Top 10 Plush YouTubers


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1 simontv17

Good plush animals

His videos are getting best.

He makes YouTube video about his plush Simon and his friends, and he has great content.

This is the best plush channel on YouTube. Simontive 5&6 are really good.

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2 SuperMarioLogan SuperMarioLogan

Best YouTube channel ever - SKPE216

Luigifan better

Best plusher evah - CaptainChipmunk

You guys do realize that the only reason why he has over 5 million subscribers, is because of Jeffy! And the reason why his channel is not making money right know (for those of you that are reading this in June of 2018) is because YouTube doesn't want a dumb ass YouTuber that invented a stupid, swearing dumbass, doll to make money

3 RosyTheRascal15

Specializes in Sonic plushes - CaptainChipmunk

What rosy is better then stupid sml

4 SuperDentBros.

Specializes in Mario - CaptainChipmunk

5 BowserJr.CoolCame

Specializes in Mario - CaptainChipmunk

6 LuigiFan00001

Specializes in Mario and Angry Birds - CaptainChipmunk

He was the first YouTuber I have ever seen. I love his Plants vs Zombies plush videos! - TheCartoonManiac

7 SuperMarioLan

Specializes in Mario - CaptainChipmunk

8 MandJTV

(Series using plushes) - CaptainChipmunk

9 GameCubeDude100

Specializes in Mario and Angry Birds - CaptainChipmunk

10 HyperNovaPuma

Specializes in Mario - CaptainChipmunk

The Newcomers

? Geometry dash plush gamer

In my opinion the best character is bed guy because he sings funny songs and he is PAC mans favourite character as well

Best one ever apart from Luigi fan

I love chef poopsee and Freddie because Freddie is funny

Great characters like Freddie,Bob and principal teddy also funny scenes like when Freddie eats skittles and crazy goes slow.there is great villains like spongebob and scarlet spectre I think it's going to be the new sml

The Contenders

11 LuigiPeeps17

Specializes in Mario - CaptainChipmunk

12 BigYoshiFan BigYoshiFan
13 SuperMario134
14 StacheBros
15 TheLegendOfJohnnyAlbert TheLegendOfJohnnyAlbert
16 AndrewJohn100 AndrewJohn100
17 FNAF Flix
18 Andru Daniel
19 Elmo Bird Grover Bert
21 SuperMarioRichie
22 Vester&Friends
23 Mario Muffet Adventures
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