Top 10 First Post-Launch Video Games For the Sony PlayStation

First video games for the Sony PlayStation to be released after the console original Japanese launch, and are the first ones in general regardless, as they entirely predate the console's launch outside of Japan.
The Top Ten
1 "Kikuni Masahiko: Warau Fukei-san Pachi-Slot Hunter", and "Twinbee Taisen Puzzle Dama" (December 9th, 1994)
2 "King's Field", and "Motor Toon Grand Prix" (December 16th, 1994)
3 "Geom Cube", "Houma Hunter Lime: Special Collection Vol. 1", "Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu '95", "Kakinoki Shogi", and "Twin Goddesses" (December 22nd, 1994)
4 "Battle Arena Toshinden" (January 1st, 1995)
5 "Cosmic Race" (January 20th, 1995)
6 "Cyber Sled", "Kileak: The DNA Imperative", "Myst", "The Raiden Project", and "Space Griffon VF-9" (January 27th, 1995)
7 "Jigsaw World" (February 3rd, 1995)
8 "Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai Limited", and "Shanghai: Banri no Choujou" (March 24th, 1995)
9 "Fantastic Pinball Kyuutenkai", "Starblade Alpha", "Tekken", "Uchuu Seibutsu Flopon-kun P!", and "Victory Zone" (March 31st, 1995)
10 "Pachio-kun: Pachinko Land Adventure" (April 14th, 1995)