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61 Children of the Elder God

This song introduced Poets Of The Fall to me. Thanks a lot!

This song is so MLG it brought me to the sweet symphonies and buttery vocals that are poets of the fall.

62 Seek You Out

This song is surely one of their best... A very meaningful song.. And great music... The guitar rifts are awesome.. Deserves to be in the top 10 at least

63 Rogue

Five minutes of instrumental beautifulness. This has to be one fo their best songs of all time. Awesome guitars playing as a long, epic solo! Their first intrumental song, and not their last intrumental song. The guitar solo (s) in this song were pretty epic, and definitely metal like m/ Poets of the Fall never fails to impress me. They should defintely make more songs like this. Defintely be in the top 10, because all I can say is that this song is pretty epic!

64 Jealous Gods

I know this song is a bit newer, which might explain why it's so low but I think it belongs in the top 5 or at least top 10.

65 Choice Millionaire
66 Dawn

This is the song that made me fall I love with this band. Great lyrics, fantastic music, inspiring, pure heart.

One of the best songs ever heard!

This is one of the best songs by potf. Deserves to be in top ten..

It's too good..must be in the toptens

67 Nothing Stays the Same
68 Rumors
69 Morning Tide

This song is so has the kind of melody that just flows within you and you feel it. one of the best music and lyrics with strong emotions

70 Show Me This Life
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