Top 10 Most Pointless Things to Start Wars Over on TheTopTens

Lots of "WARS" on this site are caused by simple stupid moronic drama that goes on longer then it needs to do. Here's things that are pointless to start wars over on this site.

The Top Ten

1 Opinions

Who cares if so and so likes or hates what? It's not going to be the end of the world.

It seems like if your opinion is unpopular you get attacked. Why? Can we all just have our own opinions? - Randomator

This happens with Ronaldo fans they just can’t accept Messi is better

Unless it's sexist, homophobic, racist it anything discriminatory

2 Criticism

Criticism is to help people improve not worth starting a war over...


Like popularity not worth starting wars over...

4 Religious Views/ Beliefs
5 Movies/ Video Games/ TV/ Music/ Anime/ YouTube and Etc.

Again like opinions it's not really that big of a deal.

6 Political Differences

For obvious reasons...

7 Popularity

Really not that important to start a war over in all honesty.

8 Satire/ Humor

Some people have darker taste in humor then others it's not really worth causing a "war."

9 Trolls

Honestly trolls aren't that hard to ignore...

10 Comments/ Lists/ Posts

This one is pretty self explanatory at most.

The Contenders

11 Religion
12 Fictional Characters

Okay to be honest these fan wars are so annoying. Who really cares it's people's opinions - Randomator

13 Spanking
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