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41 Skin

This song is a great lyrical effort. And I love the song goes, in the flow of the album. It is pure passion and pure love speaking out.

Best song of poets of the fall..

It's a really great song... I am honestly surprised it's not in top 10!

Definitely the best song of PoTF. It never ever gets old.

42 King of Fools

This has to be their best song! It has such a powerful message and the tune is so awesome! It tells us how people used to blindly believe in things and the light of reason was not there in the previous ages. This is the best song!

43 Everything Fades
44 Can You Hear Me


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45 Rewind

Great Song with great meaning

46 Violoncello Solo
47 Change

Powerful, powerful song. Shouldn't be this down the list. It grows on you as you repeatedly listen to it.

48 Save Me
49 The Distance

Why is it always the catchy songs that are first on the list? Beats me.

1. It has a strong 80's vibe
2. Its lyrically beautiful and poetic
3. It is musically creative and magnificent

50 Running Out of Time

Man, this is such a great song this should be in the top 10. It's so fast and energetic. Most underrated song by POTF according to me.

51 Miss Impossible
52 The Lie Eternal

Not in the list? His voice carries so many emotions.. Anger.. Love... Passion

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53 Don't Mess With Me

This song needs to be in the top 5. If you have a broken heart, this song will give you immense strength... I love this song

54 3 AM

How can this song be on fifty? This song is nostalgic. You put on signs of life and then there's 3 AM the first track of album. Most underrated song by far.

55 Heal My Wounds

Why is this on number forty nine? It's supposed to be in the first twenty list! Highly underrated, this song's addictive! Must listen!

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56 Rebirth
57 Seek You Out

This song is surely one of their best... A very meaningful song.. And great music... The guitar rifts are awesome.. Deserves to be in the top 10 at least

58 Rogue

Five minutes of instrumental beautifulness. This has to be one fo their best songs of all time. Awesome guitars playing as a long, epic solo! Their first intrumental song, and not their last intrumental song. The guitar solo (s) in this song were pretty epic, and definitely metal like m/ Poets of the Fall never fails to impress me. They should defintely make more songs like this. Defintely be in the top 10, because all I can say is that this song is pretty epic!

59 Jealous Gods
60 Choice Millionaire
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