Top 10 Most Pointless Disney Songs

These are songs from Disney movies that serve absolutely no purpose in their films. Which means NO Let it Go since it actually moved the story along and gave Elsa more character (someone’s probably gonna add it anyway).

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1 Fixer Upper - Frozen

This song is so annoying. When I first saw this in theaters and heard this song, I already hated it. - PerfectlyPink1210

I actually forgot this song existed until now. Now that I remember this song, I wish I never clicked on this post.

There was no point in adding it, and I completely forgot it existed until now. - Cyri

Yeah, the song's totally pointless. But I still think it's a pretty decent song. Some of the lines are pretty funny and I really like Anna and Kristoff's reactions to what's going on. Their reactions are almost like the movie being self-aware that the song has no purpose to the story. Definitely the least-memorable song on the Frozen soundtrack because it's the only song that doesn't move the plot forward or give insight into any of the major characters. - phillysports

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2 Try Everything - Zootopia

I remember when the movie ended with the concert dance party, my brother and I groaned really loudly. That's probably one of the most annoying clichés in any animated movie. The Shrek movies, Toy Story 2, Despicable Me, the list goes on. Zootopia is still a fantastic film, but that ending with the concert is just dumb and doesn't fit the rest of the movie at all. They should of just limited the song to the scene where Judy first enters Zootopia, and that's it. - phillysports

Try snorting cocaine.
Try committing suicide.
Try shooting up a school.
Try everything! - Not_A_Weeaboo

Did this song add anything to the movie at all? No. In fact, the character of Gazelle didn’t add anything to the movie at all. This movie’s only purpose is to hammer in an already clear message in the worst way possible. Telling people to “try everything” isn’t exactly good advice. It’s like telling people to do something illegal or something. The song only exists just to give the movie a catchy song for the soundtrack. Everyone loves Shakira. There’s no such thing as someone who doesn’t love Shakira. But this song could’ve been removed from the movie entirely and it wouldn’t change anything. - MegaSoulhero

3 No Way Out - Brother Bear

To quote Doug Walker from his Disneycember review of Brother Bear:
"Oh, f--- you, Phil Collins! F--- you! Or f--- the person who put this song here or f--- the person who had the idea to put a song here or write a song about...F--- SOMEBODY! This is the worst placement for a song ever! Guys, why couldn't you just go with a musical score here? I mean, really? You need Phil Collins to come in and sing, "IT'S SAD! THIS PART IS SAAAD! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO CRY-Y RIGHT NOOOW! THE BEAR IS SAD! OH LOOK, HE'S REALLY TORN UP! I'M NOT GONNA LET THE SCENE JUST PLAY, I'M GONNA TELL YOU HOW TA FEEL! OHH, I'M PHIL COLLIINS! " F--- you." - phillysports

I like Brother Bear, but it’s use of Phil Collins Songs is garbage. Which is sad since they did it to perfection in Tarzan. This one in particular comes in at a very bad time. Kenai is explaining to Koda about what happened to his mother, which should be an emotional scene, but it’s ruined by having a song play over it. The song doesn’t help the tone at all. It’s just telling us beat for beat what’s happening. Originally, we were actually supposed to hear Kenai’s explanation without the song playing over it. I don’t know why they didn’t keep that in. Something else they could’ve done was not let us hear what they’re saying but play instrumental orchestra music over it. That would’ve been more impactful. Putting lyrics over it ruins it and it didn’t give us the emotional feel that it should have. The song itself is good, but it was horribly placed in the movie. - MegaSoulhero

4 Evermore - Beauty and the Beast (2017)

This is already a pointless movie. What more does it need? Pointless scenes of course. As well as pointless songs. I actually really like Evermore, but even I can see that it didn’t need to be put in there. The original already had enough songs. This new one didn’t add anything to film. Belle leaves to go save her father, then Beast sings about how he misses her. This replaces the road that he let out in the original. This version of the scene doesn’t feel impactful. The song is unimportant and could’ve been cut out entirely since it doesn’t serve any purpose. - MegaSoulhero

5 I Just Can't Wait to Be King - The Lion King

The Lion King remake comes out next year. And it was said that while the movie is gonna have some of the songs that were featured in the original, it’s not gonna include Be Prepared. Even though it was the song that made Scar a more interesting character. If I were them, I would’ve cut out I Just Can’t Wait to Be King. Especially since it’s a more cartoony musical number and the remake is trying to be more real. Plus, it adds nothing to the movie whatsoever. Simba is talking about how he wants to be king, they break out into an over the top musical number, then it ends as if nothing happened. It’s never brought up again. The song isn’t even that good. It’s not bad, but compared to the other songs in the film, it’s not anything great. I thought it was much better in the Broadway musical. It still added anything in the Broadway show either, but at least they made it more fun. Morning Report is also a pointless song, but I didn’t want to add it since it was cut from the ...more - MegaSoulhero

6 Pink Elephants On Parade - Dumbo

This song is the most pointless it is even scary I thought it was this should scare the kids
the most.

They’re here! They’re there! Oh no! Look out! They’re everywhere! I love Fantasmic. Best thing Disneyland has ever created. Pink Elephants on Parade is the weirdest and most unnecessary scene Disney has ever created. And I’m sure it’s the only reason why Tim Burton is directing the live action film. Dumbo and Timothy get drunk and start seeing a bunch of dancing elephants doing some weird random stuff. It goes on for about 5 minutes and when it ends it’s never brought up again. Serves no purpose in the plot. It’s a great scene and a very creative one. But what was the point of it? - MegaSoulhero

7 I Wanna Be Like You - The Jungle Book

Literally the only song that serves any kind of purpose in this movie is Bare Necessities. All the other songs have no reason to exist and are just pointless filler. This is why I don’t like this movie. It’s practically nothing but filler. Mowgli meets King Louie and then Louie sings about how he wishes he were a man. This didn’t need to be a song. This entire scene could’ve been done through dialogue. This was so stupid. Even in the live action remake I said to myself “Yep. This is the worst scene in the movie.” Jungle Book is one of those movies we probably loved as kids but don’t really care for as we get older. It’s moments like this that really take me out of the movie. - MegaSoulhero

8 Once Upon a Dream - Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is the second worst Disney princess film. Pocahontas is still the worst Disney princess film. Aurora is singing about how she wants a man to love. When a man actually does come, she wants to get away from him. Okay? I get that he was a stranger but why did she try to avoid him? They sing a little bit, barely say anything to each other, and then she runs away saying she doesn’t want to see him again. And yes. This happens almost immediately after the song. Which makes the song completely meaningless. It just makes Aurora an even more unlikeable character. - MegaSoulhero

Well I agree sort of not fully becuase this song is how aurora and Phillip meet and she did want someone to love but she only ran away becuase of the rule in her cottage also she wanted to meet him again that’s why she told him to meet her at the cottage and where ever it was located

9 A Girl Worth Fighting For - Mulan

This is the worst song in the movie. I have a feeling that people might disagree with me about it being pointless. The warriors are singing about wanting to find a special girl they’d be willing to do anything for and the irony is that they’re singing this in front of Mulan. Who is a woman but they didn’t know that yet. And the song is meant to sound sexist because the point of the movie is that men see women as just these delicate and pretty beings and they don’t care about their personality. The reason it’s pointless is because none of the guys singing this song actually get a girl! Wouldn’t it have made sense for them to actually end up getting a girlfriend after the war is over so this song could actually mean something? You know what the sad part is? They actually do this in Mulan 2! They sing this song again, and the three guys each get a girlfriend. It’s done in the worst way possible but at least it’s something. You know things are bad when I end up having to ...more - MegaSoulhero

10 Let It Go - Frozen

It said on the description that you shouldn't add this song... - TheFourthWorld

Hate this Song it didn't even deserve Best Song at the Academy Awards that should have gone to Happy - Pharrel Williams - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

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11 The Siamese Cat Song - Lady and the Tramp

The only Siamese cat I care about is Sagwa. Lady and the Tramp isn’t technically a musical, but it does have songs in it. Bella Notte is the best song in the movie. As for the Siamese Cat Song, it’s okay. But why are these two cats singing anyway? I get that it’s to sound intimidating, but these are characters who only appear in this scene (from what I remember) and don’t have an important role in the film. The song leads to them causing destruction in the house, but the song really didn’t need to happen. I still kind of enjoy it though for how ridiculous it is. - MegaSoulhero

12 Whistle While You Work - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

It had to much songs and this came like 3 minutes after a song and a smile I loved the other songs but we did not need this one

13 A Place Called Slaughter Race - Ralph Breaks the Internet

Or "In This Place", whatever it's called.

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