl...

I have only played the game a few times and it is already my favorite game of all time.

This game has insanely deep gameplay and a great campaign

30 Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix V 2 Comments
31 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Best game I have ever played. Especially survival, it like nazi zombies but with air support.

Totally epic game. Love to play it over and over. Modern warfare 3s campaign is the best campaign on any game. I absolutaly love it. Plus the graphics is like next generation. Plus survival mode is just mint it's like zombies with guns, airstrikes, and juggernauts. Awesome

Should be in top ten. Ghosts has best campaign, but it sucks everywhere else.

I love this game. It was the first Call of Duty game I ever owned and still remains my favorite

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32 Dark Souls

No News to say this game is epic. Easily you play 300 hours without getting tired of it. Actually you always want more.

This game is amazing, I played over 500 hours. I can't play any other game because none I have found can live up to this, except of course demons souls

"Players" have became accustomed with overtutorialized games that hold your hand until the end, like Uncharted. That's why this masterpiece that rekindles the difficulty of early gaming history is so low on list. Easily and by far, the best game from the past generation - MetalGurja

One of the best games available. Can't wait for Dark Souls 2!

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33 The Walking Dead

Absolutely loved this game! Just finished Season two and can't seem to find Season 3 yet! I'm addicted and loving the storyline and choices as I go. Some times the game startles me and even tugs at my heart strings when forced to make decisions! Must play!

Telltale is an amazing developer for storylines and the Walking Dead is one of the best in this area of story telling.

I love this game. Get it now

I was looking for this game I love the T.V. show too (the kid in grade 5) I also play this game I love this telltale serious I play Minecraft story mode too completely different from this lol so much more gory (the walking dead one) I love just about done it I have the second one too can't wait to play that one

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34 Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

This is the best assassins creed game. I don't know how any other game could place higher on this list

I liked this game. It was really fun until I beat it. Then there was nothing to do.

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35 Batman: Arkham Asylum

Why so underrated?!
This game has excellent graphics, story and gameplay.
I've payed most of the games above, and this exceeds the majority of them.
I would say that the Call of Duty games have more replay value but this game is so unique and much better in terms of the campaign.

How could this Amazing game be this far down on the list? - madcat701

Buy this game... People having brain will buy this game... To me it deserves a much better rank than this... Play it.. you wont regret

I've got Batman: Arkham City and Arkham Asylum but I think this one has a better gameplay and better charecters. Playing as Joker is mega awesome! I think Victor Zsasz or Scarecrow are the best charecters in the game.

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36 BioShock

Oh my god, before I didn't get the whole gist of this game and how it was so ground breaking but after I played it for 25 minutes I nearly shat my pants. Rapture is amazing. No other video game world is as unique and original as Rapture. Not even Hyrule, Skyrim, Los Santos, and Arkham.

I could write a whole essay why BioShock is the greatest game ever. It's just amazing.

Awesome gameplay! Still looking for a similar epic adventure.

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37 Far Cry 3

Best game ever, shooting it out in paradise and it has the best map editor

Come on, does flamethrower, drugs, and dubstep sound familiar? Best game ever.

I liked this game so much. it takes you more closer to reality

Free vacation game

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38 NBA 2K13

Great game. Amazing gameplay and graphics. Very realistic

39 Assassin's Creed

the best franchise of the decade in my humble opinion.
I hope there will be more assassins creed games in the future.

This is an epic game. When playing it, let it be Ezio or Altair, you feel like you are watching a movie. It is an epic in itself.

Assasin's creed all the way to my view assasin's creed has the best quality and story ever that's what every body should know

I love assassins creed

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40 Resident Evil 5

This game should be in the top ten! Why it isn't scares me and defiantly makes me worry about the future of the gaming industry!

Excellent game. This game should be first.
Awesome graphics and story. Every one needs to play this game


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