Top Ten Most Pointless Things to Argue About


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61 Son Goku vs. Superman

Goku of course, superman is an unrealistic character with unlimited abilities over time..

As proven by a death battle, Superman is stronger than Goku. Still not convinced? Watch the death battle yourself. - SelfDestruct

Goku for the win! - LordDovahkiin

62 Real Guitar or Guitar Hero

This reminds me of a time I was talking to a friend about playing guitar (we both played) and someone else came over and said 'I'm better than both of you'
Turned out later he was talking about Guitar Hero, not real guitar. - Flamesofsilver

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63 Hot Dogs or Hamburgers
64 Tiny or Super Tiny
65 Which Country Is Best

My country is the best.. True all around the globe

America! - LordDovahkiin

66 89 or 93 Premium

182 Premium - LordDovahkiin

67 Ford or Chevy


People who drive chevy are asss 80% of the time

68 Who's The Best Singer
69 Now or Later

When I'm writing this comment, it is now but when you read it, it is later. So this is a dumb thing to argue about. - Animefan12

70 Blind or Unblind

What even? Can you even argue about this?

71 Head or Tails

Lets flip on it...

72 Deer or Elk
73 Lamborghini or Bugatti Veyron

Lamborghini Veyron - LordDovahkiin

Subaru is the best

Bugatti veyron by far!


74 My Little Pony

You can't start an argument just because of a simple show - Neonco31

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75 Conspiracy Theories

Was Marilyn Monroe killed? 9/11? Who was Jack the Ripper? Are there Aliens? First Moon Landing? JFK? The list is endless and about most of them we'll never find out conclusively. So, what's the point of arguing?


76 Undertale vs Cave Story


Understory - LordDovahkiin

77 Who Does What Chores
78 Most Powerful Countries

I always hear people saying that Britain is the most powerful that it's a superpower it can nuke China and Russia even though USA and Russia are the powers of the World (and China sometimes).

USA, China, Russia, and... England? I'm not sure. - LordDovahkiin

79 Superheroes
80 Miley Cyrus or Lindsey Lohan

They both suck. End of argument.

Miley Lohan - LordDovahkiin

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