Top 10 The Plot In You Songs


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1 My Old Ways

With a great mixture of both clean and unclean vocals, along with a catchy beat, My old ways is, in my opinion the best song that the band has produced. Both the lyrics and overall sound of the song are fantastic. It's a great song to listen to, regardless of what mood you're in, and it is VERY unique, standing out from any of the bands other songs. - Oblivion149

2 The Devil's Contract

One of the bands darkest and angriest songs, This one talks about siding with the Devil rather than whatever god that there is out there (if there is one). Everything in this song is brilliant. Lyrics, instrumentals, the feeling you get when you listen to it, it's all done very well. Listening to this song turns your feeling of stress and hopelessness into a feeling of rage and power. Very satisfying. - Oblivion149

3 Miscarriage

This song was released as a part of the band's debut album 'First Born' and is Favorited by many. While some listeners of the band may not be so fond of the band's darker songs such as "The Father's seed" or "Rat Poison", This is one of the songs that likely everyone will enjoy very much. Overall the song sounds great and the chorus is one that would bring tears to many peoples eyes. It is also a good song to recommend to someone who may want to start getting into the metalcore genre. - Oblivion149

4 Better Vibes

This is some real emotional stuff! I cry every time I listen to it! HISD is the Best effort by TPIY.

5 Shyann Weeps
6 Crows
7 Bully
8 Die Like Your Brothers
9 Troll
10 Time Changes Everything

The Contenders

11 Take Me Away
12 Dear Old Friend

At 0:43, an outpouring of emotions and passion just takes me away. My absolute favourite metal song.

13 Bible Butcher
14 Small Face
15 Digging Your Grave
16 Mind Controlled
17 Runaway
18 Hole in the Wall
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