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1 Cynthia

First female champion, extremely strong, and her design is incredible! Plus she gives you Pokemon and helps you.

This is my original list, I don't think I made a remix, GO CYNTHIA! - moonwolf

Others think Lance or Steven is the real strongest master, In fact Cynthia' s pokemon doesn't need to worry about weaknesses, Cynthia knows a lot of History which gives her an advantage to know what to do and perhaps know what to pick a. Move. What I also wanted to say is that, I think shes smart, She has a Lucario and Garchomp which is pretty Deadly

Shes very tough though, Cynthia has like all the Element of Pokemons, So weakness doesn't even worry to her. Cynthia knows a lot of Legendaries as well so that makes me think shes a Professional

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2 Steven

He may have been succeeded by Wallace, but he is strong, helps you throughout you're journey, and is pretty cool, let's not forget he gives you a belldum to!

A very memorable champion, and far better than wallace

He's so cool! (And attractive...) - Violetkat4211

I think either he or Cynthia is the most involved Champion in the he gives you a lot of stuff- (Beldum/Latias/Latios in ORAS, Hoenn starter/(indirectly)Latias/Latios in HGSS etc etc etc)
I wish he remained the Champion in Emerald though

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3 Red Red

Catches mewtwo with with charizard x caught the three birds as well number one

I think I disagree with Red becoming #3 in this list cause why, Red catched a Mewtwo its like a strong pokemon Mewtwo had been caught and its like a disappointment to Mewtwo Fans or Even Pokemon Fans just because its kinda Awkward you know

Of course he's awesome, but does he really count as a champion?

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4 Wallace

Champion Wallace has a balanced water team, protecting his pokemon from electric and grass weakness, his memorable pokemon are Ludicolo, Gyarados and his Beautiful and stressful Milotic, a deserved champion for water lovers - superb69

Champion Wallace has a balanced water team, protecting his pokemon from electric and grass weakness, his memorable pokemon are Ludicolo, Gyarados and Specially his beautiful and stressful Milotic. a deserved champion for the water lovers.

Elegant ans strong, combination that can ruin your team! But of course I can beat him alone

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5 Diantha

Diantha could have been one of the top three is because that she has a REALLY good strategy. I like how she was an actress and everyone wasn't expected to be her as the champion. You can only meet her TWICE or THREE times in X/Y. You might say, "She is the least person to be the champion because she is an actress." Well, think again!

She's really cool, and has a good design, she can also be pretty tough, unless you have over leveled Pokemon (like me)

I Think Diantha should be number 3 because she has Higher Levels just that her pokemon has more weaknesses than the others

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6 Iris

Iris is the cheeriest champion ever. She is certainly the only Champion who actually uses strategy instead of attacking right away. Well except for Cynthia's Spiritomb (shudders).

7 Blue

He had a well balanced team, and being your rival, was so fun to destroy

He was such an ass that I really darn enjoyed destroying him. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Best rival and original champion. And was pretty tough

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8 Lance

Lance is the dragon master,the most strongest type in Pokemon.

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9 Alder V 2 Comments
10 Professor Oak

Because he can predict when you try to ride a bike - MCUberXYB

Prof Oak, I believed he was a Overall Champion before getting no defeats, He has all trophies in all Regions and that's all

Because he can predict when you ride a bike

He came when he heard you beat the elite four! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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11 Steven Stone Steven Stone V 1 Comment
12 Ash

Ash will be Champion of Pokemon Sun and Moon, The Author is not letting Ash be Champion because Ash's Goal is to be a Pokemon Champion, If Ash becomes a Champion then Pokemon is over. Ash can use its Ultimate Team for the Championship

Technicaly he is a chamoion for the orange league. I don't think that he will win any other league. But he deserves to in my opinion. - HeavyDonkeyKong

13 Professor Kukui Professor Kukui Professor Kukui is a fictional character introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. He is a Pokémon Professor from the Alola region, as well as the founder of Alola's Pokémon League.

I don't really know, doesn't seem too good. Just added him for the sake of doing it!

Technically, he was never the champion. he was just filling the role until somebody defeated him. he was merely an acting champion. Nevertheless, he was awesome in my opinion. - HeavyDonkeyKong

14 Gary Oak Gary Oak
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