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1 Uniforms required

We have to wear uniforms at my school and they suck, the girls aren't allowed to wear shorts after 5th grade because it is "distracting" to the boys, we have to wear dress-type pants and we can only wear three colors of school pants: black, navy, or blue. We have to wear full-color polo shirts, but we are not allowed to wear royal blue or red because they are considered "gang colors". we are not allowed to wear hoodies, or sweaters with words of them... we are not allowed to have unnatural hair colors, facial piercings, or showing tattoos. We are also not allowed to wear open-toed shoes. The only exception to our uniform is if a student has a leg injury and cannot wear school pants, or if you are a part of a sport and you are going to practice. We must also wear ID's all day, every day, and if you lost yours or forgot it, you can pay $1 for a temporary paper ID or you can spend $20 on a brand new ID. Side note: (we are not allowed to have our phones out except for lunch, or if the ...more

Sometimes wearing School Uniform to School is a good thing:
If you're going on an excursion/field trip and you got lost, then at least you'll be able to recognized the same uniform that you're wearing with other students that go to your School. But if you're not wearing School Uniform on an excursion/field trip then you might get lost maybe easily (not in a bad way).

At my school they have this rule it sucks. The shirts and pants are itchy, the kilt the girls have to wear is really uncomfortable

This really is relatable; my school pants is very itchy and I wish I can itch it, but since some people will look at me very weirdly, I had to hold it until I get to my house.
(also, those pants gave me pimples in my butt. very nice...)

2 No bathroom breaks

I wish we can wear diapers to school because of this

Why do I have to ask to release my body fluids

I'm not able to use the rest room in the afternoon...

Oh, honey...We can go and we will! - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

3 No self-defence against bullies

I heard about this stupid school in a newspaper. The story was a 10 year old kid or something came up to a smaller kid and pushed him to the ground and hit him. So the little kid said don't push me and kicked the bully. Then the idiot teachers made him apologize to the bully and they both stayed after school. Then they told the mom that her son was in a fight and when she found out what actually happened she was really mad. It's just so stupid that some schools tell you to tell a teacher or roll up into a ball or something dumb. What if you're cornered by like 3 kids. You can't exactly tell a teacher then. My grandpa said that he was bullied by a kid in school so he just punched the kid and he didn't bother him anymore. I wish you were allowed to do that now it's the best way to stop bullying. - SammySpore

A couple weeks ago they gave us a pep talk on how to deal with bullies. They said that you can't defend yourself at all. You can't touch him. And I'm like, What? Are you supposed to just stand there and wait politely for him to hit you? Everyone booed the teacher when she said that. There was practically a public outcry that day. It was insane. The next week some kid I know got cornered by six 8th graders. He did all the stupid stuff they told him to do- tell them to stop, call for a teacher, don't resist at all. The guys just laughed at him and beat him black and blue. The teachers didn't even do anything. I saw the whole thing. It was crazy. Several students were suspended in the days afterward for speaking out against the stupid role, and a schoolwide riot/protest eventually ensued that took half the school day to shut down. Absolutely unbelievable.

Yeah! Like what about all the kids who take martial arts? Cause then, it's just some random workout.

I read this and I completely agree with this if you have bully problems you should be allowed to fight back

4 No electronics

This one time in class I was wearing my Fitbit Versa! Because it looks so much like an apple watch, that's what the teacher thought it was. Anyway, the teacher had broken her foot so she couldn't move to the whiteboard, so we all assembled around her desk. I and a few other kids were shoved to the back. The teacher was explaining something and I tapped my watch to see the time. Unfortunately, the teacher looked up at this specific moment. She seen me "playing" (her words not mine) on my watch and she confiscated it. I didn't get it back till Friday (it was Tuesday) and she told me never to wear it to school again. I did, by the way! Stuff the rules! All I wanted was the time! - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

Electronics are like addictive drugs so we should not be using them in school. - coasterjunkie196

So the teachers get to use their phones but we can't? It doesn't make sense! Why can't we use it at free time? What if someone can't read a clock but has their phone to check the time? - MasterHand

I Do agree that electronic devices should not be used during lessons, but at break you should be able to use them.

5 Must do homework

I am a school teacher, AND I agree with y'all. Now, this is not a rule per say usually but more of a policy. For example, teachers must have so many homework grades per six weeks. I always like for my students to complete their work in class if possible however, so I can target appropriate interventions. And when it comes to projects, I want to make certain students are actually completing their own, not the parent. Plus, I more than well aware of the plethora of things that exist beyond the school doors, and I don't like to magnify my own stress level either. Life is just too short. On the rare occasions that I assign "homework" it may be to simply study for a spelling test, or maybe just a short reflection paragraph or something of that nature. Ultimately, I believe in in-class time and maximizing it. This is better for student and teacher mindsets.

There will always be homework happy teachers, though, I am afraid... lol... - Listlover77

SirSheep so feel you there. I have probably been forced to do more hours of work both in school and at home than the number of hours I've spent doing things I actually enjoy in my entire life. Full time student is probably one of the most psychologically demanding things you go through in your lifetime. What's more, my school is considering eliminating electives altogether and having the school day simply consist of 3 2-hour long core classes (humanities, science + math) and the only respite we would have would be lunch. Does so much more harm than good.

One word... NO

I have 7 hours of school, 30 minute honor society meetings, 2.5 hours of school sports, 1.5 hours of karate, 2 hours of scouts, and I have to eat dinner. And some nights I get over 5 hours of homework, so I skip stuff and stay up late. Very counterproductive. If you can't teach us in the 7 hours you have us, hire better teachers! - SirSheep

6 If the student doesn't have enough lunch money in their accounts, the school has the right to deny them food

Simple solution; bring a packed lunch.

In my county, if you have money, then you get a choice of which foods you want on the menu. If not, you would just get the combo. Why? Because here,law states that schools must give at least 3 food items to children during lunch. However, I do not know if it is the same in other places. They should really change it if the rule above applies. Parents will REALLY complain.

The food in my school is free, but it is cheap as heck because it tastes bad

I think that they should only deny you if you are over 3$ off. Or they don´t reject you at all and send a message to your parents telling them to pay it of later, at the end of the year, or whenever they can or want to. My opinion - rosebub

7 Have to take P.E.

It is amazing as to how ignorant the world is in regards to their health. I also feel bad because apparently PE teachers are not doing their job in demonstrating why it is so important. The sad part is, all the people commenting about how pointless P.E. is...will only learn its importance when it is too late for them. I also feel sorry for the people whose P.E. class was only sports and nothing more. That is not P.E., that is recess. For those of you who believe PE is a waste of time...Good luck to you!

It just encourages bullying, PE better get band

I have vision problems, so there's no point in me taking gym because the teacher won't let let me play sports with balls( which is practically all of them, by the way).


8 No chewing gum

I get that people might stick gum on your seat and it may get stuck to your pants but there's a simple solution without banning gum. No sticking gum on seats! I chew gum in class basically every day and the teachers get SUPER mad when you get busted! I've always seen this rule as completely pointless because gum not only gives you fresh breath but can also act a stress reliever and you're at school, so, your gonna need a stress reliever. - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

It's so stupid. But even if students put gum under the seats not all students with gum will put gum on seats ffs

Well, this rule actually has a purpose. When I would enter class every morning, there would always be chewed gum stuck to my chair. And the worst part is I'd never notice and I sit down a gum would stick to my pants.


9 Not allowed to choose own seats

I am grade 5 so yea I can

I think this is to true. I'm a girl but a lot of my friends are boys because I don't like girl drama, and I'm always seated next to those loud "popular" girls... when they spray their perfume it smells like S##T! If your a girl in school, don't spray perfume, it smells like s##t...

I was only allowed to pick my seat in science... - Luckys

I can I'm in high school so I can eat around the school - JayJayPlayzzz

10 No hats or beanies

This is one of the worst rules ever. Why can't we wear hats? It's just a simple fun thing to put on your head! And they say it is "Disrespectful". So wearing something that will make your head warm is the worst thing you could ever do? - MasterHand

Kid: *comes inside school with hat on*
Principal: *watching in the cameras who is that
Kid: *takes off hat and waves at camera*
Principal: oh it's just "Insert random name here"
Kid: *puts hat on and walks into class*
Principal: who is that

This is what always happens at my school

This is a rule at my school, and also no hoods because people like to use their earbuds and hide them under hats. So apparently its logic to make me take off my hat (when I'm not doing anything and I just got a super short haircut so its cold on my hat) IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER and its SNOWING but they wont let us outside for recess because it was RAINING smh my school is stupid

You can get detention for even having your hood up at my school. And note that this is the Seattle area we're talking about - SirSheep


The Newcomers

? Not being allowed to watch PG movies

Our school has this rule and seriuosly, WHAT IS BAD ABOUT A PG MOVIE!? - GamerXS

Our school has a rule where all movies have to be pg unless we have permission slips. - GamerXS

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11 No hard balls

So, boners are banned?

My balls got hard lmao - BigFatNoob

Hard balls are hard

Yes Cop This One Right Here - Thethingman

12 No eating in class

Have this at middle school too

Oh so you guys all are in high school!

I actually ate during maths with my friends and we didn't get caught for the whole year of yr4 so I do it in yr5 now during maths and they still don't notice!

Teacher- why are you EatINg?
me- I'm hungry
teacher- detention!

13 Must participate in plays

Nah it is optional for me, and I have a big interest in drama so I wouldn't mind. - XxembermasterxX

What if you're really shy and you get up and don't say anything. And then everyone makes fun of you and it's all the teachers fault. - SammySpore

I'm not gonna participate in any more plays.

I always participate in sports but not in dancing and singing - Sugarcubecorner

14 No talking

They expect us to be robots and show no emotions.

I've always wondered why people are anti social and bad at teamwork

Not talking for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week is very hard. No wonder I have no social skills... - SirSheep

Not even bro they be like 'why do I hear talking" or "I'll wait" and then expect us to stop talking out of respect. Maybe you can hear me because you have ears. And if you say your going to wait then just wait. teachers can't even keep their own word these days!

15 No 'unnatural' hair colors

Why can't I express myself?

We're allowed to have it, but as long as it is not all of the hair (ex: streaks, half dyes etc). - XxembermasterxX

Freedom of expression - GleamingShadow

I have blue hair and my school is fine with that.

16 Not allowed to choose the song in a play

No coon tunes

I literally have never watched or participated in a school play that was remotely entertaining.

All the songs in the plays are terrible. - Videogamesgal

EVERY SINGLE school winter concert has songs like "O Come All Ye Faithful" "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and "O Holy Night". What about more modern Christmas songs like "Home For Christmas" by Hall and Oates? That's a good Christmas song!

17 Shorts and leggings must be arm length

What if you don't own anything arm length genius. - human1234

Um, what if you have arms that go past any and all shorts that you can afford or somethin'?

I have long legs and a skinny waist so large is to big around my waist and medium is to short

What the hell? so these short ass girls that have short arms can be walking around school with her ass hanging out and they can't say nothing about it because its still arm lenth. what are they gonna do then?

18 Keep your hands to yourself

And no going within 4 inches of each other. In a small school with 1,000 students and over 40 kids per class. How? - SirSheep

Why is this even a rule? - Datguyisweird666

19 No Teletubbies

Who cares? Teletubbies is for babies. - 3DG20

That rule...what!

Teletubbies is life

Schools With No Teletubbies That Very Thought Is A Sin - Thethingman

20 No groups of friends over 5

This makes no sense what so ever at all

Not fair for the popular

Who the HELL invented this rule? People with an IQ of -768457?

I think that's a stupid rule - Kangaroo1145

21 No throwing snowballs

No, I see the logic in this one. Once I was having a mini snowball fight (boys against girls) and this kid in grade 1 or 2 came up and wanted to join we said no. I finally cornered one of the boys and the same kid hit me in the nose with a ball of ice. - human1234

We're not allowed to touch it - SirSheep

At my school everyone builds a fort. And everyone steals snow. So how do you defend your fort? YOU DON'T. IT'S CRAP.

Just in case...JUST in of the kids hides a loaded pistol, a grenade, five ninja stars and a jar of cyanide in one. - Entranced98

22 No crazy hair

My friend dyed her hair permanently lilac and teacher was fine, I temp dye mine red and get suspended for 2 weeks?!?!

Apparently any color that is "unnatural" and "a distraction" or something like that. I don't know about anyone else but for me weird hair is as much as a distraction as the posters on the walls.

I have rusta hair - Kangaroo1145

My current school only allows us to dye our hair with natural hair colors, while the high schools don't give a flip about what color you dye your hair. - Pegasister12

23 Must wear black shoes

In my high school this rule only applies to people in chorus, choir, and jazz ensemble bands.

Who cares people stopped caring about light-up shoes when they passed elementary. - XxembermasterxX

This isn't a fancy restaurant. I don't wear plain black at least though. I wear red. - TeamRocket747

Ours have to be completely black with no patterns. Guess what? I'm wearing my new shoes (with leopard print) to school tomorrow. Who cares?

24 Only water in water bottles

Get a water bottle, drink it or spill all the water out, put Sprite, 7Up or any sodas that are see-through and put one of the sodas in the empty water bottle

You get to bring water bottles? Lucky - SirSheep

I used to drink coke

I put lemonade in mine!

25 No crop tops or bikinis on non uniform day

The no bikinis rule is completely understandable. This is school, not a beach. - 3DG20

So you want boys getting distracted? - B1ueNew

No crop tops or bikinis on non uniform day(some of people in my school don't follow this rule(

The no bikini thing is totally reasonable but as long as the crop top isn't inappropriate, then they’re reasonable (unless you go to a school like mine where you wear uniforms). - PhoenixAura81

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26 No long hair

Is it boys or both

Lol lacks equality.

I don't have long hair, but if I did I would never cut it for some stupid rule. - XxembermasterxX

This is a rule at some places? Oh no! My hair almost goes down my whole back and I would never cut it, I would just get detention! Yay!

27 No couples

Wait a sec...

Some schools don't have couples? - GamerXS

You can probably get suspended, or at least a detention in my school - SirSheep

Good I don't like it when people kiss in front of me. - XxembermasterxX

I'm fine with a short one on the cheek, but it's weird when people do it long and in a sexual way. - XxembermasterxX

This is a good thing, no one cares about your boyfriend, go do whatever you want with him outside - B1ueNew

28 No fidget spinners

I have seen teachers with there own before

Whoever said they are cancer should get aids

Fidget spinners are for mental six year olds with roblox account trying to get free robux all the time and getting their account scamed then trying to use credit cards that will end the human race.

Fidget spinners are cancerous!

29 No staring

The teachers stare at the students all the time!

The teacher: O_O - 0w0uwu

I think teachers and students are afraid to be stared at - Kangaroo1145

Wadafak is this rule? So ridiculous!

30 You have to let anyone in your club

Okay so me and a group of my friends made this squad. There were like 20 people in it, we had a notebook and we wanted everyone to feel included. If you weren't part of the squad it didn't matter, nothing is different. And these girls were being so rude to us and put us on their enemy list and everything and we got blamed because we were having a meeting about how to deal with them! I still hate them and I'm bringing the squad back next school year.

In my school no clubs are allowed

So you would let your bully or worst enemy in your club? What great people! (Obvious sarcasm) - MasterHand

Yeah teachers school isn't a mlp episode where after stopping the villan one commercial break later there reformed and good

31 No knives

This is very understandable and should be a very strict rule if it is not a butter knife. - 3DG20

Well duh I think people already know this

I can only see one way this is pointless: Knives are pointy, it is saying no knives. #LOGIK

Jeff The Killer hates this rule... - Pony

32 No flip flops

You can only wear closed toe shoes - SirSheep

In my school they were considered "weapons" even though high heels are allowed.

33 No running

This is one of the worst. What if we're in a rush? Oh we gotta slow down because it's "dangerous"! What if we're late for class and don't have any time to walk? - MasterHand

If you do that, then you get sent to detention for 15 seconds, just enough time for a madman to kill you!

I hate that rule - Kangaroo1145

What if we need to get somewhere fast? Then don't blame us for being late!

34 Freedom of speech is limited

You can't talk about politics, actual historical events that aren't twisted to sound better, anything controversial, or anything that makes the school or curriculum look bad - SirSheep

@TeamRocket747-to my high school special ed teacher it is considered a swear.

They teach us the amendments then they take all our rights 🤔

In my special ed class in high school:

Students: "horse", "Disneyland" and "old" are not swear words so they can be said in school
Teacher: Those words are not appropriate to say in school

35 No tackle football

Some people went to the hospital from being tackled - Kangaroo1145

Why? Tackle football is fun!

Its banned probably because they are afraid that someone will get hurt - Datguyisweird666

I am not talking about soccer, of course.

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36 No food

I sneak food in class all the time in high school and I NEVER got caught.

The teachers eat all day in front of us too. It's torture - SirSheep

No one follows this rule anyway everyone sneaks it in

This one is dumb. Kids get hungry in school and a lot of the time lunch starts earlier than 12:00, so we have to starve for like 6 hours, sometimes longer if your parents or guardian is late.

37 No crop tops or midriff baring uniforms

Why even have a dress code if nobody follows it or any other rules

In my school you have to have t shirts that go at least 3-5 inches down your arm because shoulders are now distracting apparently - SirSheep

This actually kind of makes sense.

Crop tops are the wave

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38 No riding bikes until end of school hours

And you have to walk it off campus. Then you can ride it - SirSheep

My school had this rule. It was completely pointless! - SammySpore

At our school we’re not even allowed to ride bikes on campus, because one time there was this boy who was riding his bike to school,so he kept riding it on campus, Until a stupid obese man in a “special white golf cart” screamed “GET OFF THE BIKE AND WALK IT”

39 You have to wear a woollen jumper under your jacket

My school has this and the schools woolen jumper is like you're wearing the embodiment of a snowman, it is so stuffy. I don't need my stomach to be more warm during winter; I'm already wearing stockings, shirt, skirt and jacket do you want me to die?

Bad rule - Kangaroo1145

My high school didn’t allow jackets


40 No sharing food

I am not allergic to anything but cat fur also I am sure that they would ask if it had what they are allergic to in

I try to give my friend a snack when he doesn't have one and everyone else gets in trouble just because they're being generous. Do the people at the school want people to starve to death? - MasterHand

This is actually a good rule. Food allergies are real.


41 No hoodies

In my old school, we couldn't wear hoodies, only school hoodies like what

If you tried to hide something in a hoodie while sitting down it will either fall out or be unreachable so teachers should just shut up.

Believe it or not, this is a much needed rule. Too many things can be hidden inside hoodies. If you're ever on the other side of that desk, your perspective will change. - Listlover77

Bad rule, first of all hoodies is my thang and l like green - Kangaroo1145

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42 Water must be in a clear bottle.

They had this rule at my elementary school. By the second week my teacher stopped enforcing it. I loved that teacher.

Well, if all else fails, you can still pack some other clear drink like vodka. - 3DG20

Well now I can't secretly pack coke :( - XxembermasterxX

This is pretty much coupled up with the 'water only in water bottles' rule. Otherwise, it'd be laughably easy to take sips of Dr. Pepper to power through lessons (yup, guilty of that, as my school thankfully never had this rule) - Entranced98

43 No rolling backpacks

Could be worse...America on about lockers all the time.

Schools obviously want us to be hunchbacks from carrying all those heavy books on our backs

Five tons of books on your back, every single day. Woohoo, great for the NHS. - Entranced98

When announcing the rule
teacher: you shall gave a hunch back and shoulder ache
teacher: shut up

44 No jackets allowed, even if the building is super cold

Long sleeve shirts? If you can't afford, most schools will provide assistance. I know from time to time I've purchased some just to have on hand for students needing them. No excuses. I remove my cardigan or coat to model for students and expect the same. Do some people naturally have a lower body temperature than others? Of course, but excuse land needs to be left behind in Kindergarten. I am not saying there would never be an extenuating circumstance, specifically during testing or if you live in an area (state or country with a polar climate.) The problem: once so many exceptions are employed, the waters become murky. When you say jacket (hoodie or anything with multiple pockets= NO! ); however, if it were a simple jacket with no pockets, no hood, and the zipper left open that's more reasonable. You must follow whatever the school policy dictates, however. - Listlover77

-infinity degrees cold inside building
Kid: can I have my jacket please
Teacher: no

If it was -infinity degrees then I bet we wouldn't even go to school

Once when I was in high school it was like 10 degrees in the morning and the high was like only 20 degrees. the school also turned their A/C on, yet they won't let us wear jackets in class, and they told us that they have no control over the A/C and that we have to deal with the extreme cold.

Do you want us students to get sick? What if it goes to the point that we get a cold, then pneumonia, the DIE FROM IT? This is absolutely unacceptable!


45 No selling

It makes sense. A girls (One I hate) was selling fake airpods for $20 each.

There's kids at my school selling fortnite accounts but they only have crappy skins - B1ueNew

Students are missing a good opportunity to make profit, have an experience, have fun, get their hands on business, have learning experience and practising entrepreneurship.
Banning selling does not really help to catch junior drug dealers anyway.

It's stupid because there are tons of people in school and what if you live out in the country where hardly anyone walks by to sell to. - SammySpore

46 No blackmail

If my school had this I would have told on those 2 kids for doing it to me over and over. But it didn't

Pokemaster8956 (Ignore this because that is how I know I wrote it)

I bet this is enforced in your school because kids are blackmailing teachers and other kids.

Well, this one is right! - Sugarcubecorner

47 You can't play tag or any contact games

Pre-Schooler: Tag!
Police officer: You are under arrest for first degree battery - 0w0uwu

so dumb - Kangaroo1145

Some schools have this dumb rule - SammySpore

At my old school we weren't even allowed to play touch football

48 Can't stand up at lunch

Me: Raises hand for 1000 years
*No one answers*
Me: Stands up for two seconds

My old school got me in so much detentions because I simply stood up during lunch.


49 No chewing with your mouth open

So basically, no chewing like an animal? Then this is completely understandable as you should’ve learned to chew with your mouth closed when at maybe 2 at the oldest. - 3DG20

Not really pointless. I've never fancied eyefuls of chewed up bread and other people's gullets. - Entranced98

50 Your parents or driver must be there to pick you up otherwise you stay inside the school building.

Safety and accountability. Avoiding liability. The world is crazy, and if we can help contain that crazy just a little bit we might save a life. - Listlover77

Thank you for your concern, but I am 16, not 8. I can walk home. - 3DG20

What if you live right next to the school. - human1234

When I was in high school I was waiting for my bus with the other special ed kids. there were special ed teachers present, and it was snowing outside. My bus was coming so I decided to go outside to wait and the teachers won't allow me to step outside.

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