Top Ten Pokemon Adventure Characters


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1 Ruby

He's stylish, Awesome and strong, plus I love his team. - moonwolf

This is MY ORIGONAL list, I made a remix though. - moonwolf

Best trainer for all time

2 Diamond
3 Red Red
4 Sapphire

My personal Favorite! - Darktail_of_FireClan

I love Sapphire!

5 Gold

He is an amazing and funny character - thunderfox8

6 Yellow

She is amazing and in addition to loving Pokemon like all the others, she can heal them and understand them! Both are important skills in being a trainer and she's the best at both!

A cute and caring character. A shy one and someone who doesn't like violence, but will still fight just for the sake of them. - waterlover

I don't know why but I just love her! - PlatinumTheHitgirl

She's just so sweet and adorable! :D - moonwolf

7 White
8 Platinum

Even though it was made to go with diamond and pearl is was released about a year after them. For me this is my favorite game, just cause. And the worst I think would be black and white 2. They take away many features that were in other games, and though add good ones, it doesn't cancel out as much

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9 X
10 Whi Two

The Contenders

11 Green

Good background and character development. - PopularCraft

12 Silver

His past is gonna make me cry. After reading the books, I realized how long he' ever been kept away from his father and how much me wanted to reunite with his family. He looks cool, but there's a very stupid error in the graphic novel: Silver is a boy, and Team Rocket describes him as a heir, which means a royal girl

13 Pearl
14 Kris
15 Y
16 Black
17 Blue
18 Emerald

The hero of tiny people! I'm small, so this guy was kinda relatable with the fact that he was self conscious about it. Also he's great with his team! They all love him! Why is he so low... - Darktail_of_FireClan

Emerald is the bomb - MoldySock

Makes me sad to see Emerald so below Ruby and Sapph.

Yeah he's definitely the hero of shorties! Silly people thinking sans is stronger! He's only got 1hp and 1attack AND 1defense. Emerald just tops them all.

Why did I just do a sans rant...?

I especially liked his character in the omega Ruby and alpha sapphire chapter! Hilarious!

Ysolow? -Ravenfang

19 Giovanni
20 Crystal
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