Top 10 Most Pointless Disney Movies

These are Disney movies that had absolutely no reason to be made.

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21 Jungle Book 2
22 Cars 3

Why a third one? Who even asked for this? I don't care if some people think it looks good. We don't need a third installment! Both Pixar and Disney are just a shell of what they used to be now. - cjWriter1997

We do not need a third Cars movie. Pixar is out of ideas. - DCfnaf

23 Brother Bear 2
24 Teacher's Pet

We did not need. a movie based off this terrible cartoon

25 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
26 The Lone Ranger (2013)
27 Planes
28 Avengers: Age of Ultron

Very bloated action flick!

This is why Joss Wheadon can't make Marvel movies anymore!

29 Teen Beach Movie

Very stupid don't like it bad story worst movie ever made by Disney

30 Prom
31 Hannah Montana: The Movie
32 Heavyweights

When I Watched This, I Kept Forgetting That Disney Made This. - kcianciulli

33 Monsters University

This movie sucks! Did people seriously want to know how Mike and Sully met? Did they want to know so badly that they wanted to see an entire movie about it? I'm not a fan of college films. This movie is basically just every college film made but with monsters. It does nothing new! I loved Monsters Inc. The way it ended made me think that a sequel was possible. But instead, they thought it would be a better idea to make a pointless prequel. I know people like this movie, but I absolutely hate it. Maybe one day they'll make an actual sequel to Monsters Inc. - MegaSoulhero

Did people really want to know how Mike and Sully met? Did they need to know so badly that they wanted to see an entire movie about it? Of course not! But here it is! This isn't to offend anyone who likes the movie, but if you think this movie is good, you're wrong. It sucks. It's pretty awful. I've never been a fan of college movies. And this is pretty much just every college movie ever made but with monsters. It does nothing new. I loved Monsters Inc. And I honestly think they should've made a sequel. The ending really made me think that a sequel could work. But instead, they decided to make such a pointless and bad prequel. - MegaSoulhero

You realize you like Suicide Squad, right? Therefore, you have no right to tell people they're wrong if they like this. - DCfnaf

34 Home on the Range
35 Iron Man 3
36 High School Musical 3: Senior Year
37 High School Musical
38 High School Musical 2
39 The Black Cauldron
40 The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar
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