Best Pokemon: Advanced (Season 6) Episodes

While in my honest opinion season six of Pokemon Advance was a pretty okay season not the best but it does feature a few good episodes.

The Top Ten

1 There's No Place Like Hoenn

Ash and May arrive at Pettleburg City unware that it's May's hometown he evntually meets her family her brother Max, her mother Caroline and her father Norman who just happens to be the Pettleburg City Gym leader Ash challenges him to an unofficial match and of course loses and Team Rocket also shows up. - egnomac

2 Get the Show on the Road

The episode that first introduced May to the series and how she and Ash both meet and began traveling together, in the episode following where Pokemon Master Quest left off Pikachu starts acting really funny following an accident with team rocket and Ash desperately tries to get Pickachu to Professor Birch meanwhile May goes there to to get her first Pokemon. - egnomac

3 A Poached Ego

An episode that is more focused on Team Rocket Jessie and James Arbok and Weezing attempt to free a group of Koffing and Ekans from a poacher seeing how badly outmatched they are Jessie. James and Meowth hold off the poacher and his Pokemon and order Arbok and Weezing to take the other Pokemon to safety and it's the last time that they are all together. - egnomac

4 Gonna Rule the School Gonna Rule the School
5 Just One for the Geyser

Ash finally gets his rematch against Brawly not having their battle in a cave with a couple of geysers which makes for an interesting battle. - egnomac

6 You Never Can Taillow

Ash, May and Max find themselves at the mercy of a couple of angry Taillow who refuse to stop even after taking several of Pikcahu's electric attacks and they're saved by none other than Brock who makes his return and joins the group. - egnomac

7 A Poke-Block Party

A fun episode to watch Ash and company attempt to navigate a crazy and some what dangerous maze and as always team rocket attempt to catch Pikachu. - egnomac

8 The Winner by a Nosepass

Ash's first official gym battle in Hoeen despite being at a disadvantage he manged to pull out a victory over Roxanne. - egnomac

9 Watt's with Wattson

Acually I was diisaponted because I though raikou would finally make his debut but then I had to wait till 2010 for the zorark movie

10 A Mudkip Mission
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