Top 10 Plot Holes in The Power Rangers

The Top Ten

1 Tommy Oliver Continuity

What's wrong with it? - RobertWisdom

2 The Rangers do not Need Martial Arts Training

Not always true. Jason clearly taught Billy and Trini martial arts. And some like the previously mentioned Jason already knew martial arts. As for later seasons, it seems their fighting ability was apart of the special powers they received. - RobertWisdom

3 Every Evil Plan is Basically the Same
4 Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa Wedding
5 The Voices of the Monsters are Very Childish

Lord Zed, Zeltrax, Goldar, Mesogog. Those are not childish. - RobertWisdom

6 Continuity Problems
7 The Comic Book Universe is the Same Planet Earth
8 No Family Reunions in The Series

Please explain - RobertWisdom

9 US Military do not Team With the Rangers

Yes they do. See Time Force, Light Speed Rescue. - RobertWisdom

10 Rita Repulsa's Magic Wand

What about it? - RobertWisdom

The Contenders

11 Justin being a Ranger as a kid when prior to that season kids couldn't be Rangers.
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