Most Pointless YouTube Challenges


The Top Ten

1 The Cinnamon Challenge

THIS CAN KILL YOU! - Curtis_Huber

2 The 7 Second Challenge
3 The Dizzy Challenge
4 The Cold Water Challenge
5 The Cereal Challenge

Watching GloZell do it made me puke. - Curtis_Huber

6 The Blindfolded Drawing Challenge
7 The Fire Challenge
8 The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

This should be in first place. Everyone knew it didn't work by seeing other people do that, so they were literally just destroying their lips on purpose. On top of that, you can just get lip injections at a certified plastic surgeon - BlueTopazIceVanilla

9 The Fast Food Challenge
10 The Ballpit Challenge

The Contenders

11 The Duct Tape Challenge
12 The Condom Challenge


13 The Eating Poop Challenge


14 The Animal Impression Challenge
15 The Warhead Challenge
16 The Drinking Piss Challenge
17 The Drunk Trivia Challenge
18 The Tin Can Challenge
19 The Banana and Sprite Challenge
20 The Wasabi Challenge

I have eaten a glob of wasabi before and the aftermath was torture

21 The Ice and Salt Challenge
22 The Tide Pod Challenge The Tide Pod Challenge
23 The Bean Boozled Challenge
24 The Compromising Challenge
25 The What's in My Hand Challenge
26 The Diet Coke and Mentos Challenge
27 The Smoothie Challenge
28 The Photo Booth Challenge
29 The What's in My Mouth Challenge

I think this is a challenge but I have no idea

30 The Don't Judge Me Challenge

At least people shouldn't judge others.

31 The Bug War Challenge

Eating bugs... sounds awesome right...

32 The Pizza Challenge

Surprised to see that this challenge wasn't on the list.

33 The Milk Challenge
34 The Mail Yourself Challenge
35 The Japanese Aluminum Foil Ball Challenge

All you do is spend countless hours making a ball out of aluminum foil, and that means you’re forcing yourself and hurting your arms and hands and getting dehydrated and not getting any food or sleep in the process.
It’s a test of patience, but if it goes on too long, chaos will ensue. - Gregory

36 Try Not to Sing Challenge

I can't even try to sing in this challenge - KadenYung

37 In My Feelings Challenge

Your dancing in the middle of the street. Why?

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