Most Pointless SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes

The Top Ten Most Pointless SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes

1 Krusty Katering

Had no topic - Oliversky

I don't hate this episode, but it is kind of boring. - MasterHand

It was weird but I don't make it pointless - ArcticWolf

That picture is weird, and not in good way

2 The Paper

This is the rarest episode of Spongebob due to being paired with Valentines Day, I like this episode, but people seem to think it's pointless. - MasterHand

Spongebob licking paper and the paper friend Z one him off - AlphaQ


3 A Day Without Tears

Its basically SpongeBob doing No Nut November...I mean No Cry Novem-nNONONO...Not crying for 24 hours. I'm high. - AlphaQ

4 Best Day Ever

I love this episode! - ArcticWolf

5 Code Yellow

I liked this episode

6 A Pal for Gary

What was the point of this episode? Torturing Gary. Of course this is pointless. Put this in the top 3. - MasterHand

No comment. - Userguy44

7 Party Pooper Pants
8 Cuddle E. Hugs

it sucks

Yes, it’s actually pretty pointless. A hamster who wants to be your friend, but ending up eating you? Who came with this idea? - Userguy44

9 Face Freeze!
10 The Sponge Who Could Fly

It is pointless because it Scott got hyped up for nothing because it said that is the Los osos and it's not because it's not creepy

The Contenders

11 Ink Lemonade

I wish this episode was banned. It's so gross. - Userguy44

Agreed. Same with The Battle of Bikini Bottom and The Splinter among others. And ones like One Coarse Meal are too mean-spirited and should also be banned. One Coarse Meal is potentially dangerous for suicidal people to watch. - Disney1994

12 Pet Sitter Pat
13 Atlantis SquarePantis

A bland, pointless musical where the only real singer (David Bowie) doesn't even get a chance to sing. Of course, it's too late for a do-over NOW.

Patchy the Pirate doesn't help, either. - TheComicComic

14 Mustard O' Mine
15 Bulletin Board

Annoying episode. And what's the point. It's completely messed up! - Userguy44

16 Stuck on the Roof
17 A Flea In Her Dome
18 One Coarse Meal

This episode made me hate mr krabs even more then I did before I hate this this damn episode

This episode is horrible

Yeah, I know, but this is about most POINTLESS SpongeBob episodes, not worst. Otherwise A Pal for Gary and Ink Lemonade would be in the Top 3 along with The Battle of Bikini Bottom (my least favorite). - Disney1994

19 Spongebob You're Fired

There was no reason to fire Spongebob. - Userguy44

20 The Ballad of Filthy Muck
21 The Clam Whisperer
22 The Battle of Bikini Bottom
23 The Splinter

I know this list isn’t about the worst episodes, but what’s the point of watching Spongebob try and get rid of a splinter for eleven minutes? - AliciaMae

What’s the point of this episode? It’s spongebob giving food poisoning to a drunk crab by ripping his splinter out. Rated Y for Yeet. - AlphaQ

24 Demolition Doofus
25 To Love a Patty
26 Little Yellow Book
27 Feral Friends

In terms of weirdness, this should be much higher. Watch this episode and tell me how it's not weird. In terms of being pointless, I agree - Userguy44

28 The Night Patty
29 Stuck in the Wringer
30 All That Glitters

Nope! To this list, nope! - NickXH

That episode was pointless and bad. - PokemonYesTeletubbiesNo

31 The Sewers of Bikini Bottom
32 Company Picnic

I don't find it entertaining but I like it still - ArcticWolf

33 Sanitation Insanity
34 Krusty Kleaners
35 Cave Dwelling Sponge


36 Man Ray Returns
37 Karate Choppers
38 New Leaf
39 Planet of the Jellyfish
40 Glove World R.I.P.

Pointless doesn't necessarily mean bad. This episode proves it. I put it on here because this episode really IS pointless, since Glove World reappeared while Glove Universe never appeared again. However, this episode is actually funny and good. So, it is both pointless and good in the same time. Bad episodes aren't always pointless and episodes aren't pointless just because they're bad, while pointless episodes aren't always bad.

41 No Nose Knows
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