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This is a listing of the best podcasts. I always struggled finding podcasts to listen to, so this list, I hope, will let you find a new podcast that you will enjoy. A brief synopsis of each podcast is provided. If I missed a Podcast you really enjoyed, feel free to add it.

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1 The Nosleep Podcast

Scary stories selected from Reddit's Nosleep forum where the users submit original horror stories. Basically all of them are amazing - Spark_Of_Life

Amazing productions of horror stories. Dark and disturbing and really well done.

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2 Welcome to Night Vale

A podcast set up like a radio news show in a small desert town where strange things happen and aren't what they seem. Amazing story, memorable characters. - Spark_Of_Life

3 You Must Remember This

In each episode, the host discusses a person or event in Hollywood history from the years 1900-1999. It's not boring in the slightest - I listened to ten episodes in one day. You don't even have to listen to them in order. - Spark_Of_Life

4 The Friend Zone

Three best friends discuss social issues such as mental health, self care, and dating, relationships, and health. It's not nearly as boring as it sounds. This WILL make you laugh. - Spark_Of_Life

5 Limetown

A fictional podcast told as a series of investigations into the disappearance of over 300 people in a small town in Tennessee. Horror ensues. - Spark_Of_Life

6 The Read

Two best friends, Crissle and Kid Fury, discuss pop culture ranging from movies, songs, T.V. shows, and other works all while cracking jokes and providing their opinions. Very funny. - Spark_Of_Life

7 How Did This Get Made?

Comedians Jason Mantzoukas, Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and a cavalcade of hilarious guests talk about the best worst movies that were ever made, and it will keep you laughing all the way home. - Spark_Of_Life

8 The Joe Rogan Experience

It's a no brainer if you're into MMA and the UFC but Joe also expands on his topics to so much more than just fighting. He is actually a genuinely smart guy who has a number of different guests on his show ranging from academics to sport stars. He combines humour with actual intellect conversation which is ever so fascinating and his upload rate cannot be beaten.

If Joe was a superhero he would be bull man, he can call bull on any situation and dosnt get tricked by complex language, truly the modern captain america

Interesting guests, great host and usually very interesting topics. The only podcast I can sit for 3 hours and enjoy every second of it.

Train by day joe rogan podcast by night all day

9 Doug Loves Movies with Doug Benson

Doug Benson really loves movies. If you do too, you’ll enjoy playing along as Doug and a handful of celebrity guests play a grab-bag of movie trivia games and talk about their favorite films in front of a live audience. - Spark_Of_Life

10 Call Your Girlfriend

Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow bring you the “podcast for all the long-distance besties out there.” You will want to call your own BFF after listening in as these two charming, smart, and hilarious women discuss the important things in life like rom-coms, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, casual racism, and general pop culture news. - Spark_Of_Life

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11 Hello Internet
12 Ask Me Another

A podcast from NPR with fun games, questions, and comedy all around.

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13 The Steve Austin Show
14 Good Job Brain!

I love this podcats

I love this podcast

15 Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me

A very great game show filled with excellent humor!

16 DrunkenPeasants

The greatest podcast in human history

They sit there and attack the Manatee's family situation...

But really, DP is amazing, it's the only podcast I really care about - mtndewlord

17 Shane and Friends

It is just the best podcast VOTE FOR IT! the different guests are so funny doing stuff you can't even imagine!

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18 Rebel Force Radio
19 Baited!
20 Podslash

This podcast is the best! The hosts are very funny and clearly know about the genre! - Scr3aM

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