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1 simontv17

Good plush animals

His videos are getting best.

He makes YouTube video about his plush Simon and his friends, and he has great content.

This is the best plush channel on YouTube. Simontive 5&6 are really good.

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2 SuperMarioLogan SuperMarioLogan

Terrible and bad youtuber with the sad impact of using an mentally retarded puppet for money and wasn't funny since the start. - RaterIDMb

Best YouTube channel ever - SKPE216

Luigifan better

One of the ogs. 8/10

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3 RosyTheRascal15 RosyTheRascal15

Specializes in Sonic plushes - CaptainChipmunk

Glorious content!

What rosy is better then stupid sml

4 SuperDentBros. SuperDentBros.

Specializes in Mario - CaptainChipmunk

5 BowserJr.CoolCame

Specializes in Mario - CaptainChipmunk

6 LuigiFan00001

Specializes in Mario and Angry Birds - CaptainChipmunk

He was the first YouTuber I have ever seen. I love his Plants vs Zombies plush videos! - TheCartoonManiac

7 SuperMarioLan

Specializes in Mario - CaptainChipmunk

8 SuperSonicJoseph SuperSonicJoseph

By facts with opinion(s), this has amazing videos, cool and awesome ideas, mindblowing and inspiring visuals, great special-effects, original characters, plots, humor and unbelievably, awe-inspiring and amazing cause & effects.

While having great videos, entertaining shorts & adventures with original humor! - RaterIDMb

It's the Tom & Jerry, Garfield & Friends, Teen Titans of the Sonic Plush category done right

He should be on here

Infinity - CriticExpert

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9 MandJTV

(Series using plushes) - CaptainChipmunk

10 GameCubeDude100

Specializes in Mario and Angry Birds - CaptainChipmunk

The Newcomers

? Lime the Fox

Lime the Fox is a Sonic plush YouTuber who posts videos on his series, Sonic Universe. The series is discontinued for some time, but it will be revived soon, according to him. The series consists of Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails the Fox, and Knuckles the Echidna going after Doctor Robotnik to stop him from his evil schemes. If you enjoy this type of content, go check him out! He's a very entertaining YouTuber, and all his stories are very well told!

? tuckerdeerboy productions

Amazing videos
Cool ideas
Blows my mind

Great videos! Entertaining with original ideas & humor!

By far the best videos I have seen yet

Tuckdeerboy is a class act Tip Notch stuff

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The Contenders

11 HyperNovaPuma

Specializes in Mario - CaptainChipmunk

12 Vester&Friends Vester&Friends
13 Geometry dash plush gamer

In my opinion the best character is bed guy because he sings funny songs and he is PAC mans favourite character as well

It's not good
But I guess yeah alright

Best one ever apart from Luigi fan

Brilliant specialises in Pokémon, avengers,FNAF,star wars, despicable me, Skylanders, SpongeBob,wrestling,plain old teddy bears, PAC man,bit of sml and even doctor who.yes he is brilliant

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14 StacheBros StacheBros

It's like the rebooted Warner Bros cartoons humor and story like Looney Tunes altogether (Except that this is better than Looney Tunes in my opinion) - RaterIDMb

15 AndrewJohn100 AndrewJohn100

Nice decent channel with harmless story and plots, Its like a tame and funny like Ducktales in a nutshell. - RaterIDMb

16 LuigiPeeps17

Specializes in Mario - CaptainChipmunk

17 TheLegendOfJohnnyAlbert TheLegendOfJohnnyAlbert
18 SuperMarioRichie

He has potential

19 BigYoshiFan BigYoshiFan
20 Andru Daniel
21 Elmo Bird Grover Bert
22 Mario Muffet Adventures
23 Gabe's World
24 Sonic World Café

Loveable characters!

Hilarious lol

25 SuperMario134
26 FNAF Flix
28 SuperMarioCorey
29 Five Nights at Froakies
30 MarioWario

Doest make videos anymore but is funny and makes funny videos

31 Star Bros Mario
32 SuperMarioMorgan
33 SuperMarioFanlox
34 Plushoyeah

He exists

35 Mario & Luigi’s Big World
36 LemmyMaster
37 BowserPower
38 Kamira Suzuya

I do not get how he makes his videos they are amazing I recommend to check him out. His videos blow my mind.

Great videos

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