Top Ten Pokemon Adventure Characters


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1 Ruby

He's stylish, Awesome and strong, plus I love his team. - moonwolf

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2 Diamond
3 Red Red
4 Gold

He is an amazing and funny character - thunderfox8

5 White
6 Sapphire
7 Yellow

She is amazing and in addition to loving Pokemon like all the others, she can heal them and understand them! Both are important skills in being a trainer and she's the best at both!

A cute and caring character. A shy one and someone who doesn't like violence, but will still fight just for the sake of them. - waterlover

I don't know why but I just love her! - PlatinumTheHitgirl

She's just so sweet and adorable! :D - moonwolf

8 X
9 Platinum

Even though it was made to go with diamond and pearl is was released about a year after them. For me this is my favorite game, just cause. And the worst I think would be black and white 2. They take away many features that were in other games, and though add good ones, it doesn't cancel out as much

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10 Black

The Contenders

11 Whi Two
12 Green

Good background and character development. - PopularCraft

13 Kris
14 Pearl
15 Silver
16 Y
17 Blue
18 Emerald V 2 Comments
19 Giovanni
20 Crystal
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1. Red
2. Kris
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1. Gold
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1. Ruby
2. White
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