Why This List Is Messed Up

PositronWildhawk You're probably wondering why this list is how it is. And it's because of a certain user who you'll find has numerous accounts on this site, which I know to be true from remixes which are very similar if not identical, comments made with use of the same wording and terminology, plus plenty of evidence. This particular list was remixed twice by the same person as of May 29th, 2014; only each time was done specifically to bias the lists in their favour. With a considerable number of accounts having been created under the same authority, this act of fraud has been happening on a considerable number of lists, but particularly the lists which I have created and those lists created by that user. You'll find that this user has also commented several times on the same item, and thumbed up and down the same comments under different names, including anonymously, over and over again. Plus, you'll find that some of these accounts have usernames which are spoofs to my own. I really need not give any names, because the whole fraud is immediately obvious once one knows what to look for. I know about it, admin know about it, and I think that those who stumble upon lists which have been subject to this have the right to know as well. And if you don't believe any of this, you can quite easily see it for yourselves.


See that SelfDestruct and Decepticon had created almost identical remixes of this list, or that S.D. and PhotonWildhawk (NOT Positron, PHOTON) did the same on Worst Electronic Songs, and so on. It's nothing but the truth. - PositronWildhawk

Well, we know one thing about S.D. and that is he's a jerk. - visitor

I saw the list after seeing your post. Yes, there is definitely some truth in your point. Someone is personally targeting you, Positron. Are there any other lists which were targetted the same way? - Kiteretsunu

Lookie here...
http://www.thetoptens.com/music-artists-who-are-likely-ruin-music-industry/ - PositronWildhawk

I will - visitor

Positron's not lying. Look at their accounts. Some of it is too alike to be a coincidence. - visitor

There are now four of these remixes, which are not exactly the same, but very much alike. It is now less likely that this is a coincidence. And normally, I wouldn't care about this, but none of you are actually acknowledging what PositronWildhawk is saying. Who is jumping to conclusions here: PositronWildhawk, who claims that admin know that this is so, and has the attention of many questioningly alike remixes from the same people on his lists, which can be seen from these profiles? Or those who simply state that he is wrong, oblivious to what was said? Why don't you actually look? And if admin have said that these accounts are all run by one user, he must be right. I doubt that they would lie. So think what you like, my claim is rested. - visitor

People do have different opinions and have the same opinions sometimes. - funnyuser

In this case it's one. - visitor

I agree with this post! Why do some people think that some songs have no reason to be heard on the radio? - visitor

That's it I am telling Admin Self Distruct has at least 20 accounts and must be kicked of now - BigBrotherSucks