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1 Uniforms required

My school shirt is itchy, especially the collar. Yet we're expected to have them up. I love wearing shirts with words on them but can't because of it. We're allowed to wear shirts under it but the words won't show. And I prefer clothes which are mostly cotton which have some spandex. But our school shirts are half cotton and half polyester, which my skin is sensitive to. But if I tell them, I'll get sent to the principal's office

Kids should be able to feel comfortable with what they are wearing and uniforms don't allow them that and they should be free to express themselves. Plus, you need to make changes when the weather gets too cold or hot because you'll either leave the students freezing or burning up.

Holy crap I feel bad for those kids who go to schools where they have to wear uniforms...
I'm lucky I don't go to a uniform school, because I like to express myself, I like to wear hoodies, jeans, pants, etc. and I DO NOT like to wear skirts (poor girls who have to wear skirts because it's part of their uniform...), also, I only wear dresses when it's a special occasion. School uniforms limit self expression. You can't really express yourself with school uniforms, and in some schools, even if you modify a teeny-tiny bit of your uniform, the teachers will yell at you for not "dressing properly". Oh yeah, also, I heard some schools only limit their students to wearing 3 colors only. That just sucks because I have a LOT of colorful clothes in my closet, and like I said, I like to express myself. I agree, school uniforms are pointless and limit self expression.

We have to wear uniforms at my school and they suck, the girls aren't allowed to wear shorts after 5th grade because it is "distracting" to the boys, we have to wear dress-type pants and we can only wear three colors of school pants: black, navy, or blue. We have to wear full-color polo shirts, but we are not allowed to wear royal blue or red because they are considered "gang colors". we are not allowed to wear hoodies, or sweaters with words of them... we are not allowed to have unnatural hair colors, facial piercings, or showing tattoos. We are also not allowed to wear open-toed shoes. The only exception to our uniform is if a student has a leg injury and cannot wear school pants, or if you are a part of a sport and you are going to practice. We must also wear ID's all day, every day, and if you lost yours or forgot it, you can pay $1 for a temporary paper ID or you can spend $20 on a brand new ID. Side note: (we are not allowed to have our phones out except for lunch, or if the ...more

2 No bathroom breaks

So in my school we get bathroom breaks, but we have this dumb rule for bathroom.
No using the restroom before class starts.
No using the restroom during passing periods.
No using the restroom during lunch.
No using the restroom the first 10 minutes of class and the last 10 minutes of class.

But we were allowed to use the restroom in the middle of class and after school. It makes no sense! I ride the bus, and I want to do good in school so I’m not going to miss the lesson! I still break this rule, but they’ve started putting signs out saying “no using the restroom before class.” And they have teachers who block the restrooms.

It's dumb because some people have bladder issues or say someone has a side effect from their medicine that makes them need to use the bathroom more.

I think all schools need to let us go to the bathroom because if you don't go and hold it for a long time, you can get REALLY sick and even get an infection. Teachers, if you're reading this, please let your students go to the bathroom. Do you want your students to get hurt and have to go to the hospital? No. Using the bathroom is a human RIGHT, NOT A privelige (or however you spell it)

Some people actually have bowel problems so if someone's say they have to go to the bathroom, then the teachers should for the most part believe them.

3 No self-defence against bullies

Why would they ban self defence against bullies? I was in first grade before and it was my first time at a new school and there was this kid name jeremiah and he constanly harrased me everyday! And then there was this one time at pe and there were bathrooms near the pavillion so I needed to go to the bathroom and my bully followed me and when I was washing my hands he came out of nowhere and he punched me in my face and he put a garbage bin over my head and he started running away and I chased after him and then I grabbed a traffic cone that was laying around and I hit him in the face with it and I made his nose bleed and his friends jumped me and I got my ass beat so bad and I told my dad about it and he marched down to the school and he cussed out the bullie and his cronies and then after that I got 3 days ISS and the bullies and his cronies didn't get in trouble at all! this rule is just BS. (P.S) They never bullied me again.

I heard about this stupid school in a newspaper. The story was a 10 year old kid or something came up to a smaller kid and pushed him to the ground and hit him. So the little kid said don't push me and kicked the bully. Then the idiot teachers made him apologize to the bully and they both stayed after school. Then they told the mom that her son was in a fight and when she found out what actually happened she was really mad. It's just so stupid that some schools tell you to tell a teacher or roll up into a ball or something dumb. What if you're cornered by like 3 kids. You can't exactly tell a teacher then. My grandpa said that he was bullied by a kid in school so he just punched the kid and he didn't bother him anymore. I wish you were allowed to do that now it's the best way to stop bullying.

A couple weeks ago they gave us a pep talk on how to deal with bullies. They said that you can't defend yourself at all. You can't touch him. And I'm like, What? Are you supposed to just stand there and wait politely for him to hit you? Everyone booed the teacher when she said that. There was practically a public outcry that day. It was insane. The next week some kid I know got cornered by six 8th graders. He did all the stupid stuff they told him to do- tell them to stop, call for a teacher, don't resist at all. The guys just laughed at him and beat him black and blue. The teachers didn't even do anything. I saw the whole thing. It was crazy. Several students were suspended in the days afterward for speaking out against the stupid role, and a schoolwide riot/protest eventually ensued that took half the school day to shut down. Absolutely unbelievable.

Bully: hah, try wearing actual cloths tomorrow! Teacher: this is fine. Me: and maybe you should find an actual activity to do instead of pick on random strangers! Teacher: HEY!

4 If the student doesn't have enough lunch money in their accounts, the school has the right to deny them food

So what used to happen at certain schools is you would get a sandwich if you didn't have money for lunch. Nothing gross, you would just get a sandwich of your choice and whatever sides you wanted. I thought this rule was a decent one.

In my county, if you have money, then you get a choice of which foods you want on the menu. If not, you would just get the combo. Why? Because here,law states that schools must give at least 3 food items to children during lunch. However, I do not know if it is the same in other places. They should really change it if the rule above applies. Parents will REALLY complain.

THIS IS JUST CHILD ABUSE! Very cruel and inhumane. Malnutrition could occur since some students may be too poor to even eat AT HOME, and the food they get at school may be the ONLY meals that they'll receive that day. Also, you can't concentrate and learn on an empty stomach.

This is wrong. I go to a school where there is free breakfast and lunch and I'm thankful. I don't know but I think some students DIE of starvation! it may seem extreme but it may be true! people who think I'm wrong is probably a teacher or staff.

5 No electronics

You see I never got any electronics growing up and my parents were super uptight about it. I felt like people sympathized with me when they got their things taken away by the school.

My history teacher was really strict when it came to electronics. He made us put on them in a box by the door every day before class. One time, someone forgot to put theirs in the box, and it went off in class. Well the teacher really went berserk. After he yelled at the student, he ripped up the test he took that day, and told honk he had to make it up later.

This one time in class I was wearing my Fitbit Versa! Because it looks so much like an apple watch, that's what the teacher thought it was. Anyway, the teacher had broken her foot so she couldn't move to the whiteboard, so we all assembled around her desk. I and a few other kids were shoved to the back. The teacher was explaining something and I tapped my watch to see the time. Unfortunately, the teacher looked up at this specific moment. She seen me "playing" (her words not mine) on my watch and she confiscated it. I didn't get it back till Friday (it was Tuesday) and she told me never to wear it to school again. I did, by the way! Stuff the rules! All I wanted was the time!

We have this school system that divides class sections into the Honors, the Semi-Honors, the General Section and the Regulars. The honors are revered as goody-goodies up until now...but no one even takes a second glance at the empty box used to store the honors students' phones (which is a good thing, so during break hours we huddle in the bathroom and play stupid mobile games )

6 Must do homework

Most teachers go overload with the homework. 3 times, I had to be up until past 12 to finish the homework. The only homework I'm okay with is signing a form, writing a 3 sentence paragraph, and if there's a need for studying.

I am a school teacher, AND I agree with y'all. Now, this is not a rule per say usually but more of a policy. For example, teachers must have so many homework grades per six weeks. I always like for my students to complete their work in class if possible however, so I can target appropriate interventions. And when it comes to projects, I want to make certain students are actually completing their own, not the parent. Plus, I more than well aware of the plethora of things that exist beyond the school doors, and I don't like to magnify my own stress level either. Life is just too short. On the rare occasions that I assign "homework" it may be to simply study for a spelling test, or maybe just a short reflection paragraph or something of that nature. Ultimately, I believe in in-class time and maximizing it. This is better for student and teacher mindsets.

There will always be homework happy teachers, though, I am afraid... lol...

SirSheep so feel you there. I have probably been forced to do more hours of work both in school and at home than the number of hours I've spent doing things I actually enjoy in my entire life. Full time student is probably one of the most psychologically demanding things you go through in your lifetime. What's more, my school is considering eliminating electives altogether and having the school day simply consist of 3 2-hour long core classes (humanities, science + math) and the only respite we would have would be lunch. Does so much more harm than good.

See teachers that do this piss me off. There is no reason for you to stand there and lecture and go off on tangents for a hour then do a hour of work just to be handed a ass ton of homework. It makes no sense. Luckily most homework at my school is just unfinished work to be done at home and not work assigned for home. However there is a few teachers who think that school is a lifestyle not just 7 hours five days a week. There was one teacher who gave us a project over Christmas that pissed me off.

7 No chewing gum

It is pointless! Gum can help you concentrate and when I was in 3rd grade I was chewing gum and then the teacher sent me to the principles office!

I get that people might stick gum on your seat and it may get stuck to your pants but there's a simple solution without banning gum. No sticking gum on seats! I chew gum in class basically every day and the teachers get SUPER mad when you get busted! I've always seen this rule as completely pointless because gum not only gives you fresh breath but can also act a stress reliever and you're at school, so, your gonna need a stress reliever.

Well, this rule actually has a purpose. When I would enter class every morning, there would always be chewed gum stuck to my chair. And the worst part is I'd never notice and I sit down a gum would stick to my pants.

I do agree I guess. Because whenever I arrive at school in the morning their is chewed pieces of gum stuck to the chair and I sit in it without knowing and I get him in my pants!

8 Have to take P.E.

Yes, I understand some kids truly enjoy PE and playing soccer and basketball and being on teams. But not me. For an introvert like me and many others, it's hard enough to be on a group without it being in GYM where you're constantly being judged by your teachers and peers on your skills. Life in middle and high school nowadays is stressful enough without worrying about the newest gym unit that you're terrible at. Even, worse, you're on a team with all the athletic kids that are great at that sport, and you are terrible at it.

This is dumb. I don't think it's not needed or anything but some people try to push disabled people to do something they cannot do because of their disability.

It is amazing as to how ignorant the world is in regards to their health. I also feel bad because apparently PE teachers are not doing their job in demonstrating why it is so important. The sad part is, all the people commenting about how pointless P.E. is...will only learn its importance when it is too late for them. I also feel sorry for the people whose P.E. class was only sports and nothing more. That is not P.E., that is recess. For those of you who believe PE is a waste of time...Good luck to you!

In my school P.E is an elective and it is not mandatory. Personally I am not the athletic kid, so I don't like it. I am trying to switch out of P.E right now. I did not choose to do P.E, I had to because I'm in quarter three, and my old class changed to P.E. With my luck I'm most likely going to have to stay in P.E.

9 No hats or beanies

If your school has IDs, then this is super duper dumb. You can identify us by the ids people which you still should be able to identify the students with a hat on if they been in your school for at least a month.

I like wearing hats and beanies because I like to express myself. It's part of my style.
And teachers say that wearing a hat is disrespectful? Okay, just because I'm wearing a hat, am I insulting you?
I can understand if it's a really tall hat or a giant sun hat, but just a baseball cap or a beanie? Is a simple black baseball cap that distracting?

I never really understood the no hats rule. I think students should have the right to wear whatever makes them feel comfortable.

The staff at my school have a hate fetish for hats! There are students playing with condoms, doing drugs, and making out in the hallway and all they worry about is hats!? We always hear "remember not to wear hats! " every other day! Never "Don't do drugs" or "Don't be making out in the hallway! " or "Stop bringing condoms to school! " It's always "Remember not to wear hats! "

10 Not allowed to choose own seats

So I like to sit in the front of the classroom so the tall people don't obstruct my view of the board, but I generally get seated in the back because they know I'm a good student. Good students should be able to choose.

My Geography teacher seems to love seating me right in front of her... Why can't I just sit at the back where I can mind my own business? I'm a good student anyway...

Sometimes we don't even have our friends in any of our classes. And the friends we actually do have, we can't sit beside.

Strict teachers put us in a seating chart, nice teachers let us choose our seats and let us sit with our friends.

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11 No eating in class

My dad had this problem in school, he had low blood sugar but back in the 50s they didn't know that, and there was no snack time and he was so poor, he barely had any food to eat. So instead of passing out he would sneak some sweet potatoes that the kindly school lady would give to him and he would eat when no one was looking.

It's a good thing these days they have snack break for the younger grades.

Teachers eat in the classroom all the time and sometimes lunch takes forever. I see no problem with the students eating a little snack.

My old bus driver didn't even let us eat either but the new one does, thank god. My math teacher said it's only because of allergies. THEN WHY DO WE HAVE LUNCH

This rule always gets me. I don’t understand why some teachers don’t let students eat in class. It’s not like they make a huge mess.
I know for a fact that some people at my school don’t even get lunch so not letting students eat sounds pretty cruel if you ask me.

12 No 'unnatural' hair colors

So this one is hard, yes unnatural hair is distracting for a few people, but it's your choice what color hair you have, nobody else's.

We're allowed to have it, but as long as it is not all of the hair (ex: streaks, half dyes etc).

I hate when idiot teachers think kids are their property.

You should be able to choose your hair colour especially because it's YOUR hair not someone else's, rock your hair in whatever colour you want it to be

13 Must participate in plays

My teacher say it's "fun" and "educational", but I have no idea why. She says we have to understand what the character feels and how emotional they sound. Sure, but don't force me to stand up there and read the part of Goldilocks when she says " This porridge is just right *gobble gobble gobble*". Plus, sometimes people pause and refuse to say anymore even when everyone is literally screaming at that person to keep on reading because then we will miss half of break. Then they think everyone hates them and start to cry. It's all the teachers' fault. See, I'm in year 4 and I'm supposed to be learning about scripts because the year 3s and 4s have to learn how to "express" emotions. I just don't know what's up with teachers these days. They make it so embarassing and when they say "I hope you like your new roles in this play, because you can't switch!" Like, seriously? Also, they FORCE you to do a part even when you say you are being pulled right out of your comfort zone. If there's not ...more

What if you're really shy and you get up and don't say anything. And then everyone makes fun of you and it's all the teachers fault.

In elementary school this was required but in middle school and high school it is not

Nah it is optional for me, and I have a big interest in drama so I wouldn't mind.

14 No talking

In chemistry, there was such a problem with talking that the teacher who was new came up with a solution to get us to stop talking so much.It was called the no talking challenge. It was where the teacher would give lasts a strike for each time they disrupted the class by talking and if you got three strikes you wouldn’t get a point and if you got this and if you got 15 points for the quarter you would get some kind of viral the class would get some kind of a reward like the teacher would bring in a movie or I’ll just get to have a period as a study hall or something. I have to admit it sounded like a pretty good idea and it was pretty effective to unfortunately the school closures as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions put an end to the challenge so we never really ended up getting a reward but it by a party came a teacher believe me I’m gonna try that challenge myself.

Not even bro they be like 'why do I hear talking" or "I'll wait" and then expect us to stop talking out of respect. Maybe you can hear me because you have ears. And if you say your going to wait then just wait. teachers can't even keep their own word these days!

My computer teacher shouts at us for talking EVEN IF NO ONE CAN ACTUALY HEAR IT! I was sitting next to two guys.I couldn't even hear anything from them and then she forces them out of class and them gives them a warning.

You can't just put a zip on someone's mouth because they want to talk. Imagine us students doing that to teachers

15 No hard balls

I hate my mind.
I should not have imagined that, anywaysssssssss... I'm assuming minutes later that hard balls mean the uh- Balls that- God I hate this-

Wait, this sounds wrong... I meant hard footballs.

In my school in PE we gota play with hard balls (I'm not saying about testicles)

Well how you supposed to kick or throw them?

16 Shorts and leggings must be arm length

What the hell? so these short ass girls that have short arms can be walking around school with her ass hanging out and they can't say nothing about it because its still arm lenth. what are they gonna do then?

I have long legs and a skinny waist so large is to big around my waist and medium is to short

Um, what if you have arms that go past any and all shorts that you can afford or somethin'?

What if you don't own anything arm length genius.

17 Not allowed to choose the song in a play

I literally have never watched or participated in a school play that was remotely entertaining.

That would be torture, forcing to play a part and listening to a song u don't like/hate

Why do we have to sing babyish songs? 6th graders should be able to sing Tokyo Narita and Wasting Time!

Teachers can play the hokey pokey and cause everyone to quit the play.

18 Keep your hands to yourself

And no going within 4 inches of each other. In a small school with 1,000 students and over 40 kids per class. How?

No one listens so why bother

I've never understood this rule.

Why is this even a rule?

19 No groups of friends over 5

Should be higher. I am always the lonely one. I legit had to CARRY a freaking group to a project. 4 other dweebs doing nothing but talking about what they should do after school. Our group was the second worst one. THANKS A LOT TEACHER

So if you have 6 friends (including you) one of them have to leave? And be lonely? Not many people are good with making new friends, let them have the people who they feel safe with or mostly trust

I luckily never had this issue. Maybe they think people over five is a gang even if it is the Christian church kids like me.

Uh yeah this is impossible for me I don't know how but I always end up with a ton of friends and I don't get how they expect anyone to be able to do this

20 Must wear black shoes

Not everyone likes school shoes especially black shoes since some of them are as hard as wearing rocks tied into your feet. Black is also a dark,depressing colour. Not to be rude to anyone who likes the colour black, I like it too

In my school, you can wear any shoe except steel toed boots and anything that exposes your toe. And I always wear black shoes, so this wouldn't affect me. Doesn't mean I agree with it.

Ours have to be completely black with no patterns. Guess what? I'm wearing my new shoes (with leopard print) to school tomorrow. Who cares?

Ok I only have one pair of black shoes and they're Fila's which aren't even completely black so if I went to a school like this they would have to deal with that or deal with colored shoes

21 Only water in water bottles

I bring coffee to school in my water bottle and the PE teachers gets mad at me , like What.

I once snuck hot coco in my water bottle. They never found out lol.

Once I have brought juice in bottle secretly!

What about Tea for people that wake up early

22 No crazy hair

Apparently any color that is "unnatural" and "a distraction" or something like that. I don't know about anyone else but for me weird hair is as much as a distraction as the posters on the walls.

My current school only allows us to dye our hair with natural hair colors, while the high schools don't give a flip about what color you dye your hair.

My friend dyed her hair permanently lilac and teacher was fine, I temp dye mine red and get suspended for 2 weeks?!?!

My school does not have this because I have dark blue hair and other people have dyed hair.

23 No throwing snowballs

No, I see the logic in this one. Once I was having a mini snowball fight (boys against girls) and this kid in grade 1 or 2 came up and wanted to join we said no. I finally cornered one of the boys and the same kid hit me in the nose with a ball of ice.

Just in case...JUST in of the kids hides a loaded pistol, a grenade, five ninja stars and a jar of cyanide in one.

Unless you're 5, this rule is pointless, throwing snow doesn't hurt at all.

Yeah, they act like the snow is full of knives.

24 No long hair

This is so pointless. My high school doesn't have this rule at all, sorry if yours does. My hair goes down to my knees and everyone stares at me with a smile, especially the boys.

Most of our life's (girls and boys and Non-binary people) people might want to grow their hair but then you just force them to cut it? Let them do them!

This is a rule at some places? Oh no! My hair almost goes down my whole back and I would never cut it, I would just get detention! Yay!

I don't have long hair, but if I did I would never cut it for some stupid rule.

25 No crop tops or bikinis on non uniform day

The no bikinis rule is completely understandable. This is school, not a beach.

I get this one because tbh some male teachers are creeps and it's school you don't need a crop top or a bikini

No crop tops or bikinis on non uniform day(some of people in my school don't follow this rule(

So you want boys getting distracted?

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