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1 Uniforms required

Schools shouldn't have the right to dictate what we wear! - keycha1n

It's not like that anymore, except in alternative schools. (I feel sorry for the people in alternative schools being forced to wear some tight, goofy uniforms.)

I hate schools that force kids to wear uniforms (i'm not in a school like that) we have the freedom to wear whatever we want, even if it's a shirt with a dead puppy.

I like the uniforms at my school! They're cute!

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2 No electronics

One of my teachers deals with students that insult her every day because she snatches phones. They even made fun of her during a trip to a museum saying that the guards should watch her or else her greedy thief self will steal the museum stuff

My school doesn't have this rule. - Minecraftcrazy530

They should have phones to use when they need to

Well, too bad, I use mine anyways. - mila34

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3 No bathroom breaks

I think all schools need to let us go to the bathroom because if you don't go and hold it for a long time, you can get REALLY sick and even get an infection. Teachers, if you're reading this, please let your students go to the bathroom. Do you want your students to get hurt and have to go to the hospital? No. Using the bathroom is a human RIGHT, NOT A privelige (or however you spell it)

This is ILLEGAL! You know without going to the bathroom you may lose focus on your work. SO TEACHERS stop complaining about 2 minutes of a human right

From now on whenever I need to go to bathroom and teacher says no I burst out of the door and see what happens next

At my school, you can only go to the bathroom during break which is 2 minutes and none of my classes are close together so I don’t go to the bathroom until lunch. - lovefrombadlands

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4 No chewing gum

I think this rule has a purpose because people keep sticking their chewed up gum underneath the table!

This rule isn't enforced because students fling gum everywhere

Probably because someone stuck their gum on the floor or under the table at some point instead of using a trash can - Randomator

I think I'm the only person in the universe who swallows gum. - MrLoser

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5 Have to take P.E.

Not optional until you're 16. That means your childhood WILL be scarred for good. - PositronWildhawk

What's the point of P.E. Anyway? - Pony

To keep you active and not get fat or other medical conditions. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Not everyone likes sports you know?

Gross. - lovefrombadlands

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6 No hard balls

Wait, this sounds wrong... I meant hard footballs. - DapperPickle

This just sounds wrong...

Like golf balls?

What? - Skullkid755

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7 Not allowed to choose own seats

I think this is to true. I'm a girl but a lot of my friends are boys because I don't like girl drama, and I'm always seated next to those loud "popular" girls... when they spray their perfume it smells like S##T! If your a girl in school, don't spray perfume, it smells like s##t...

Teachers that have seating charts pick random students and see who they hate the most then surround them with their enemies

So I like to sit in the front of the classroom so the tall people don't obstruct my view of the board, but I generally get seated in the back because they know I'm a good student. Good students should be able to choose.

This usually means that you get put by people you hate or people who you don’t care about - Randomator

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8 Must do homework

7 hours of work in school, 2 hours of sports practice, dinner, AND 3-4 hours of homework... half my day gone, when do I sleep?

Just think...Every teacher gives a homework of about 2 pages and we have 8 periods. 2X8=16 pages! When is the time for self studies?

My classmates have their own homework passes that we are allowed to use.

Homework sucks! - Sugarcubecorner

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9 Must participate in plays

What if you're really shy and you get up and don't say anything. And then everyone makes fun of you and it's all the teachers fault. - SammySpore

I'm not gonna participate in any more plays.

I always participate in sports but not in dancing and singing - Sugarcubecorner

My school doesn’t have that rule, I chosed to participate.

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10 Not allowed to choose the song in a play

Teachers can play the hokey pokey and cause everyone to quit the play.

Hokey pokey more like hokey pokey all your eyeballs out - Ihateschool

Why do we have to sing babyish songs? 6th graders should be able to sing Tokyo Narita and Wasting Time! - lovefrombadlands

Teacher: some hokey pokey crap
Students: Nighttrain by Guns N' Roses

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? No jackets allowed, even if the building is super cold

Once when I was in high school it was like 10 degrees in the morning and the high was like only 20 degrees. the school also turned their A/C on, yet they won't let us wear jackets in class, and they told us that they have no control over the A/C and that we have to deal with the extreme cold.

Do you want us students to get sick? What if it goes to the point that we get a cold, then pneumonia, the DIE FROM IT? This is absolutely unacceptable!

? No rolling backpacks

Schools obviously want us to be hunchbacks from carrying all those heavy books on our backs

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11 No self-defence against bullies

I heard about this stupid school in a newspaper. The story was a 10 year old kid or something came up to a smaller kid and pushed him to the ground and hit him. So the little kid said don't push me and kicked the bully. Then the idiot teachers made him apologize to the bully and they both stayed after school. Then they told the mom that her son was in a fight and when she found out what actually happened she was really mad. It's just so stupid that some schools tell you to tell a teacher or roll up into a ball or something dumb. What if you're cornered by like 3 kids. You can't exactly tell a teacher then. My grandpa said that he was bullied by a kid in school so he just punched the kid and he didn't bother him anymore. I wish you were allowed to do that now it's the best way to stop bullying. - SammySpore

My principle said that you can only defend yourself, and that if you harm the bully in any way your in as much trouble as them. - PeachyBlast

I was in this school when I was in 1st grade. I was being severely bullied about my new hairstyle. The bully hurt me really badly. I decided to give him a little push. I went on the time out space and the bully didn't get punished.

When I was in 1st grade there was an Asian boy who constantly taunted me. One day me and a few other kids decided to stand up to him, so we make him ride a baby swing and we punched him in the head til he was bleeding. It stopped the bullying but we all got in trouble for it. I don’t know what happened to the kid afterwards but I heard that he had to go to the hospital to get stitches...

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12 Shorts and leggings must be arm length

What the hell? so these short ass girls that have short arms can be walking around school with her ass hanging out and they can't say nothing about it because its still arm lenth. what are they gonna do then?

This is unfair because my arms are really long and other people’s don’t go past their waist so they can wear whatever they want! - lovefrombadlands

MY ARMS COME DOWN OVER HALFWAY DOWN MY THIGHS, AND I CAN'T WEAR A PAIR OF PERFECTLY DECENT PAIR OF SHORTS BY STRICT STANDERDS, AND A GIRL WHO'S BUTT WAS CLEARLY EXPOSED DIDN'T GET PULLED UP? There are these girls who, as soon as they get to school, they go into the bogs and they'll roll up their skirts until they are more like belts. I tried with it about ten cm above my knees, and that made me feel like a slut. I just don't get why you would want to dress like a whore like that!

13 No hats or beanies

The staff at my school have a hate fetish for hats! There are students playing with condoms, doing drugs, and making out in the hallway and all they worry about is hats!? We always hear "remember not to wear hats! " every other day! Never "Don't do drugs" or "Don't be making out in the hallway! " or "Stop bringing condoms to school! " It's always "Remember not to wear hats! "

They said in my school once, "its disrespectful to the flag of the US. The schools are becoming way to stupid.

My bus driver once said that we aren't allowed to wear hats because then the security cameras can't see us. Well, what about beanies. I mean, you can easily see our faces with those on.

Why can’t we take it off for the pledge of allegiance and then put it back on - Randomator

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14 No Teletubbies

Oh my god I can't even

Also no ayy lmao aliens

Who cares telletubies sucks - Ihateschool

...What? - Entranced98

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15 No 'unnatural' hair colors

I have blue hair and my school is fine with that. - lovefrombadlands

Because it's "distracting." #TeacherLogic

Because it's "distracting." #TeacherLogic - LordDovahkiin

16 Only water in water bottles

Not even in water fountains? - NuMetalManiak

Once I have brought juice in bottle secretly! - Sugarcubecorner

I put lemonade in mine! - lovefrombadlands

Actuly you can drink water in my school with a our hands

17 No talking

It's so annoying how teachers always say " Stop talking! " Come on we are child and we are going to talk!... Any problem? :O - Sugarcubecorner


18 Must wear black shoes

Ours have to be completely black with no patterns. Guess what? I'm wearing my new shoes (with leopard print) to school tomorrow. Who cares?

In my school, you can wear any shoe except steel toed boots and anything that exposes your toe. And I always wear black shoes, so this wouldn't affect me. Doesn't mean I agree with it. - LordDovahkiin

My school has this rule. Very pointless. - Time1234

This is a rule? I wear metallic green shoes. - lovefrombadlands

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19 No eating in class

I eat in class secretly, the teacher doesn't see me. Nobody comes up to me to ask for a piece because it's usually just a granola bar. - Pegasister12

Yep eating is a right. Don't make us starve cause maybe we don't have food at our house because there's no money.

This rule is useless in my school because people still eat cheetos and candy

HAha we are allowed to eat in class, suckers

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20 No couples

Children are too young to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

A lot of people from my school would get suspended.

So love is bad now. - SammySpore

This is idiotic. Teachers can't control our feelings. This... this... I'm so ticked at teachers...

21 No running

What if we need to get somewhere fast? Then don't blame us for being late!

I don't care about rules and I am athletic, why I can't run? - Sugarcubecorner

22 No knives

Jeff The Killer hates this rule... - Pony

How is this pointless? With all the nutcases running around state schools these days, this rule helps to save lives. - Entranced98

Well, there went my hope of bringing Jeffery with me on Halloween...

There are really sharp knifes in the Home Ec room that I have to cut tomatoes with because my team won’t do it! - lovefrombadlands

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23 You can't play tag or any contact games

At my old school we weren't even allowed to play touch football

Some schools have this dumb rule - SammySpore

24 No crop tops or midriff baring uniforms

Crop tops are the wave

This actually kind of makes sense.

Targeted specifically at people with Alvinolagnia like me. - Lasvegasxavier

25 No tackle football

Its banned probably because they are afraid that someone will get hurt - Datguyisweird666

I am not talking about soccer, of course.

This is what football is all about.

Why? Tackle football is fun! - lovefrombadlands

26 No riding bikes until end of school hours

My school had this rule. It was completely pointless! - SammySpore

At our school we’re not even allowed to ride bikes on campus, because one time there was this boy who was riding his bike to school,so he kept riding it on campus, Until a stupid obese man in a “special white golf cart” screamed “GET OFF THE BIKE AND WALK IT”

27 No throwing snowballs

That's dumb

28 No fidget spinners
29 No crazy hair

Apparently any color that is "unnatural" and "a distraction" or something like that. I don't know about anyone else but for me weird hair is as much as a distraction as the posters on the walls.

My current school only allows us to dye our hair with natural hair colors, while the high schools don't give a flip about what color you dye your hair. - Pegasister12

I hate it, I came to school after halloween with purple hair and got suspended

My school does not have this because I have dark blue hair and other people have dyed hair. - lovefrombadlands

30 You have to wear a woollen jumper under your jacket


31 No food

This is bull because the PRINCIPAL keeps a bowl of chocolate and candy in his office- and I've heard rumours he steals and eats candy. Nobody, including me, follows this rule. It is TOO DUMB to follow.

Can't learn on an empty stomach. Why did they even remove snack time past third grade? - MrLoser

Seriously? So what they will eat? - Sugarcubecorner

32 No staring

Wadafak is this rule? So ridiculous!

33 No selling

Students are missing a good opportunity to make profit, have an experience, have fun, get their hands on business, have learning experience and practising entrepreneurship.
Banning selling does not really help to catch junior drug dealers anyway.

It's stupid because there are tons of people in school and what if you live out in the country where hardly anyone walks by to sell to. - SammySpore

Not everyone is a drug dealer, teachers! - Scr3aM

That’s alright, no one needs to buy a half-finished bag of chips from the money-hungry bullies. - mila34

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34 No blackmail

I bet this is enforced in your school because kids are blackmailing teachers and other kids.

Well, this one is right! - Sugarcubecorner

35 Can't stand up at lunch

My old school got me in so much detentions because I simply stood up during lunch.

What? - lovefrombadlands

36 Water must be in a clear bottle.

This is pretty much coupled up with the 'water only in water bottles' rule. Otherwise, it'd be laughably easy to take sips of Dr. Pepper to power through lessons (yup, guilty of that, as my school thankfully never had this rule) - Entranced98

why though

I don’t have this rule because my water bottle is metal. - lovefrombadlands

37 No chewing with your mouth open
38 No long hair

This is a rule at some places? Oh no! My hair almost goes down my whole back and I would never cut it, I would just get detention! Yay! - lovefrombadlands

I have middle length hair! - Sugarcubecorner

It's no sense rules, it has no effect on the learning process...( sorry for my poor english ^_^)

39 No crop tops or bikinis on non uniform day

No crop tops or bikinis on non uniform day(some of people in my school don't follow this rule(

40 Freedom of speech is limited

In my special ed class in high school:

Students: "horse", "Disneyland" and "old" are not swear words so they can be said in school
Teacher: Those words are not appropriate to say in school

41 You have to let anyone in your club

There is still this in middle school. I started a club with my friends and we got detention for not letting the 4 bullies join. - lovefrombadlands

Once when I was like 7, I started a club with my friends. It wasn't a real club but the school I guess thought it was and they said I had to let anyone in. I was worried the bully Ty would want to join but he didn't thank god - SammySpore

42 Keep your hands to yourself

Why is this even a rule? - Datguyisweird666

43 No sharing food
44 No hoodies

Worst rule! - lovefrombadlands

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