Top Ten Most Pointless Songs of All Time


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61 Save the Best for Last - Vanessa Williams
62 Impressed - Natalie Imbruglia
63 This is Ponderous - 2nu
64 Tiptoe Through the Tulips - Tiny Tim
65 Midnight Memories - One Direction
66 Strobe - Deadmau5

What is the matter with you people?! Strobe is an awesome song with awesome music and you guys hate it because there's NO LYRICS? I've got some tips for you. Why don't you get some dubstep software and try to make a song better than strobe? Tell me how it goes...

Absolutely horrible. The beat drop was not even that good.

Rubbish random beats. I heard this song and it sound so much like a garbage can beating up a person.

10 minutes without any lyrics! AUTOMATIC FAIL! - SelfDestruct

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67 Professional Griefers - deadmau5

How come this song is near the bottom?! Gerrard Way is yelling gibberish in this song! Ghosts n stuff should be much higher in the top ten as well as this! - SelfDestruct

It's actually quite thought-provoking, this song. - PositronWildhawk

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68 Ghosts N Stuff - Deadmau5

Contrary to your moronic belief, SelfDestruct, and anyone else, this song is not pointless. A lot of people say that it's to do with drugs. It's about being an outsider, and about fitting in with the world from another perspective. See the music video to really understand this. And if you are still calling this pointless, you're just not worth arguing with.
P.S. Anonymous. Autotune? You are the funniest guy ever. It's electrohouse, not pop. - PositronWildhawk

I prefer skrillex, even though skrillex uses autotune, it is used to add effects to songs

Just don't use auto-tune to make people think you sound good

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69 What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction

So you not knowing that you are beautiful makes you beautiful. But the only way not knowing that you are beautiful is to actually be beautiful. But the only reason that you can be beautiful is that you don't that your beautiful...

I feel like this reflects most teen girls nowadays actually, insisting they aren't pretty- but really 1D? There is no 'story' to the song

70 Hip-Hop Saved My Life - Lupe Fiasco
71 Words I Never Said - Lupe Fiasco

A failed attempt to get Obama to rethink the damage he caused. Of course this song is pointless!

72 Lose Yourself - Eminem

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Lose Yourself is a masterpiece, one of the most inspirational songs of all time. Just because you don't like the song or Em, it doesn't mean that it's not good. For goodness sake, it has won a fu@king Oscar. Whoever put it in this list doesn't know anything about good music.

If you wrote that I don't think you have a dick

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73 SWLABR - Cream

The title literally stands for "She was like a bearded rainbow"

74 Oogum Boogum Song - Brenton Wood
75 Gimme Dat Ding - The Pipkins
76 Chick-A-boom - Daddy Dewdrop

Don't 'ya just love it?

77 Wild Wild Love - Pitbull
78 Lookin' Ass - Young Money

This poll is bout pointless songs, but this is actually a completely pointless artist.

Another crappy song by nicki minaj

This song is simply horrible. It deserves to be on this list more than even Friday or #selfie.

79 Drunk in Love - Beyonce
80 Bleed - Meshuggah

Djent? More like django unchained! Which was a good movie where people got stabbed with knives that have points, but bleed by meshvggah has no points

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