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41 Planets of Solar System

When all earthlings argue, everyone would choose earth. So, basically this won't be an argument at all which makes it a pointless thing to argue about. - Animefan12

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42 Smart and ugly or mentally slow and attractive

Well smart and ugly cause not every sees that person the same way.

43 Princess Tiana vs. Princess Charlotte
44 Politics Politics
45 Flowers or Chocolates

Chocolate Flowers - LordDovahkiin

46 Harry Potter or Twilight

Only stupid teenage girls thing Twilight is the best, Harry Potter defined a generation. If anyone thinks Twilight is the best they need to look at the writing style, even the star of the movies hates it!

Harry Potter! Emma Watson is more beautiful than Kristin Stewart.

Harry Potter in a heartbeat. At least it has an organized easy to follow story line.

Twilight Potter - LordDovahkiin

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47 Nicki Minaj vs Iggy Azalea

They both suck. I don't know why anyone could like them.

I don't care for them. They both suck.

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48 Soccer vs. Football

Soccer is the actual football but American football should have been called American handball. Laugh out loud. - SelfDestruct

I call the round ball soccer, The American football gridiron, and Aussie Rules Football.

Soccer. American soccer. - LordDovahkiin

They are the same thing

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49 Who is the Greatest Guitarist

Well, punk rock for life. Frank Iero, Billie Joe Armstrong, WE ARE ALL POWERFUL!

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50 Sex and Money V 1 Comment
51 Mario vs Zelda vs Sonic
52 Cats vs. Dogs



Cats was sent from hell and will take over you! Beware

53 Right or Left Handed

I don't understand this one.

Well it dose not matter to me cause none of them will mess with me time

Ambidextrous. - LordDovahkiin

54 Pools or Lakes

I feel like if I have my own pool, it would be cleaner

55 Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon

Fallon Kimmel. - LordDovahkiin

56 What Is True Beauty?
57 Older or Younger

Old. They understand more about the world


58 Bigfoot: Real or Fake

Fake - LordDovahkiin

59 Swag

You would be surprised how pointless, and popular this argument is. Forty years from now this will be forgotten, but the kids talking about it today just freak me out. Entire songs are devoted to swag, which are just as stupid as the pop songs about money drugs, and sex. How I miss the days when music used to be about more relevant things.

60 Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Both. Trekkie and Star Wars fan

Star Wars

Trek Wars - LordDovahkiin

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