Top 10 Pokemon In the Anime


The Top Ten

1 Magikarp Salesman's Magikarp

I was gonna vote for Pikachu... And then I saw this @ No. 1... What Not?

Come on! I mean it evolves when kicked! How awesome is that!?
Nothing could beat that.. nothing...

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2 Ash's Pikachu

Ash's main Pokemon who can kill anybody using moves like Thunder and Volt Tackle - LalaMagikarp

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3 Ash's Charizard

I wont vote it for how it listens to ash but how strong and powerful it is. it is the best Pokemon

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4 Ash's Sceptile

Ash's main powerhouse in the Hoenn region. It knows powerful attacks like Leaf Storm and even defeated a Darkrai once" - LalaMagikarp

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5 Brock's Steelix
6 Brock's Foretress
7 May's Blazekien

It knows awesome moves like Blaze Kick It's godly - LalaMagikarp

8 Brock's Sudowoodo
9 Ash's Greninja

This pokemon is literally the best thing ever to happen in the anime. Ash's strongest pokemon, Greninja! Who could possibly not like this cool badass? He should be on the top. Greninja the best!

10 Misty's Togetic

The Contenders

11 Dawn's Piplup

Dawn Rules. Her piplup is cute, strong, and let's just say badass. Come on people vote for the badass Pokemon no matter how cute. You might see a cute puppy next thing you know your in the hostbitle because of that puppy. Go dawn

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12 Ash's Infernape
13 Misty's Psyduck

Come on. His derpiness is extremely funny. He can't swim and his humor level is extremely high.

14 Team Rocket's Wobbuffet V 1 Comment
15 Team Rocket's Meowth
16 Ash's Heracross

Best Pokemon ever existed!
Kind/Strong/Spiritual/Brave etc...
Whatever you need to be a complete best Pokemon!

17 Ash's Gliscor
18 Ash's Torterra

He is a Pokemon. Never won any battle after evolving. Not even last sinnoh gym. Snivy was far better than him.

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19 Ash's Staraptor
20 Tobias' Darkrai
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