Most Pointless Ways to Get in Trouble at School

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1 Borrowing a pencil

Dan told me to not stole nothing - RW700

This is straight up stupid

I’m scared to even do this. - MasterHand

I always have one or get one but I agree.

2 Laughing

I actually almost got in trouble for this in 6th grade, but not in 5th grade! - MasterHand

I always think of funny things (mostly things GreyRose said to me) at school and then I start laughing so hard I cry. That also happened to me at lunch even though the thing was not even funny!

Yeah, this happened to me once.

Heard of laughing for no reason -- its stress.

3 Listening to a song with your earbuds in

My english teacher doesn't allow music, which could be reasonable. But it's better than listening to her peaceful music (unless it's the Minecraft song) - hoppingicon

I'm glad they weren't unplugged today because I was listening to Often by The Weeknd and it says... um, something.

That could happen, if you have your earbuds extremely loud that the whole class can hear it.

Ears buds are a nuisance!

4 Accidentally clicking on a game and the teacher thinks you were playing it the whole time

Happens to me all the time

This happened to me and my teacher didn't believe me when I said this.

Once when I was in high school I was looking at a website with pictures and my idiot special ed teacher thought that I was ON AN ONLINE CHATROOM/DATING SITE.


''Huh your playing a violent un-PG like game who dare you detention you sinner.'' - htoutlaws2012

5 Working on your work when your teacher told you to

So last year I knew all the math. So I just did the work in the workbook. I got yelled at. Like HONEY, why don't you give me something else to do when I'm done!


This happened to me too! So much excellent list inspiration. Not that my list is excellent. Because it's not.

''I'm just doing what I was told! What's wrong with that Sir? '' - htoutlaws2012

6 Falling down the stairs

Thank god schools in UK are different to the States. I never knew where the headmasters office was.

Wait, this is an actual way to get in trouble? - MasterHand

cause I do it all the time

4 hour detention(the priciple said)

7 Hiding behind a painting

I got in trouble for this today because I was playing hide and seek. The good thing is, I got list inspiration!

What teacher would let students play hide and seek in the classroom anyway?

''Hey you love the game hide and seek in my class don't you? take those valuable personal works of art well then hide yourself outta my class, and in the principal's office immediately.'' - htoutlaws2012

8 Coming to class late and the teacher asks why you were late in front of the whole class.

damn - dakoda

"Eh, I tripped over on the way to class and needed to sit down for a few minutes. But hey, I'm here now with all 206 of my bones intact." - Entranced98

And peers making some strange faces and gestures... - Arhaan95

Our route had traffic, and I tried to run but I tripped over

9 Walking in the classroom right when the bell rings

Whew this one hit hard

Literally my accountant professor in a nutshell your late you miss that session. - htoutlaws2012

Some teachers are just overbearingly strict. - Bolshoy_Brat

This is a rule at my high school

10 Holding an empty drink can when your school doesn't allow drinks

Can you do that george and harold please? RIGHT NOW!

A kid did this in my class. He drank a soda bottle before class and forgot to throw it away. You would think that he would have the sense to get rid of it or at least hide it. - Gg2000

Even though Water for the most part is acceptable compared to caffeine you better watch yourself with computers. - htoutlaws2012

Then how do you have lunch? - mattstat716

The Contenders

11 Accidentally going to the wrong class

Mrs Holt spanked me for that

My mum said do what erver you whant

For my first week of freshman year, I went to the wrong homeroom for the whole time.
My actual homeroom teacher got annoyed and gave me detention for apparently skipping. I then realised I was in the wrong class.

I walked into the middle of a dodgeball game once. Getting hit in the head with a ball is not the best way to be welcomed to a classroom you aren't supposed to be in.

12 Having your phone out in class when you are specifically told it's not allowed

This happens all the time to me and I got a detention for checking the time

This is reasonable

Y’all are gay

13 Having fun

I sometimes wonder why school was even created. - MasterHand

That never happens.

(In graderoom, a class in my high school where students can basically do whatever they want. The teacher allow students to use his computers and whiteboard)

Me: (draws on whiteboard and uses teacher's computer). This is fun!
Special ed teacher: You're not allowed to do that

Yes it does.

14 Escaping school

I did it and all I did s hide and nt gi class then my mum was mad at the school cuse how I got away with it it wws easy

15 Not saying the pledge

This seems stupid but my martial arts teacher told that you can just stand and be silent, to remember all those that died for the country. dk if you can actually do that though


You have the legal right to not say it.

This is reasonable though. It's the USA.

What is a pledge?

Pledge of Allegiance (US thing)

Once heard someone who pledged allegiance to a flag (US pledge) every day saying that it was strange that to become a British citizen you have pledge allegiance to your country. - FefeCat

16 Telling the truth

It might not feel comfortable telling the truth, but at least you're being honest. - jameshoward

Dog eats the homework
Me: Oh no! What do I say?
Teacher: Where's the work?
Me: My dog ate it
Me (thought): But that was true. - hoppingicon

More less are you a great convincer, or a master manipulating lair? - htoutlaws2012

When I was in high school, a kid went inside a teacher's closet and made a huge mess in there. Despite having a security camera in there, instead of viewing the surveillance tape, all the teachers who saw the messy closet automatically falsely accused me for it >:(

17 Packing up before the bell

''Hey! What did I tell you class about packing up early? '' - htoutlaws2012

18 Asking to borrow school supplies from the teacher

When I was in high school, I had a special ed teacher who would teach her students a lesson on being prepared for class each day by charging students whenever they had to borrow materials from her for the day. For example, once a kid forgot to bring a notebook to class and she made the kid pay her like $5 in cash for it.

@CartoonCriticizer-yes, but she did it in order to “teach us how she spent so much money on the supplies”. But in reality WE THE STUDENTS spend more than the teachers!

19 Saying a certain word

When I was in high school I got in trouble with my special ed teacher for saying the word "horse". IT'S NOT EVEN A SWEAR WORD LIKE what! >:(

20 Doodling/drawing

I did this all the time in 4th grade, but got caught for it.
Then, my school had an assembly about some anoynamous person in 4th Grade drawing in class and that the next person who did that would be written up.

''Hey what are these describe to you... to kill? '' - htoutlaws2012

In high school I went to an art class for special ed kids with the rest of my class. I finished all my work early since the work was super easy, like something a kindergartener would do. Since I was bored, I decided to draw random pictures. My special ed teacher saw me and either told me that I was either wasting art supplies and/or drawing 'inappropriate" pictures (pics I usually drew were of myself as a toddler, Disney's Hercules, horses, etc).

That is so messed up on so many levels. What else am I supposed to do when I have extra time on my hands?

21 Doing the right thing

Once in high school my friends and I witnessed a fight in the cafeteria. Another kid videoed it. My friend decided that we should report the kid that took the video to the principal, so we did that. The principal thanked us, and we went to class. Then our special ed teacher told us that we weren't supposed to do that.


As to how exactly? Of what you want to do, or more less forced to do by parental beliefs? - htoutlaws2012

@BlackAngel_ZombieBoy-in special ed in high school, I got in trouble for BOTH! >:(

Wait, what?

Tell me about it. I don't remember any of this happening, thankfully. But still!

22 Walking on the left side of the halls

My high school special ed teacher made the whole class walk on the right side of the halls even if the halls were COMPLETELY EMPTY.

And at our school we just run down the centre - FefeCat

In my school we have to walk on the left side...


23 Referring to the teacher as a mean name

I call my science teacher Mrs. Umbrige - GleamingShadow

I had a mean teacher called Mrs. Raisanen and everyone in my class called her "Raisin." It was funny.

''Hey Mr. Dickered is that really an appealing name to call you why not Richard? '' - htoutlaws2012

24 Saying something important to your friend

'' Hey, I have to tell you something... than say it to the entire class than.'' - htoutlaws2012

25 Looking at your nails

I was looking at my nails because the top white part had dirt in it but I got in trouble - Yoshi

Oh come on, teachers, you have no idea how much skill it takes to do awesome nail art. Can't we just admire our handiwork for one second? - Entranced98

When I looked at my nails when they were short the teacher put me on detention
LIKE what

This is extremely ridiculous. - MasterHand

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