Top 10 Pokemon Boss Battles In Pokemon Games

This is the list for top 10 pokemon boss battle this includes battles with a main character not any normal npc
The main character contains gym leaders rivals champions others

The Top Ten

1 Red Red

Red is the ultimate Boss. Not just the fact that he has the highest leveled Pokemon, but also just who he is a trainer. The battle is held at the most harsh conditioned place. Just being there at the peak of Mt. Silver gives you that overwhelming rush of passion and energy. Once you're in that moment, and once the music hits, you're sucked out of reality. You're facing the trainer that you once were. Red doesn't have to say anything, being the silent protagonist, which gives him that mysteriousness to him. Red has the deepest passion for Pokemon out of everyone, and is a TRUE TRAINER. He doesn't even have to use Full Restores. He battles like a true trainer should. Also, it's the Champion of Johto Vs. the Champion of Kanto. Two Champions head to head, No other battle can top that. Battling Red gives you that feeling like nothing before, and even when the battle is over Win or lose, you know you faced the Greatest Boss trainer ever.

The atmosphere, the music, the place, Red's taciturnity, the level of his Pokemon, all this makes an epic mood. So, for me, the battle of Red is the most epic battle of all Pokemon Game.

The battle with red in mount silver in johto games is the most epic battle because he has the most high levelled Pokemon in the whole making and interestingly he doesn't say a word! - ajayrocks

Red but Blue and the last N are close behind. It would be cool if you can import your team into Red's via time capsule and choose the order. Levels would be defeault for Red's unless you can have higher so vs level 100 team. Of course no glitch Pokemon. But still your fighting Red. Red>Gold.

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2 Cynthia

No doubt that cynthia is best champ in the making you beat all the elite four you are worn out and her team just defeats you like you are nothing she has many awesome Pokemons like garchomp lucario roserade spiritomb and more - ajayrocks

3 N As the Champ

You just get excited as the screen plays n's castle blasts into Pokemon league and you battle him he is not very tough among others but the moment you are itching to battle him makes it a epic battle - ajayrocks

4 Cyrus In the Distortion World

If you have played Pokemon platinum you know how confusing is the distortion world where you meet giratina you with a lot of efforts get to end of maze and if you lose you have to do it from beggining this situation makes it a boss battle - ajayrocks

5 N In Nimbasa City

N has always been a interesting character he brings new Pokemon whenever he battles you in nimbasa city it feels like the same you beat his Pokemons at beggining you feel relaxed till he brings his sigilyph out its unique typing physic flying makes it a very good competitor - ajayrocks

6 Clair

Clair is the the dragon type and the last gym leader in johto with no doubt she is one of toughest gym leader
Her three dragonairs with different movesets just beats you - ajayrocks

7 Rival In Pokemon Yellow 1 2 3 Battle

In Pokemon yellow the first few battles are important not as the others because these results make up the team of rival in later battles - ajayrocks

8 Whitney

Whitney is the gym leader in Pokemon johto everybody knows what her mitank can do :yeah foes mitank is weak,
Mitank used milk drink mitank restored her health : ah - ajayrocks

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The Contenders

11 Norman

In hoenn norman is the players dad the only game that mentions we urge to battle our dad though he is a normal type gym leader he is not easy unless you have fighting move he is very tough to beat - ajayrocks

12 Steven Stone
13 Iris (Champion)

It was so exciting, realizing she was Champion!

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14 Wally

Wally is one of the most interesting characters in the entire franchise. I call him the Gohan of Pokemon because he starts pretty weak until the final bout with him where he could destroy you if you're not ready for him. Also that ORAS theme do!

Listen to the ORAS battle music.

15 Wallace

Pokemon emerald is one of the best and hardest game in which you have to dive underwater and get to sootopolis city you find the gym leader and his student wallace is the champ not him but the game makes him a boss - ajayrocks

16 Drake the Dragon Master
17 Hapu Hapu V 1 Comment
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