Top Ten Pokemon Anime Battles


The Top Ten

1 Ash vs Paul (Lily of the Valley)

After the final collision of thunder punch and flare blitz, how was the audience still alive

Best of the Best, and infernape's finish with blaze was amazing


Love Infernape and Electrivire

2 Ash vs Gary (Johto League)

Amazing battle - boltslegend

All that Ash worked for throughout the first series (seasons 1-5) led to this epic showdown.

3 Ash vs Paul (Lake Acuity)

Ash got destroyed

Utter sweep. Would've been better if it was 1 on 1.

A lot of strategy and planning went into this battle by Paul.

4 Ash vs Noland
5 Ash vs Claire
6 Ash vs Volkner
7 Ash vs Blaine (Rematch)

Pretty good - boltslegend

8 Ash vs Alan

Great battle

The battle was well fought but the outcome was as expected just like the rematch.

Regardless of whether or not ash lost it was an amazing Pokemon battle for me. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Awful ash lost again in kalos league episode 38 xyzzy not aired in English yet

9 Ash vs Candice
10 Paul vs Barry

To short - boltslegend

The Newcomers

? Ash vs Gladion (Alola League)

The match that finally won him a league and made him a Pokemon master

The Contenders

11 Ash vs. Sawyer (League Battle)

Defiantly not The battle with Alain...(A PIKACHU took out a METAGROSS and a TYRANITER! )sawyer's aegishash is awesome in that battle...Slaking was annoying and boring though... but another an that it's awesome.

12 Ash vs Mandi

Mandi got swept by the rookie krabby - boltslegend

13 Metapod vs Metapod (Episode 4)

The skill displayed was legendary, it was a bit defensive though.

Ah what a joke - boltslegend

14 Ash vs Misty (Alola)

Pikachu vs mega gyrados was awesome!
Hope you guys like this match

15 Dawn vs Zoey (Grand Festival)

The best contest battle in the anime. To bad Serena isn't doing these she would actually be interesting to watch

Good match although Dawn should have won. - egnomac

Very good - boltslegend

I think this battle was amazing - especially since it’s a contest battle, which means that the Pokémon aren’t just attacking to faint each other. The combination moves were really good too. In my opinion, this is the best contest battle, and I favour contest battles over normal battles, so I think this is the best one. The outcome was so annoying, though...

16 Ash vs Tobias

To boring - boltslegend

Ash vs Tobias was a lot better than Ash vs Gary Stu

17 Diagla vs Palkia vs Giratina


18 Grant vs Viola
19 Ash vs Morty

Great battle where noctowl really owned everyone - ChargedBow

20 Ash vs Tyson

No. Came down to meowth and pikachu - boltslegend

21 Ash vs Diantha

Greninja is stronger than Diantha's Mega Gardevoir. Nobody expected that.

22 Red vs Alan
23 Ash vs Drake

First full battle in the series - boltslegend

A nice long battle

24 Ash vs Brandon

It's a cool battle where Ash goes up against a Frontier Brain. Not only do Bulbasaur and Squirtle return to Hoenn, but Pikachu takes down a legendary pokemon, Regice.

25 Cynthia vs Tobias

It is going to be epic battle
that all pokemon fans waited for

Never happened but yeah. I don’t actually think Tobias made it past Lucien in the champion league because Cynthia was still the sinnoh champ in rival destiny - boltslegend

26 Ash vs Conway

Simple and strategic

Good battle - boltslegend

27 Ash vs Trip (First Battle)

That battle was AMAZING ash's level one trillion Pikachu vs a level 5 snivy and the snivy wins out of nowhere. WHAT AN UPSET.
by the way this was a joke I just want to see how high this one will go - Plasma

28 Ash vs Bugsy

Ash vs bugsy is so incredible match because there is only bug type pokemon battles and in the final ash cyndaquill defeat bugsy scyther

29 Clefairy vs Jigglypuff
30 Ash vs Sho (Pikachu vs Raichu)
31 Ash vs Morrison

This battle had the best in-battle story. Definitely top 5 for me. But I just don't understand why nobody cares about Morrison. I loved many things about this battle like Girafrig vs Corphish was a total masterpiece storytelling, Growlithe consoling Morrison was such an emotional scene, Grovyle Leaf Blading through Steelix's Dragon Rage was so badass! This battle had a lot in it. And to me the titles of the episodes (A Judgement Brawl, Choose It or Lose It) speaks a lot.

32 Charizard vs Entei

Severely underrated battle. Ash and Charizard battle Entei in the air majority of the time. It’s cool seeing them work together in such an abnormal battle.

33 Ash's Lycanroc (Dusk Form) VS Gladion's Lycanroc (Midnight Form)
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