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21 Roses Roses

Such a an amazing and addictive song! I just want to listen to it over and over again...

I'm a huge Poet of the Fall fan - heard every piece of music they've ever made or performed - and I'm immensely disappointed that Roses isn't even on the list. It's easily one of their greatest creations. The lyrics are deep, the guitars are beautiful, and the vocals are captivating. This song deserves to be in the top 10.

How isn't this one of the top four?!... This song is absolutely magical... Can't stop listening to it!

Love this song should be in the top 5

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22 Fire Fire

Simply awesome... Most underrated song of their's try it guys please and vote

Cool the quality of the voice and the music the guitar part intro awesome c'mmon it must be on top

Fie flare alive, take me higher...
The intro vocals, leads, riffs, everything in this song is more than perfect, but its under raated here :'(

23 Gravity Gravity


24 Kamikaze Love Kamikaze Love

There's a trinity I follow... Firstly, I Dream wide Awake.., Then Fall in Kamikaze Love, only to know it's the Lie Eternal...

'and the way you walked in I would kiss the earth beneath your feet '

Kamikaze Love deserves to be in the top 10!
Great vocals and guitar! Please vote!

25 Sorry Go 'Round Sorry Go 'Round

I have been listening to this song all day on repeat and I STILL haven't gotten tired of it

Not in the top Ten, well the world's comin' to an end :P

Checked the Lyrics? They're cool enough

Their most underrated song after Fire

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26 Love Will Come to You Love Will Come to You

Excellent guitar tune. The lyrics feel so true and optimistic that you can't stop listening to it.

I love this new song by Poets of the fall

I think its probably the best song after carnival of rust...soul soothing song

Best Song! So cheerful

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27 Stay Stay

Its really hard to make a list of good songs of such amazing bands and this songs rating is proof. Please consider all the songs in a list carefully before voting.

Stay not in the top 20! No! I can listen to this song 50 times on the loop

Come on "Stay" has to be on this list too!
it's god a good soulful tune, the music is pure melody, Marko's voice is just perfect for such a soulful, yearning song. This song has to be up there! Has to be!

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28 The Happy Song The Happy Song

Very entertaining to listen to, something that you could just keep listening to over and over again as you mull about the day.

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29 Smokes and Mirrors Smokes and Mirrors

Deep and ephemera song, with great lyrics and instruments, should be in top ten.

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30 Clevermind Clevermind
31 The Ballad of Jeremiah Peacekeeper The Ballad of Jeremiah Peacekeeper

This song is on of their best songs. Amazing lyrics perfect music the lyrics are so deep

What?! R you KIDDING ME? This song is so amazing it takes me to another world... So amazing it's one of my favorite songs... Everyone should listen to it... It really deserves to be in top ten

This is such touching song. Can not believe it is so down in the list

32 15 Min Flame 15 Min Flame
33 Fragile Fragile

What's with these good songs remaining unglorified.. Probably just the reason potf shouldn't be catering to whole world yet...
P.S. -They probably should..

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34 Brighter Than the Sun Brighter Than the Sun

A true classic poets' song after a long time. The guitars n Marko's trippy singing... Great stuff! Easily the best from Jealous Gods.

35 More More
36 Dying to Live Dying to Live

We are all dying to live... That just pretty much sums it up.. The most energetic potf song.. My favourite

37 Someone Special Someone Special

Blasphemy! If all this while this number wasn't on the list... All I can say is... Its blasphemy! This song defines them.. This is poets of the fall..

This is where it all started. You don't know Poets of the Fall if you haven't heard this song. Mark makes a mark. Go for it, folks. Beg, Borrow, Steal but you've gotta get this feel.

Food for the soul..
"Back row to the left, a little to the side
Slightly out of the place
Look beyond the light, where you'd least expect
There's someone special"

This song belongs in top 10 list.. I'm surprised it isn't.

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38 Daze Daze

So contagious, once you get hit by its music, impossible to "Not think" of it or "Not listen to it again.. and again... and again..."

Believe me, I am a fortunate victim of its music and the band on the whole.
This track right now has over 300 plays on my iTunes play count.
Bless you Poets of the Fall. Thank You for existing.

Should definitely be in this list somewhere.

How can this possibly be not in the top 10?!

Not in Top 10? impossible!

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39 Desire Desire

This song is all about the role desire plays in the life of a human. Awesome Lyrics, and definitely deserves to be in the Top 10
"Kill sweet desire, truth will make you a liar, you can run but not hide
So run for your life"

I can't believe this song is at 40. Its an amazing song. Brilliant lyrics.

The soulfullness of this song is simply amazing.. Definitely one of my favourites.. I can never get over this song for as long as I live.

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40 Skin Skin

This song is a great lyrical effort. And I love the song goes, in the flow of the album. It is pure passion and pure love speaking out.

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