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21 You can't play tag or any contact games

At my old school we weren't even allowed to play touch football

Some schools have this dumb rule - SammySpore

22 No tackle football

Its banned probably because they are afraid that someone will get hurt - Datguyisweird666

I am not talking about soccer, of course.

This is what football is all about.

23 No knives

Jeff The Killer hates this rule... - Pony

Well, there went my hope of bringing Jeffery with me on Halloween...

Sorry Jeff Woods I can't let you in to the SCP FOUNDATION

This rule at private dchool would make sense but public school has no security and school shooting happen so at least public schools should allow knives - Ihateschool

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24 No couples

A lot of people from my school would get suspended.

So love is bad now. - SammySpore

This is idiotic. Teachers can't control our feelings. This... this... I'm so ticked at teachers...

25 No throwing snowballs V 1 Comment
26 No riding bikes until end of school hours

My school had this rule. It was completely pointless! - SammySpore

27 No crop tops or midriff baring uniforms

This actually kind of makes sense.

Targeted specifically at people with Alvinolagnia like me. - Lasvegasxavier

28 No crazy hair

Apparently any color that is "unnatural" and "a distraction" or something like that. I don't know about anyone else but for me weird hair is as much as a distraction as the posters on the walls.

My current school only allows us to dye our hair with natural hair colors, while the high schools don't give a flip about what color you dye your hair. - Pegasister12

29 No blackmail

I bet this is enforced in your school because kids are blackmailing teachers and other kids.

30 Can't stand up at lunch

My old school got me in so much detentions because I simply stood up during lunch.

31 You have to wear a woollen jumper under your jacket


32 No food

This is bull because the PRINCIPAL keeps a bowl of chocolate and candy in his office- and I've heard rumours he steals and eats candy. Nobody, including me, follows this rule. It is TOO DUMB to follow.

Can't learn on an empty stomach. Why did they even remove snack time past third grade? - MrLoser

33 Water must be in a clear bottle.

why though

34 No chewing with your mouth open
35 No staring

Wadafak is this rule? So ridiculous!

36 No selling

Students are missing a good opportunity to make profit, have an experience, have fun, get their hands on business, have learning experience and practising entrepreneurship.
Banning selling does not really help to catch junior drug dealers anyway.

It's stupid because there are tons of people in school and what if you live out in the country where hardly anyone walks by to sell to. - SammySpore

Not everyone is a drug dealer, teachers! - Scr3aM

I want 2 sell stuff at school so my sister can run in Florida - Ihateschool

37 You have to let anyone in your club

Once when I was like 7, I started a club with my friends. It wasn't a real club but the school I guess thought it was and they said I had to let anyone in. I was worried the bully Ty would want to join but he didn't thank god - SammySpore

38 Keep your hands to yourself

Why is this even a rule? - Datguyisweird666

39 No fidget spinners
40 No long hair

It's no sense rules, it has no effect on the learning process...( sorry for my poor english ^_^)

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