Best Fictional Cave Story Plot Twists

The Top Ten

1 You're supposed to save Curly.
2 The game actually takes place inside a floating island way up in the sky.
3 The Polar Star has the ability to fire crazily overpowered laser beams.
4 You end up having to kill Toroko.
5 Even after King dies, his spirit still flies out of his sword and slashes shit up.
6 Monster X is actually a giant cat in disguise.
7 The entire game is actually one big reference to Majora's Mask.
8 Despite Sue's Mimiga form having pure white fur, her regular human form is actually black.
9 Chaco is secretly a prostitute.
10 Jenka has a brother, and his name is Ballos.

The Contenders

11 The Doctor is not even the true main villain.
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