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How to Fly In Your Dreams: 6 Steps

I really doubt that whole article works. I mean seriously, as if we have full control on our dreams?

8 Ways to Pee in a Swimming Pool

Wow, people must be really lazy so they found 8 ways to not take a break and go to the toilet.

The best way to pee in a swimming pool: NOT AT ALL!

Maybe this might come in handy for some people, but 8 ways? - Kiteretsunu

Unless if you're a mentally deranged little kid, why the heck would anyone want to pee in a swimming pool?

How to Hold a Spoon: 7 Steps

Seven steps towards holding a spoon? How deep does it go into the science of it?

1. Lift your hands up
2. Make sure you're not tired
3. Make sure you're not in a coma
4. Scratch if needed
5. Locate the spoon
6. Put your hand lower
7. Wrap your hand around a spoon and lift it up

8 Ways to Peel a Banana

Actually, I can imagine some creative ways of doing this! - keycha1n

How to Use a Spoon: 3 Steps

1. Grab spoon
2. Put spoon in bowl(or plate).
3. Put spoon in mouth. - Picklesthekitten45

How to Throw a Ball Further: 4 Steps

Au contraire, I should read this. Might make gym class less humiliating.. - keycha1n

How to Watch Television: 5 Steps

Seriously, wow? A person who can surf the Internet doesn't know how to watch television!? And let me tell you what those steps actually are :
1) Place your television in best position.
2) Locate the remote.
3) Hold the remote in hand and click on power on button.
4) Go to your preferred channel.
5) Enjoy the show. - Kiteretsunu

This list is hysterical! - keycha1n

How to Count Sheep: 8 Steps

Yeah how do we count sheep? - Userguy44

It's about how to count sheep when you're going to sleep. Seriously, you need a wikihow for that? - Kiteretsunu

I think it's gonna take more than 8 sheep to make someone sleepy. - ethanmeinster

How to Enjoy a Coke: 6 Steps

1. Open the coke
2. Drink
3. Enjoy the coke

How to Leave Your Lover: 50 Steps

There must be
50 steps to leave your lover - SpectralOwl

I have a hunch that one there was a joke article. ;-)

Step 1. Say that you don't like her anymore.
Step 2. Run away.
Step 3. Have regret for months
Step 4. Cry in the bathroom.
Step 5. Go back to her and say that you're sorry.

Repeat 10 times - ethanmeinster

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How to Breathe

I think this should be number 1. You wouldn't be alive if you needed an article on how to breath!

This wasn't on here? - TeamRocket747

How to Form a Nu Metal Band: 10 Steps
How to Be Like Naruto Uzumaki: 12 steps
How to Pronounce Meme: 4 Steps

Wow, just watch a video of someone saying it.

My mom used to pronounced meme as "mimi." :P - SachiyoHasegawa

Seriously, who can't do this?!

4 steps -_- - kempokid

How to Be a Male Stripper
How to Organise a Pen Collection: 5 Steps

Would you need this

How to Type: 16 Steps

If you don't know how to type then how did you search this up?

I need the article! I can’t type!


Translation: I don't know how to type can someone show me how to type? - SpectralOwl

How to Read a Book: 9 steps
How to Be an Evil Baby on Club Penguin
How to Cast a Love Spell
How to Dream

You do so automatically

How to drink Eggnog
How to Make Everyone Love You

Impossible. - Userguy44

How to Pee in a Bottle

This actually exists. - RoseWeasley

How to Eat Food
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