Top Ten Most Pointless Internet Wars


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1 Console Wars

People should just play on their favorite console, and move on. - Turkeyasylum

Seriously. Who gives a rat's ass?

Well, everyone knows that PC is the best!

Wait, is this the wrong website - cdxtreme

2 Frozen Wars

I could go on a three hour ranting spree on both sides of the war, and it makes no productivity on the Internet. - Turkeyasylum

Come on, guys. Be like Elsa and just let it go.

3 Cartoon/Anime Wars

Neither one is really better, it's just the art styles and plots that make them different. - Turkeyasylum

4 Jackie Evancho Hate Bases

I just don't understand why people hate things the minute they get success and popularity. Its like... A radical hipster or something! - keycha1n

Althoguh this consists only of SD, we just get driven to pieces. It's a one versus all, and it sucks. - Turkeyasylum

5 Kids Show Wars

An example was the not-so-great war of hypocrisy. Luckily tat ended last year. - Turkeyasylum

6 Music Artist Wars

Examples can include Directioners versus rock fans, just be peaceful! - Turkeyasylum

Justin Bieber wars. All of the time. It's annoying. - Minecraftcrazy530

Beatles vs Stones is a lot of fun. - PetSounds

5SOS vs My Chemical Romance an emo trinity war that will be fought till the end.

7 Apple vs Microsoft
8 YouTube Arguments

I'm pretty sure almost every video has at least one jackass starting stuff no sane person cares about. They must have no life if you ask me.

Every other item on this list may come under here. - PositronWildhawk

Ah, the breeding ground for filth.

9 Country Wars

Example: South Korea versus Japan. Just look at the Most Hated Countries for an example. - Turkeyasylum

Grecee vs Maceonia rely rely its fun to see you should se it

1-See a Macedonian Patriotic/Grek and go coments
3-Learn fake History

10 CoD Fanbase vs Nintendo Fanbase

Another type of console war, but this is more of a franchise war. - Turkeyasylum

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? Furry vs Anime Fans War

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11 My Little Pony Wars

I'm a boy and I hate this show with a burning passion. If I had a YouTube account and I posted a comment on an MLP video expressing my strong hatred, the bronies would attack and I would forever regret posting that comment

Why isn't this getting any votes?

This war is annoying - Neonco31


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12 Blue and Black or White and Gold Dress

Just when I though the world had moved on, they go and make a Halloween costume for that stupid dress. Can't we just let it stay deaf and forgotten?

It's just very glared. That's what happens when you take photos sometimes. I can't believe people went crazy about it. - ethanmeinster

Why are people STILL arguing for a stupid dress?!?! - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

The dress is the one argument no one will ever win...

13 ROBLOX vs. Minecraft

Both are for Generation Z's, That means, it's like comparing who's worse; Trump or Hillary. And when it comes to that, it REALLY depends on perspective, and subject.

But you know, as least Minecraft is a good game. Roblox to me is LEGO.

This war is so annoying. Sadly, I don't know when it will end. - shawnmccaul22

Minecraft was better. Roblox came 1st.

This NEEDS votes - shawnmccaul22

14 4CHAN Tumblr Wars

Just need to leave each other be.

15 Gamer vs Furry War I and II

This was a hard battle to fight... 10/10 would fight again.

16 Victoria Justice Fanbase vs Ariana Grande Fanbase

Both Ariana and Victoria are great equally. I'm getting sick of both fanbases fighting. That so-called "fight" between Victoria and Ariana happened two years ago. MOVE ON AND GROW UP! - PrettyLittleLiars_BiggestFan

17 Atheism vs Christianity

It even happened on TheTopTens!

18 Shipping Wars

Shipping is POINTLESS!

I hate the wings of fire one

In the Phandom, you ship Danrific then you might as well start running.

Especially with Shadouge vs Knuxouge. It's EVERYWHERE!

19 Undertale Fans vs Undertale Haters
20 Fandom Wars

Pitch one fandom against another... FANDOM ANARCHY!

21 Jake Paul vs Logan Paul

Just hate them both and move on

22 Wario vs Waluigi
23 Mario vs Luigi

Mario isn’t Hitler and Luigi isn’t the son of Jesus. Both are good characters. Stop believing in Matpat’s BS - Randomator

24 PC vs Console

Console for the 1 victory royale. fortnite is bad. that's why I said victory royale. pc is better. fight me.

25 Metalheads vs Rapheads
26 Rosalina vs Daisy
27 Religion
28 Zootopia War
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