Top Ten Best Pokemon Cards 2014

The Top Ten

1 Mew (Legendary Treasures Mew)

Versatile Can Beat Anyone.

Its awesome I have it

2 Mew 2012

Its awesome I have it

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3 M Charizard

My neighbor brags about having this sweet card

This guy can do 300 damage

4 Zoroark Legend 2010

Could bear any of them

5 Shadow Lugia

It's a collector card not a battle card that's why it's so strong.

6 Wailord ex
7 Black Kyurem EX Plasma Blast
8 Moltres 2009
9 M Venasuar EX

Love this card so much!

10 Rayquaza X 2008- 2009

I have him he's op - VideoGameTiger

The Contenders

11 Accelgor (DEX)

It's not just about damage output but also about tactical strategy. This card's Deck and Cover Paralyzes the Defending Pokemon, in effect forcing your opponent to waste a turn while you get another Accelgor out. Combined with Trevenant, which prevents your opponent from playing items, and Dusknoir, which moves damage to the bench so your opponent will stay continually paralyzed, this card won Worlds 2014 in the Senior Division. in my opinion Strongest attack ever printed.

12 Shadow Lugia EX
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