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121 DEF Jam Icon
122 WWE '13
123 WWE '12
124 Resistance 3

Just getting this game made me realize how good it was - opening it for the first time - ahh...

125 Twisted Metal

One of the longest running PlayStation exclusive titles is back and better than ever. Every vehicle is balanced so if you join the online crowd a little late, you will still have a fighting chance to survive.

126 Madden NFL 10

Putting the CPU Skill down and making yours go up will make the experince ten times better.

127 Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock V 1 Comment
128 Just Dance 4

The greatest music video-game in the whole world. Very funny to play with friends and relatives.

129 Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2

Awesome best graphics aawwsomme pplpleeasse vote its awesome why 128 it should be top 30

130 Tokyo Jungle
131 NHL 12
132 Dark Souls II
133 Prince of Persia

Is the best in the world

Prince of iran, king of the world

134 Just Cause 2

Just cause 2 should be number 1! You can attach a car to a plane! And skydive! And grapple hooks! And loads of guns!

Grappling hook and guns are all you need to make one of the best games ever.

V 2 Comments
135 Burnout Paradise V 1 Comment
136 Guitar Hero World Tour
137 Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2
138 Sega Rally Revo
139 NBA 2K10

This game has better graphics then most sport games. I like how there are two spokespeople talk about the game. RECOMENDED

140 Terraria
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