Top Ten Most Pointless Things to Argue About


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101 Penis or Vagina

WHAT THE HELL? Why and how in the world would people argue bout this? First of all, it makes no sense. Second of all, that's disgusting. Third of all it doesn't matter because both are bad. You can get easily hurt with a penis and girls have to deal with periods with the vagina. End of story.

This one is plain SICK

Stick it in there

*BARF* - BorisRule

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102 Lefties vs. Righties vs. Ambidextrous People

Again, we have a clear winner. Ambidextrous people all the way!

103 Gloves or Mittens

Gloves have fingers.

104 Cars or Motorcycles
105 Coats or Jackets
106 Glasses or Contacts

Glasses can be taken on and off easily and quickly.

Glasses can be taken on and off easily

Well... Contacts feel better. And allow for periphial vision.

107 Airplane or Helicopter
108 Chairs or Booths
109 Coffee or Cappuccino
110 Stairs or Elevators

I'm pretty sure people will say the same thing... elevators! - funnyuser


78% of the people fall down stairs
43% of the people die in elevators due to axe murderers, ghosts, ghouls and perverts
So I'm going with elevater because I have a gun and I'm an excorcist - Dead-Beat

111 Straight or Curly
112 Bald or Unbald

I don't know how to combine these other than "Unbald-bald." - LordDovahkiin

113 Trendy or Classic
114 Sledding or Ice Skating

Ice skating totally it's so fun and easier not to wipe out as much

Ice sledding. - LordDovahkiin


115 Electricity or Candlelight


116 Unhealthy and Tasty or Healthy and Disgusting

This one is easy. Neither. Unhealthy and tasty is unhealthy. Healthy and disgusting is disgusting. End of story.

117 Smart and ugly or mentally slow and attractive

Well smart and ugly cause not every sees that person the same way.

118 Awesome or Amazing
119 Building or House
120 Fried or Grilled


Frilled. - LordDovahkiin

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