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The best of YouTubers who produce content involved with Mario plush toys.

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1 simontv17

He is a good plush YouTuber who uploads weekly. He focuses around a country called Dogland and Simon who is the mascot of the channel.

This is the best YouTuber ever. He has quality regular plush videos, and he does other great videos. If you don't watch him, you losing out on great videos.

2 SuperMarioLogan SuperMarioLogan

He is my Idol he is so funny

This is the most popular plushtuber and I love his videos and I also won a free video game from him - Aidanisawesome

HE lit He my favorite youtuber


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3 Goomzilla

He's better than that overrated Jeffy focusing trash SML. - TeamRocket747

4 StacheBros

A fan favorite

5 EpicMarioBros

he good

He's so much better then sml at least Epic had some heart and creativity. Logan barely uses creativity even if he did it will get bad because of jeffy. logan doesn't use old characters well the best character for me now is black yoshi because black yoshi changed and got funnyer he's way more funny then one of jeffys crappy mordern videos. Epic has a lot of creativity likable characters fun plot and the word play between characters are so clever.

He has videos that may suck but at least there creative not like sml's videos that there not even trying with the story. Epic mario bro's was logan when he started. he has some epic crazy videos awesome videos insane cool videos. Also he has a good plot good wordplay between characters and likable characters.

6 SuperMarioRichie

Iggy's voice, my god. - TheEliteComet

I love his channel almost as much as SML. Although he is younger then most plushtubers, he does have some special qualities. For one thing, Logan's longest video was 30 minutes long while Richie's longest video was 2 and a half hours long. And secondly, he never just had one character hog the whole channel like Bowser Jr. He instead has each character have there own story and only rarely has 2 videos in a row to have the same main characters. No wonder his videos have gotten him over 6 million

7 MrGojira95

I think that this channel can be conferred good by some people, but there can be small improvements. First of all, the videos can be seen as too stereotypical. Next, all of the characters are based on video games which can be conserved to clique. Lastly, the videos are not as uploaded frequently as other plush YouTubers. This YouTube channel should not be in the top ten.

8 AHH Productions
9 SuperDentBros
10 AwesomeMarioGang Scotti

The Newcomers

? Plushyproductions
? FMB Productions (FluffyMarioBros)

The Contenders

11 Grantendo
12 Mario8989

This guy was the first plushtuber ever - Aidanisawesome

13 BigYoshiFan BigYoshiFan
14 Five Nights at Froakies

You are amazing and the best

He should be higher up

15 Mario Muffet Adventures
16 TheLegendOfJohnnyAlbert TheLegendOfJohnnyAlbert

He should be number 1 b..Ch


Should be higher

18 LuigiFan00001

He's funny, and has been active in YouTube ever since 2011. Also, he is really great with editing+,music.

19 Gabe's World
20 Sassycat143
21 Super Game Bros
22 PlanetMushroomSpeed

He is a great YouTube r and I hope he makes plants versus zombies plush episode 14 this year, alszo more AT videos.

23 AndrewJohn100 AndrewJohn100
24 FNAF Flix
25 Titototter
26 Andru Daniel
27 TheJabuBros

He is good check him out

28 Vester&Friends
29 SuperMarioCorey
30 SuperMarioPlushMasters

He is a funny guy and joined just last year. He has a huge potential and I think he is gonna be great.

31 Travis Plush Productions
32 Flying Popcorn Juice
33 Scenariul Alex Victor Robertino

He's the best Romanian plushtuber, great effects and story.

34 SuperMarioT’Andre
35 LemmyMaster
36 WestonStapp
37 Funnymansam
38 Maso777
39 Tuckerdeerboy Productions

His videos are funny and creative, he is not like any other plushtubers I don't know why he is not one of the best

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