Top 10 Best Pokemon Battles from Pokemon X & Y Anime Series


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1 Ash vs Korrina (Gym Battle)

Ashs first gym battle against a mega evolved pokemon. - egnomac

2 Ash vs Clemet (Gym Battle)

Great built up leadinh up this match and it was the only time Ash ever used Goodra in a Gym Battle. - egnomac

3 Grant vs Viola

One of the rare times in the anime where two gym leaders battle against one another. - egnomac

4 Ash vs Valerie (Gym Battle)
5 Ash vs Grant (Gym Battle)
6 Ash vs Ramos (Gym Battle)
7 Clemet vs Clembot
8 Serena vs Ariana/Aria

Serena without realising it battles against the Kalos Queen. - egnomac

9 Ash vs Viola 2nd (Gym Battle)
10 Ash vs. Sawyer (League Battle)

Ash-Greninja vs. Mega Sceptile is by far the most badass fight of the series. It honestly looked more like something out of "Naruto" than a Pokemon battle. Loved it!

First, I'd like to reccomend watching the original Japanese Dub of fight, as the English Dubs always manage to mess up the fight sequences somehow. Ash-Greninja vs Mega-Sceptile is the most fast-paced exciting batlle of the whole series. While most battles generally result in breaks where the characters can talk and catch their breath, this sequence is non-stop right from the moment the Pokemon power-up. I'd go so far as to say it's almost exhausting to watch, with the ammount that's being thrown at you.

Every hit can be felt, and it genuinely seems like you're watching to of the absolute best taking each other on. - demisolia

The Contenders

11 Ash vs (Mirror) Serena
12 Ash vs Alain
13 Zygarde vs Zygarde (Kalos Chaos, 50% Form
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1. Ash vs Korrina (Gym Battle)
2. Ash vs Clemet (Gym Battle)
3. Grant vs Viola
1. Ash vs Ramos (Gym Battle)
2. Ash vs Korrina (Gym Battle)
3. Ash vs Grant (Gym Battle)


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