Top Ten Most Pointless Things to Argue About

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1 Religion

The answer to religion is easy: believe whatever the hell you want to as long as your not killing people as a result. It is that easy, yet society seems to be filled with so much idiots that we are stuck on it still. We should be devoting our time to I don't know. Maybe ending poverty, or pollution of the earth, or racism, or maybe even women's rights. Any one of these things are being ignored by this growing population of idiots stuck on something that a kindergartener could figure out. As a result the human race is starting to take a turn for the worst. Atheists don't blame religion, blame the argument on religion.

As long as all kinds of believers and non-believers don't live together in harmony, it is worth discussing. Especially how literal you should take books written ages ago by several people and probably went numerous alterations by men. Beliefs are okay and everyone should believe in what they want. But also consider when they were written and how times may have changed. Over the years, I as an atheist was good friends with christians as well as muslims, and we all got along perfectly. Because they took the essence of the books and adapted them for modern times, and did not believe every word literally.

The problem isn't even religion religion is a set of beliefs the problem is people armed with self rightousness, and who don't actually care if their religion says their doing something terrible because that would get in the way of what they wish to do, aka the lets want to kill them and take their stuff oh wait I need a reason to justify it oh wait I know ill do it in the name of god, or (insert cause or ideal here) freedom, democracy, divine will, the greater good, (whatever country this person belongs to), these are just things warmongers hide behind, the problem isn't religion its people using it as a tool.

Music is a perfectly reasonable thing to argue over, but religion, you just don't argue over, because you just believe in something or someone, and you let that guide you in life, but you don't go around shoving it down peoples throats, bullying them, killing them, or protesting AGAINST human rights in the name of religion, and you DEFINITELY DON'T start wars over it. And that's religion 101.

2 Taste in Music

Pointless is if two people argue about facts that can't be changed. Gender can't be changed, skin color can't be changed, origin can't be changed, sexuality can't be changed.
Music itself can be argued about. Especially if you are talking about artists in the same genre. For example who's the better singer, rapper, band, which song is better and why. You CAN argue about that. But not your personal taste. There are songs that please you and are even addictive to you, yet you know they are actually pretty flawed. But no one will be able to make your satisfaction with the songs disappear. They may make you change your mind about its quality but not your feelings towards it.

I like boy bands I'm not going to shove it down your throat. I have not been brainwashed. I'm not a teenager, I'm old enough to remember when Take That split up in 90s even if I was a young child. I remember BACKSTREETS BACK! I remember A1, 3T, 911. The song MMMbop. Then in my teens boy bands like Blue and failures like One True Voice lol, then JLS and The Wanted then One Direction.

Everyone has their own opinion, regardless of what it is they are entitled to it. No one should try to convince them otherwise. Other people will always have a different taste in music, regardless of how popular this is. Why is this even an argument?

Everyone has a different taste in music so everyone will think differently. Then if you meet someone who doesn't have the same music preference as you, it'll start up the conversation on which music is better. WHO CARES? Music is music.

3 Human Skin Color

You know, opinions can be argued about and a majority of the items on this list could actually be an interesting discussion as long as both parties are respectful about the others' opinion. Especially when the two items are easy to compare.
But skin color, as well as every physical traits, is not something you can argue about. It's a fact you can't change, and does not reflect any apart of you except for your appearance.

"the USA is the most racist country"

Ever thought of because we have the most races? There's all different kinds of races so don't expect there to be little racism.

India has mostly Indian people

China mostly has Chinese people

Mexico mostly has Mexican people

United States has a mix of all

In martin Luther's days the people where unfair to each other which is not good about them and finally martin made a stop to it and they where equal to each other.

It makes no sense! Whites don't look like blacks so shouldn't they be slaves too? Just a point.

4 Sports

Sports should not exist in society anyway. All it is is watching people kick a ball into a net or hitting it with a long stick! People simply waste their time and their lives, basing their lives on the outcome of a game! Yeah, I know exercise is important, but it's useless to watch people doing it. What are "sports professionals" professionals at, anyway?! Kicking a ball! They get paid bigbucks for one of the most talentless things anyone can do! It's pointless watching people do this and pointless arguing about whether the talentless Man U can kick a ball into a net more times than the equally talentless Man City!

Whoever wrote this has no clue what so ever. Sports is not just kicking a ball, it takes skill to make it to the top. For example, in soccer you must run down players and tackle the, despite how much skill they have. When you do get the ball, you use your skill to try and pass to someone in a better position than you and try and score a goal. What's wrong with watching sports? Do you like have something against people going out to have a few beers and a good time? Or are you one of those people who sits at home and watches T.V.. Let's not forget, by watching sports you can be able to pick up some skills and put them into you own game. The main stars do not get paid big bucks for kicking a ball, they get paid because they are extremely good at playing sports and it shows by the outcome of the result of the scoreboard.

I’m a massive sports fan, especially Australian Rules Football and Soccer. But why do people have to fight just because they support a different team? Why do people have to complain every time they lose? Why do people act like snobs every time they win? It’s not like the world evolves around your team. Even worse, there’s an infamous Aussie Rules YouTube commenter known as EaglesFan2222 who tells people to commit suicide just because they go for different teams. (he’s probably young) Telling people to commit suicide? Just because I don’t support your team? Isn’t that taking things too far? Like I said before, the world doesn’t revolve around your sports team.

I think sports shouldn't matter as much as they matter today. Like you shouldn't be crying or getting angry over LeBron or however you spell his name for moving to another team. He is just a person that happens to be very good at basketball. Calm down.

Sports are a vital part of every states economy, without them or better yet without the argument of sports every state would be in poverty and the unemployment percentages would sky rocket.

5 Same-sex marriage

In the Bible it says a man should not act in the way of a women. I'm not stating that verbatim but it does say it's wrong in the Bible. Like many people say God made Adam and Eve. He also destroyed a whole city because all the did was sodomize and act as the opposite sex with each other. I agree when people say who are you to judge someone else, because we are not all perfect. But in the way of truth it is wrong, Love and marriage is between man and women not women and women or man and man.

I don't understand people sometimes. Have your opinions on certain matters, but keep them to yourself. These people aren't you, so why get mad? And just because someone has the freedom of speech, doesn't mean they have to use it. I'd just like people to stop getting upset over other people's lives that have nothing to do with them.

Romans Romans 1:27 says it's wrong end of story.
And the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error.

To people who say that the Bible isn't against same sex marriage: In the Bible's glossary, the definition for marriage is "The unity of one MAN and one WOMAN." So there. It doesn't directly speak out against it, but this still means it's a sin.

6 Mac vs. PC

I own a PC and an Iphone, I guess that pretty much solves that. I would like to point out that nobody should ever fully support one or the other. There are benefits to both, and one has to realize that both companies have performed incredible contributions to technology. Once you realize that, the validity of this argument is lost.

Mac's are much more user friendly, PC's can do a lot more, but you have to either be a computer genius, or do A LOT of research! Macs also, if you do a little research, can open a window that runs on Windows, and they can do all sorts of other cool things that don't involve coding.

Macs blow. PC can provide so much more specs and processing power for about half of the cost of an Apple product. The only thing that makes Mac computers successful is the user interface designed for technologically challenged people and the stlye logo

Everyone! Go on YouTube and look up "element animation Mac vs pc" you'll be glad you did

7 Xbox 360 or PS3

I think PS3 is better than Xbox 360 because of the different games on each system. I personally like hash and slash games more than first person shooter, more of those games are on the PS3. My opinion please don't hate.

Obviously they are at each others backs, well most of the time. They do sponsor the same games but others different, such as Lbp or other games. It's such a pointless thing to argue about because they are both awesome devices.

We just can't let nintendo get into this. They are too overpowered. If they get into this, the world will end and nintendo will take over. But overall, nintendo is better than ps3 and xbox 360. There is no match up.

You guys can't just white-out the correct answer. How the hell are people supposed to know Nintendo is best?

8 Pepsi vs Coca-Cola

Pepsi Tastes more watery and more sugary, but their both cola, so I buy whichever one is on sale :P

They almost taste the same so stop arguing about it. I don't care I buy whichever one is cheaper sometimes I buy BOTH.

I think that Pepsi was sweeter than cola?...then cola was more original than ever...and Pepsi can just boil in hell...=-P

We had this debate in my seventh grade math class and Pepsi won... I don't know if this helps

9 What Clothes You Wear

Who cares about clothing? I can choose what I want to wear. To me, the days of the week are like the colors of a rainbow. ROYGBIV are seven colors of the rainbow & there's seven days of the week. Here's something to explain it.
Sunday-I wear red.
Monday-I wear orange.
Tuesday-I wear yellow.
Wednesday-I wear green.
Thursday-I wear blue.
Friday-I wear indigo.
Saturday-I wear violet.
If that's what I'll wear every week, then I'll wear it. Who cares about clothing? Why do women like to buy clothes a lot?

People seriously think I'm weird for wearing clothes from Kohl's or Target. Like, I don't care about fashion the slightest bit, so WHY are you calling me out for shopping at Kohl's? I don't want to shop at Forever 21 or areopostale, because its kind of expensive. Like, I'm not into "fashion fads" so be quiet

I agree whith you except for not caring to be naked becase I always argue whith my mom about what to wear people should not care what you wear don't listen to them you should wear whatever you want.

I want comfortable clothes but my mother wanted me to wear jeans. This maybe happens everywhere.

10 McDonalds or Burger King

They both sell nasty ass food so get a life and bring your ass down to the nearest Dominos Pizza!

Come on it's IS burger King... Hey this actually got me mad I'm ashamed

Eww Burger King is mad nasty, like I don't even think its real food

Oh, I like both of these.

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11 Men vs Woman

I believe we should all be treated equally. However, it's a fact that men are built stronger and more athletic than women, but that doesn't mean that we can't become as strong like them. For example, women who are body builders. Anyways, back to my belief, men should never hit a woman but also women shouldn't abuse men like they do in relationships these days.

Should be #1. Why is it that everyone (except me, my friends, and probably some other people I don't know) sees their gender as either superior in every right, or as victims. F-ing ridiculous. Yes, a woman should be arrested if she hits a man that didn't hit her first or threaten to, and yes, an average woman can beat an average man in a fight. It's happened, I have witnessed it happening.

What's to argue about that? Women and men are part of the nature and both are equally needed to make a world.

I seriously hate this type of argument. I mean, we are both considered equal. Although some guys are mean to girls and vice versa

12 Best Movies

Harry Potter is obviously the best, there is no argument. The script, the acting, the direction, the make-up. It is the most successful movie franchise of all time, people who think anything is better need a reality check.

NO Harry potter is not!... DOC MCSTUFFINS (search up if you don't know! )

Some people get angry if you disagree with them about how good a movie is. For example, a lot of people that are fans of James Cameron's 'Titanic, ' get very defensive if you tell them that it is not the greatest ever!

Everybody has their own taste in movies! If you argue about a movie your not right! You should always have your favorite movie

This is a crazy thing to argue about, but I have to say that I have never watched nor will I ever watch Harry Potter because of all of the magic and sorcery... That is just my opinion though

Everyone has a different opinion, I know I do. If you want to argue about this it is fine with me. I warn you absolutely pointless, please don't waste your time. PLEASE

13 Myspace or Facebook

Come on, myspace is dead honey, Facebook rules! In with the new, out with the old

Really? Myspace is nothing compared to Facebook.

Both sucks ( it makes only the representatives richer ). The TTT are better!

Bout the same as paperback or hardback

14 Hottest People

This is one I see people argue about all of the time. They look like complete retards. I just walk away laughing.

Everybody is beautiful in their own way. There is no "hottest" person.

Again I'm the clear winner of course

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

15 Democrat vs Republican

This one gets personal. Are we nothing but red states and blue states now?

Vote the red-buttoned potato lamp!

I don't care about such politics.


16 Girls or Boys

Whoever wrote this opinion is a dumb 8 year-old Donald Trump supporter that hasn't learned
anything ever. I personally think that both genders are vital (important) for this world and its needs, there is no superior. Whoever defies my point is a complete idiot

Actually, girls CAN make tiny little human babies without boys. They have what it takes to get pregnant. It's just really really not likely to happen, but it actually can.

We boys and you girls don't function nearly the same, but we're the same species, okay?

Well who needs guys girls can make baby's with out boys

How old are you, 9?! Girls can't make babies without a boy, and boys can't make babies without girls!

17 Coolest Cars

You didn't buy them with YOUR money. This is indeed a pointless thing to argue about.

I hate it when people argue about cars.. Seriously who cares?!

If all goes wrong with luxury or super get a dodge

Honda jazz is de best

18 Cartoons vs Anime

Anime is graphically better, and more interesting, while cartoons are typically funnier, and more action packed at times, same goes for anime.

I'd say that I prefer anime over cartoons, but Cartoons have a lot of slapstick and Comedy compared to anime. I have argued about it once before.

Anime is for the superiors of the world. If you watch cartoons, your an ignorant she-baby. If your a girl, then this is my number, call me: 404-678-9931. I'm lonely. all I have are my 2d waifus.

This has completely gotten way out of hand on Top Tens Lists even I got caught up in this whole mess.

19 One Direction or Justin Bieber

Both are bad influences because two members (Zayn Malik & Louis Tomlinson) of One Direction were caught smoking weed. Justin Beiber has done a handful of things that grants him a bad reputation. Being a One Direction fan myself I obviously choose them because 1) they do many charities nobody knows about 2) they are humble, they don't show off they're money 3) they're all around nice guys that love singing & 4) many of you have not bothered to see they're movie because they're a "gay boy band" but they're movie says a lot about them and they just want to live their lives to the fullest. Justin Beiber is also nice but he has too much of an ego for me to like.

Totally One Direction. I mean, who would ask that?

They both make me want to kill myself

None they both suck

20 Race

Dose it matter I'm mixed

21 Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, more.

I love Donald trump idiots he's doing better then abortion killary

Who is better than Clinton.

22 Who Pays for Dinner

My relatives are Asian and EVERY SINGLE TIME we eat out they'll all be like:

My mom: I'll pay
My uncle: No I'll pay
My aunt: NO I'LL PAY!



23 Best Anime

My favorite Anime is the Simpsons cause it has a very deep lore and very interesting caracters.

Bleach, one piece and daily lives of highschool boys are the best

Higurashi and umineko are the best anime so now stop fighting

I think Tokyo ghoul is the best anime by far.

24 Paper or Plastic

They are both poor choices. Use a reusable bag!

Both recycling so use the cheapest one

The are both bad to use

Does it really matter?

25 Burger Restaurants vs Pizza Restaurants

Burger King is the king of everything

Well Pizza Hut is gonna dethrone the king.

Pizza is the best and that's not an opinion

Burgers are better but I hate burger king

In n out burger!

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