Top Ten Best Pokemon Attacks

Pokemon moves are awesome. That's why I made this list about it. Lets get started.

The Top Ten

1 Sky Attack

A powerful move, has a high critacal hit ratio, flinches pokemon ITS THE BEST!

2 Frost Breath

A move that always result in a critical hit. Looks like garchomp and salamence won't survive from it.

3 Dynamic Punch

May have a 50% change of hitting but its worth it. A powerful move that confuses your oppoment.

4 Dragon Tail

Roar and whirlwind is useless. That's why I use DRAGON TAIL! Its a attack move that blows away the pokemon.

5 Feint

Come on guys why isin't feint a great move? I mean sure its weak but it hits pokemon using protect and detect.

6 Ominous Wind

This move is great use it. It boost all of the stats.

7 Destiny Bond

IT IS AN ATTACK MOVE! If a pokemon use it and faints from a pokemons move. The pokemon faints too.

8 Draco Meteor

Seriously? Number one is a sky attack. THIS is a meteor shower raining on your foes.

Yes but it harshly lowers special attack of pokemon. But it looks cool.

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9 Hurricane

A powerful move that attacks pokemon using fly and confuses it.

10 Earthquake

The Contenders

11 Bug Bite V 1 Comment
12 Hyper Beam

Hyper beam is the best on Earth perfect attack for Mewtwo

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13 Leaf Tornado

First there's leaf storm now there's LEAF TORNADO! A grass type move that lowers foes accuracy and is fun to watch. Well that's it I will make the worst list about it soon so bye.

14 Outrage
15 Close Combat

Close Combat is an amazing attack. 100 acc and 120 BP is amazing, and no one should even care that it has the side affect of lowering the defenses, as it's used on fast, powerful hitters such as Lucario, Gallade, or Terrakion. Too bad Mienshao doesn't get it.

16 Megahorn
17 Dragon Dance
18 Solar Beam
19 Eruption

Hits all enemy Pokemon with 150 power and 100 accuracy. Fire type move too.

20 Shadow Ball
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