Top Ten Best Plushtubers

The best of YouTubers who produce content involved with Mario plush toys.

The Top Ten Best Plushtubers

1 SuperMarioLogan Logan Thrityacre, (born in Florida 1994-) also known as SuperMarioLogan, is an American YouTuber and puppeteer, who makes YouTube videos with puppets and plush dolls.

His videos are so funny! My favorite was his longest video. Bowser Junior Goes to Disney World parts 1 and 2 which were so over the top hilarious!

He is the best plush tiger ever and I don't know why he didn't get first place it's insane!

Terrible and bad youtuber with the sad impact of using an mentally retarded puppet for money and wasn't funny since the start. - RaterIDMb

His old videos were the best

2 Simontv17

He makes YouTube video about his plush Simon and his friends, and he has great content.

Good channel

He makes great regular content.

His videos are getting best.

3 Vester&Friends

He makes good videos and I like his Bowser's Netflix Disaster both 1 & 2.
I also enjoyed his Total Drama Plush series!
His best series though are World Of Light & Skylanders Spyro's Adventure. Since Skylanders was part of my childhood and World of light inspired me to do my own world of light series.

I like super smash bros ultimate and he made a super smash bros ultimate world of light plush series

World of light plush alone makes this channel my favorite episode 14 of wolp will be out today

This such top LuigiFan0001 and next to SuperDentBros cause its really good, nice characters, funny reactions or comebacks and its really entertaining with it's satire humor altogether.

4 StacheBros

It's like the rebooted Warner Bros cartoons humor and story like Looney Tunes altogether (Except that this is better than Looney Tunes in my opinion) - RaterIDMb

Because Luigi Time that's why

A fan favorite

5 Luigifan00001

I like Nintendo things a this makes Nintendo plush videos and he even made a super smash bros ultimate video

My reasons:
Many Series' or doesn't just take 2 years on a movie
Funny & Dark at times
Had Phases

I should be a clone of this youtuber with Pokemon Kirby yokai watch ducktales and more

He's funny, and has been active in YouTube ever since 2011. Also, he is really great with editing+,music.

6 EpicMarioBros

he good

He's so much better then sml at least Epic had some heart and creativity. Logan barely uses creativity even if he did it will get bad because of jeffy. logan doesn't use old characters well the best character for me now is black yoshi because black yoshi changed and got funnyer he's way more funny then one of jeffys crappy mordern videos. Epic has a lot of creativity likable characters fun plot and the word play between characters are so clever.

He has videos that may suck but at least there creative not like sml's videos that there not even trying with the story. Epic mario bro's was logan when he started. he has some epic crazy videos awesome videos insane cool videos. Also he has a good plot good wordplay between characters and likable characters.

7 SuperDentBros

Just, no! This account is a ripoff of SuperMarioLogan. - Chi-Chi

8 SuperMarioRichie

I love every single character except for Red Yoshi and fawful

Better then Logan...

He has potential

You are my favorite plush tuber

9 Goomzilla

His tutorial to make certain characters(or other stuff)Is so helpful and The props in each video makes the video Like a Actual adventure.

He's better than that overrated Jeffy focusing trash SML. - TeamRocket747

10 RosyTheRascal15

Glorious content!

What rosy is better then stupid sml

The Contenders

11 MrGojira95

I love the stories he put in each character Plus his sonic voice sounds like be actually Him.(He should be Sonic in the new sonic movie)

I think that this channel can be conferred good by some people, but there can be small improvements. First of all, the videos can be seen as too stereotypical. Next, all of the characters are based on video games which can be conserved to clique. Lastly, the videos are not as uploaded frequently as other plush YouTubers. This YouTube channel should not be in the top ten.

His Sonic Episodes are HD clean and awesome!

12 AHH Productions
13 BowserJr.CoolCame
14 Elmo Bird Grover Bert
15 Tuckerdeerboy Productions

I deserves more subscribers, I found out about his channel about a month ago amd his videos were amazing

His videos are funny and creative, he is not like any other plushtubers I don't know why he is not one of the best

Amazing videos
Cool ideas
Blows my mind

Great videos! Entertaining with original ideas & humor!

16 SuperMarioLan
17 SuperSonicJoseph

His work is full of tolerance and fun, something you can't say about Logan Thirtycare's Mario content nowadays even when SSJ didn't existed yet.
His style of humor and setting in his plush world/universe is more than smile worthy, its more than awesome, more than pleasant to the ears, its significant.

People should to give him more attention than ever! It's not force or just fan praising, as some would assume. It's a simple suggestion for watching one of the best Sonic Plush channels ever.

It's pretty good! Bad videos? I ain't a yesman but SSJ doesn't make any bad videos, they're all interesting & funny.

Joseph shows a bunch of potential to his work of art with his humor and setting. I just love the comedy and the adventure that goes into his videos. This is the Best Sonic Plush channel ever

"Got the Works! " Not a bad channel at all! It's an awesomely funny channel that goes for an action-adventure setting in many videos set with ideas that goes with the slapstick and comedy put in it's own original plush universe.

18 Mario8989

This guy was the first plushtuber ever - Aidanisawesome

Why isn't MarioMario8989 aka CMB not in the Top 10 - Tyoshi

19 TheLegendOfJohnnyAlbert

Now his channel is called TheJohnnyAlbertShow

He should be number 1 b..Ch

20 AwesomeMarioGang Scotti
21 MandJTV
22 Luigichannel50

Not a well known channel by any means, But he has a TON of potential. - RobotnikEggman

23 GameCubeDude100
24 BigYoshiFan
25 Theslithygamer4evr

He makes funny videos

26 Puppet Steve

He is super funny and he does Fnaf unboxings and he is cool

27 Grantendo
28 AndrewJohn100

Nice decent channel with harmless story and plots, Its like a tame and funny like Ducktales in a nutshell. - RaterIDMb


I love slippy and he did a crossover with five nights at froakies

Should be higher

Slippy into those dm's

30 Mario Muffet Adventures

They were one of the first plush tubers I ever watched

I like how all of their characters have different voices!

I like their happy napper dog

31 Five Nights at Froakies

Ennard sorry if I spelled that wrong anyway ocean man funny Ron Ron meme movies

You are amazing and the best

He should be higher up

32 DylanRMovies

Amazing plush tuber. Uploads 2 videos a week and that are very well put together. I love his content and the fact that he is so young makes the videos even cuter than they already are. I definitely recommend this amazing channel to all of you! - kowf

Great plushtuber. He uploads 2 videos a week and the videos are very cute and funny. He's super young, making the videos adorable. I absolutely love this channel and I recommend checking him out.

Amazing YouTuber. He just started plush tubing, but I simply love his content. Very young too, makes the videos cute.

33 HyperNovaPuma
34 FNAF Flix

What I saw my top 5
4: Titototter
3: Gabe's world
2: Vester and friends

He is funny and he makes Fnaf plush videos

My favorite YouTuber


35 Titototter

Why is this not higher it's the brother to super mario logan its made by logans brother tito

he's not logans brother he's chillys brother

36 Gabe's World

He does Fnaf plush videos and I love nightmare Bonnie because he is super funny

37 Sonic Dude18

Mostly sonic though

38 LemmyMaster

She specializes in Mario, If you love Koopalings which there are numerous other plush tubers using them then this is for you. The voices and plots are done perfectly and gags and humor are in every second. Check it out on Youtube

Gags & humors every second hmmm in minutes I guess

39 LuigiPeeps17
40 TheJabuBros

He is good check him out

41 SuperMarioPlushMasters

He is a funny guy and joined just last year. He has a huge potential and I think he is gonna be great.

A great guy

42 Travis Plush Productions

He’s like totally not me. Also he’s cool

43 Plushyproductions
44 Superblastoiseproductions

He is funny and make decent videos although he could be way better and needa to upload more

He is okay

45 Super Warino Bros

Does anybody mention them? These 3 people make a lot of funny plush videos!

46 Milestails101

Funny plush skits
Sonic and friends on adventures

47 SuperMario134
48 Sassycat143
49 PlanetMushroomSpeed

He is a great YouTube r and I hope he makes plants versus zombies plush episode 14 this year, alszo more AT videos.

50 Andru Daniel

He is probably in my top 10 may be not but I do have a Top 9
9.Kirbstomp (I can't find him though I'm sure he is on here)
8.SML (2 on the list)
7.Super Mario Richie (6 on the list)
6.Mario Muffet Adventures (18 on the list)
5.Titototter (30 on the list)
4.Travis Plush Productions (35 on the list)
3.Epic Mario Bros (5 on the list)
2. Five Nights at Froakies (15 on the list)
1.Cute Mario Bros aka MarioMario8989 (13 on the list)
HM (in no order)
TheStarshinesNoah (Not on the list though may not be considered a plushtuber anyways)
Andru Daniel (31 on the list)
StacheBros (3 on the list)
Gabe's World (20 on the list)
The Legend of Johnny Albert (12 on the list) - Tyoshi

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