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61 Gran Turismo 5

By far the most complete, precise and challenging of any car video game. With an excess of 1000 to collect, you will never get bored! The essence of the game is definitely MULTIPLAYER!

Best game on the PS3. Sure it took forever to launch but it was worth the wait. It has the best graphics, the most realistic physics in any game.

Gran Turismo is my childhood, I remembered playing Gran Turismo 3 and I loved it. Then, I played Gran Turismo 5, and I've never played a racing game as good as this

I have a bugatti veyron it has 1234hp and I love this game I have 35 supercars 13 sports cars and 13 old cars even my dad likes it

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62 Dead Space

This gm should be in top 10... Part 2 should be in top 5

This game is perfect, scary thought

This game is awesome! Why is it last place

63 NBA 2K12

The most awesome game of nba...
We can play with all the legends of basketball

64 BrĂ¼tal Legend
65 NBA 2K14
66 Resistance 2

Great animation, graphics, effects, sounds and mind blowing monsters!

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67 Wheelman
68 Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
69 Disney Infinity 3.0
70 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
71 Madden NFL 25
72 Deus Ex: Human Revolution
73 Motorstorm

Great racing game with vehicles ranging from road rash esque bikes and Atv's to trucks to rally cars and a whole other mixed bag of vehicles and dont forget its challenging and brutal difficulty!

top ten at least! this is full of fun! smashing everyone up! - robertoantonioortuso

Great if you love racing games

VERY HARD but still it keeps me going 4 ages

74 MLB 07 The Show

an insane game to playy if u r really into baseball

75 The Darkness
76 Madden NFL 12

It is just so awesome it should be number1

It should be number 1

77 Dragon Ball Z : Battle of Z

Lots of fun and great online mode

78 Rayman Legends

Very good gameplay

Underrated gem of the playstation library. Easily the best platformer of all time - kempokid

THEY ACTUALLY BROUGHT RAYMAN BACK! - Kieran Stark aka The Ultimate Daredevil

79 Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix
80 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle
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