Top Ten PlayStation and Xbox Fails

To honor & their amazing videos, Top 10 Playstation Fails & Top 10 Xbox Fails, we're about to talk about the top ten failures of both Xbox & Playstation.

The Top Ten

1 Red ring of death

The Xbox One better not have a red ring of death like the Xbox 360.

I once got it while playing Grand Theft Auto

2 Playstation Network Hacked

Remember when the PlayStation 3 was popular & someone hacked the network? HUGE FAIL ON PlayStation! This is the number one PlayStation fail.

3 Xbox One

The PS4 sold way more units than Xbox

4 Motion control

PlayStation Move & Kinect are both copies of the Nintendo Wii.

5 PSP Go & Playstation Vita

Sony just doesn't know how to get portable gaming right.

6 Disk destruction

Xbox FAIL! Don't tilt the Xbox 360 because if you do, it will brake the disk.

7 Always on DRM

This is an Xbox fail. Why do some of these games require an Internet connection?

8 Puzzling Advertisements For The Playstation 3

Seriously, Sony? Why would these commercials make me want to buy a PlayStation 3?

What! It gave me mor nightmares than fnaf! WAY TO GO SONY

9 Limited backwards compatibility

Some PS3 models have no backward compatibility. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 has only a few list of original Xbox games you can play.

10 Cost

PlayStation:PlayStation 3 Pricetag
Xbox:Xbox Live, hard drives & other overpriced accessories
Do you know how much these all cost?

The Contenders

11 Hardware

-Inferior ports
-PS3 Hardware Downgrades
-Legacy Controller Layout
-Blu-ray & HD DVD Add-on
-Original fat controller

12 The yellow light of death

"Please no more of that"

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