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1 Ash vs Paul (Lily of the Valley)

The best Pokemon anime battle of all time, hands down. - Kiteretsunu

The entire fight was so epic. Infernape was the main star of the battle instead of pikachu. Every single match up was perfect.

Infernape and Electivire fought like Dragonball Z Characters - ac60189

One word. perfect.

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2 Ash vs Gary (Johto League)

All that Ash worked for throughout the first series (seasons 1-5) led to this epic showdown.

3 Ash vs Paul (Lake Acuity)

A lot of strategy and planning went into this battle by Paul.

Utter sweep. Would've been better if it was 1 on 1.

4 Ash vs Noland
5 Ash vs Claire
6 Ash vs Volkner
7 Ash vs Blaine (Rematch)
8 Ash vs Alan

Regardless of whether or not ash lost it was an amazing Pokemon battle for me. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Awful ash lost again in kalos league episode 38 xyzzy not aired in English yet

9 Ash vs Candice
10 Paul vs Barry

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11 Ash vs. Sawyer (League Battle)

Defiantly not The battle with Alain...(A PIKACHU took out a METAGROSS and a TYRANITER! )sawyer's aegishash is awesome in that battle...Slaking was annoying and boring though... but another an that it's awesome.

12 Ash vs Mandi
13 Dawn vs Zoey (Grand Festival)

The best contest battle in the anime. To bad Serena isn't doing these she would actually be interesting to watch

Good match although Dawn should have won. - egnomac

14 Metapod vs Metapod (Episode 4)
15 Grant vs Viola
16 Ash vs Tobias

Ash vs Tobias was a lot better than Ash vs Gary Stu

17 Ash vs Diantha

Greninja is stronger than Diantha's Mega Gardevoir. Nobody expected that.

18 Ash vs Drake

A nice long battle

19 Ash vs Morty

Great battle where noctowl really owned everyone - ChargedBow

20 Ash vs Tyson
21 Ash vs Brandon

It's a cool battle where Ash goes up against a Frontier Brain. Not only do Bulbasaur and Squirtle return to Hoenn, but Pikachu takes down a legendary pokemon, Regice.

22 Ash vs Misty (Alola)

Pikachu vs mega gyrados was awesome!
Hope you guys like this match

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