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41 Someone Special

Blasphemy! If all this while this number wasn't on the list... All I can say is... Its blasphemy! This song defines them.. This is poets of the fall..

This is where it all started. You don't know Poets of the Fall if you haven't heard this song. Mark makes a mark. Go for it, folks. Beg, Borrow, Steal but you've gotta get this feel.

Food for the soul..
"Back row to the left, a little to the side
Slightly out of the place
Look beyond the light, where you'd least expect
There's someone special"

I Love this Song, Evergreen Song you can listen on any day..any time..I am now listening this Song for 3 three years and still get goose bump..I would love to see "'Someone Special" in Top ten..You have missed something in your life if you have not listened to this Song..

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42 Daze

So contagious, once you get hit by its music, impossible to "Not think" of it or "Not listen to it again.. and again... and again..."

Believe me, I am a fortunate victim of its music and the band on the whole.
This track right now has over 300 plays on my iTunes play count.
Bless you Poets of the Fall. Thank You for existing.

Should definitely be in this list somewhere.

How can this possibly be not in the top 10?!

Not in Top 10? impossible!

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43 Desire

This song is all about the role desire plays in the life of a human. Awesome Lyrics, and definitely deserves to be in the Top 10
"Kill sweet desire, truth will make you a liar, you can run but not hide
So run for your life"

I can't believe this song is at 40. Its an amazing song. Brilliant lyrics.

This song deserves to be amongst the top 10 by the Poets

Deserves to be in top 5

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44 Skin

This song is a great lyrical effort. And I love the song goes, in the flow of the album. It is pure passion and pure love speaking out.

Best song of poets of the fall..

It's a really great song... I am honestly surprised it's not in top 10!

Definitely the best song of PoTF. It never ever gets old.

45 King of Fools

This has to be their best song! It has such a powerful message and the tune is so awesome! It tells us how people used to blindly believe in things and the light of reason was not there in the previous ages. This is the best song!

46 Everything Fades
47 Can You Hear Me


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48 Rewind

Great Song with great meaning

49 Violoncello Solo
50 Change

Powerful, powerful song. Shouldn't be this down the list. It grows on you as you repeatedly listen to it.

51 Save Me
52 Psychosis
53 The Distance

Why is it always the catchy songs that are first on the list? Beats me.

1. It has a strong 80's vibe
2. Its lyrically beautiful and poetic
3. It is musically creative and magnificent

54 Running Out of Time

Man, this is such a great song this should be in the top 10. It's so fast and energetic. Most underrated song by POTF according to me.

55 The Lie Eternal

Not in the list? His voice carries so many emotions.. Anger.. Love... Passion

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56 Don't Mess With Me

This song needs to be in the top 5. If you have a broken heart, this song will give you immense strength... I love this song

57 Heal My Wounds

Why is this on number forty nine? It's supposed to be in the first twenty list! Highly underrated, this song's addictive! Must listen!

Awesome song. Deserves to be in the top ten in my opinion

One of the best!

Just one word..
Do listen it

58 3 AM

How can this song be on fifty? This song is nostalgic. You put on signs of life and then there's 3 AM the first track of album. Most underrated song by far.

59 Rebirth
60 Shallow

The psychedelic song.. Its addictive

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