Top Ten Most Poetic Röyksopp Songs

Röyksopp are master poets in song, and I think they deserve more credit for their often moving and haunting pieces.
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1 I Had This Thing I Had This Thing Cover Art

However you perceive "this thing", whether or not it's the affection from a lover, it represents something invaluable and irreplaceable, and its disappearance following his involuntary actions has cost the singer a will to be what he was. The song slowly but surely builds up a contrast of his happy life to one which has decayed into an uncontrollable pattern of emotional and physical turmoil, tearing his pride apart. The vocals are cold and deep, but one can feel a sense of extreme desperation in his voice, particularly at the end of the song, to set things right.

I had this thing to call my own
Just one slip and it was gone
A minor flaw and then it fell
I brought this house down on myself
I didn't know just what I'd done
I didn't know just what I'd done
I don't remember anymore what I used to be
Where is the quiet piece of home where I could breathe?
Just like a razor to my soul when I'm alone
Oh, I had this thing to call my own
I'm so ...more

2 Running to the Sea Running to the Sea Cover Art

This song is very open to interpretation, but to me, I think this is a song about suicide, and about how a personal and traumatising disaster, as summarised in the first four lines, can trigger the suicidal tendency which is in all of us. The river represents this delirious mental path, to the the sea: an undisturbed, vast graveyard, which she joins in the second verse.

I could hear them howling from afar
I saw them rushing to your car
In a moment all went screaming wild
Until the darkness killed the light
I remember running to the sea
The burning houses and the trees
I remember running to the sea
Alone and blinded by the fear
And the river flows beneath your skin
Like savage horses kept within
And all is wasted in the sand
Like breaking diamonds with your hand
I remember running to the sea
Remember falling to my knees
I remember gliding off the shore
Until I touched the ocean floor
And the river flows beneath your skin
The ...more

3 What Else Is There? What Else Is There? Cover Art

This is a song contrasting life and death, the girl speaking as the force of death itself. She's followed the person she's talking to along the "road" of life, tracking his secrets, which he's forced to let go of at the end. Near the end of the song, however, she becomes deceptive, asking what she stands for if he doesn't die. It is by this that we know he is at the end of the road, and it is time for him to fulfill her wish. By asking "What Else Is There? ", however, this could mean that there is something for him in return, or on the contrary, not at all. Only she knows, but she won't tell him, or anyone, until they follow death.

It was me on that road
But you couldn't see me
Too many lights out, but nowhere near here
It was me on that road
Still you couldn't see me
And then flashlights and explosions
Roads end getting nearer
We cover distance but not together
I am the storm and I am the wonder
And the flashlights, nightmares
And sudden ...more

4 Sordid Affair Sordid Affair Cover Art

I think the power of this song comes at the end. The song's focused on a forced and loveless relationship, which appears positive at first, but is already contradictory in lyrics. The singer is reflecting on all the good things which have come from it, but admitted with a heavy heart how emotionally manipulative he had to be to get love in return. The mystery of the end part, however, is how a supposed reply from heaven can bring further despair. Is it because there was no salvation to be given for this ordeal, or because every positive aspect is lost as a price, despite it outweighing the joy of the moral solution? Either way, it shows that this was truly a situation one could not find happiness without strings attached; a double meaning of "salvation in strings."

There was a time, dark and divine,
Exciting and new, shameful untrue
Free to explore we had it all.
Towering trust, insatiable lust
Clouding the truth both of us knew
This sordid affair is ending in ...more

5 Miss It So Much Miss It So Much Cover Art

This song is very underrated, and I think it's the best song off Junior. Its lyrics may seem only to compare a human to a machine, but it is that that makes it so poetic, by turning life into a purely mechanical and arbitrary game, in which one's joy is gambled, and the price is always a significant form of loss which takes happiness with it. From this perspective, it is a gamble which cannot be won, and the arbitrary elements of this game are what have cost this person a soul. It does make one consider how some benefit from this game of life, but most suffer from getting little out of it.

I miss it so much
No button to touch
No dial to turn
No key to hold
Days turn to nights turn to weeks
Turn to paper into rocks into plastic
My material heart
How it keeps us apart
Watching days turn to nights turn to weeks
Turn everything I got into techniques
My mechanical heart
How it tears me apart
I miss it so much
No button to touch
No dial to ...more

6 You Know I Have to Go You Know I Have to Go Cover Art

The tragedy of this song is by establishing a turbulence in trust in a relationship, and the only solution being to terminate it. They know what each other is thinking and each know they want to achieve the impossible, but only one side is irrational enough to force it. And there's not much else to say, except that there's further dark and truly heartfelt poetry in the melancholy tone of this masterpiece.

You know I have to go
There's nothing more to say
'Cause you're better off alone
It's got to be this way
You know I've got to go
There's nothing more to say
Surely you will know
In the light of day
I've learnt how to stay gracious in defeat
'Cause I've never been victorious
And now you offer me to feel complete
You've given me your trust
'Cause I wanna give the honesty you need
Nothing false or dubious
I want us to be all that we can be
I want this for the two of us
You know I have to go
There's nothing more to say
Surely ...more

7 Only This Moment Only This Moment Cover Art

"This Moment" is a state at which happiness is at its peak, but also makes a contrast between idealism and rationality. The way the lyrics are ordered are what compare his thoughts with the process of heartbreak, and it slowly but abruptly decays the love in his soul. The singer is contemplating on what he's learned: lust is an instinct, but love is a feeling, and one that can have its harmful consequences. There is hope at the end, however, by saying that love does not die, in spite of this failed love; however, nor does its evil.

Only this moment
Holds us together
Close to perfection
Nothing else out there
No one to guide us
Lost in our senses
Deep down inside I know our love will die
Only this moment
Holds us together
Lost in confusion
Feelings are out there
Scared of devotion
Doubting intentions
Deep down inside I know our love will die
Stay or forever go
Play or you'll never know
What heaven decided
You can't deny ...more

8 You Don't Have a Clue You Don't Have a Clue Cover Art

As the lyrics put very aptly, this is about a lover who is hiding his true colours, and doesn't know that the singer can see through his lies. The singer wants to get what she sees in him, but still doubts that what she thinks is there really is there. Thus, she is following this downward trend which he is exhibiting.

It's late in the night, dancing is done
The music has died, you're ready to run
But you don't have a clue, this party hasn't ended yet
Not for me and you, now you're just pretending
You're hiding from yourself
Yes you are, yes you are
Like golden rays of sun in the cloud
We're meant to be one, I know we are
If I am the sky, then you are my star
Hey you don't have a clue, this party never ended
Not for me and you, I know you're just pretending
You're hiding from yourself
Yes you are, yes you are
Like golden rays of sun in the cloud
I will make you see
Haven't you got, haven't you got it yet?
Just lay down for a while, ...more

9 Dead to the World Dead to the World Cover Art

A chilling song about a person with intense feelings which he can't get into the real world. The singer has created a perfect world in the form of a dream, a world governed purely by ideal thoughts and plans, but despairs over the reality. Thus, it is happy in an idealist vision, but heartbreaking when the singer inevitably returns to reality. The voice might as well stay brainwashed and sedated by this dream, or dead to the world.

In the dead of the night you seem closer to me
The next day I wake up and know how unreal it is
Feeling so tense like I'm caught in a corner
You can't speak but I hear you calling
I come back for you
I've been dead to the world and I've chosen to be
Inside under pillows with marvels and wonders
Sedating my will to exist in the open
I don't move but I keep on moving
I'm only with you

10 Save Me Save Me Cover Art

This, I think, is a song about the singer's descent into madness, driven by desperation, and discarding all reason to think twice. She knows it has broken her before, and will do again, but she has no way to stop this. She's pleading for a solution.

It's already on
Once again,
And I didn't know
I am the sun,
I'll always return
Once more
Follow the line,
Let go of my heart,
Fade in to the night
I go where I want,
In places where
Wrong feels right
Oh, save me,
The ocean is dark
Oh, save me,
I'm falling apart
I'm coming down hard,
Hard as hell,
Like the night before
Bracing myself,
Alone on the
Bathroom floor
Oh, save me,
The ocean is dark
Oh, save me,
I'm falling apart
Should I choose
To feel this way,
I know I could,
I never fail
And if the world
Is too mundane,
Just bring it on,
I'll go again

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11 Vision One Vision One Cover Art

Fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic song!

12 Tricky Two Tricky Two Cover Art

Whilst not one of better known vocal songs, tricky two is a great instrumental song and definitely a highlight from the 2010 album Senior

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